Largest known pyramid in the solar system.

This feature is the paragon of Martian archaeology. Two objects come to mind first when considering artificial structures on the red planet,
and one of them is its neighbor. While the Face can be seen as a silent sentinel gazing out from this magnificent region of ruins, The D&M is
irrevocably what this sentinel bears witness to and stands guard over. More than a kilometer tall, the pyramid towers above the surrounding
plains of Cydonia. It is the keystone, the true ark, a thing built to survive the cataclysmic eons and bear testimony to we who came later of the
sheer majesty, power, technology, knowledge and history of the ancients. It is the absolute bearer of fact that Mars once had a civilization, as
well it bears the tragic record of the apocalyptic destruction of a highly advanced civilization that may have once inhabited our solar system;  
 a dark & mysterious history more incredible than is constrained by what we think we know about this whole other world, even about ourselves. 
 This history we are now beginning to put together. For the longest time we simply did not have adequate imagery to dive down in and explore
  with any magnitude. With that in mind, back in 2007 I requested HiRise images of it. Year after year passed by and while I was returned many
other great images with extremely curious features such as the "Candor Tetrahedron" which I'd requested as well, and of course coverage of
nearly every other major feature in Cydonia; somehow and for no good reason this one never showed up. Long story short they're here now.

And they are good. One is highest resolution, the other is a little lower but nonetheless fantastic stereo pair taken at a slightly slanted angle.

click images for a larger version from the HiRise site


Over the years many people have written many things and done much study on this thing as pertains to its shape, location, what it points to,
the geometry contained, even the sigillic significance or lack of all above. I defer all that to simply say let's take a look at what's down there.
To do this I'll make use of an image map because this thing is huge and we know it takes a lot of big pictures to see a giant scheme of things.

I'm using ESP_042595 for the map, the detail page images will come from either. With ESP_042318 at 30 cm res and ESP_042595 at 50 there's
  not much difference except for the opposing angles both were taken from; ESP_042318 slightly from the East and ESP 042595 from the West.

Click a number below to see that area closer

The South Gate The West Gate The Northwest Corner The Eastern Wastes The Slidden Center

 Some people are image map noncomprehensive, so here are the links to the individual pages for them

!. http://thehiddenmission.com/D&M/thesouthgate.html
2. http://thehiddenmission.com/D&M/thewestgate.html
3. http://thehiddenmission.com/D&M/northwestcorner.html
4. http://thehiddenmission.com/D&M/theeasternwastes.html
5. http://thehiddenmission.com/D&M/thesliddencenter.html

When we settle Mars we're really going to dig into it. This is after all our heritage, our destiny, our history.

I've uploaded the full resolution versions of these images to gigapan. Now you can now see them like I do,
Jump on, dive down, scroll around, zoom in and explore your heritage.

ESP_42595_2210 The D&M Pyramid

ESP_042318_2210 The D&M Pyramid

Next is a page full of some great individual feature sites for us to start on once we get there

The Reliquary

Consider: this pyramid and its surroundings are ancient and were subjected to a major catastrophe, as if large bodies of water coming
from the NNE had at some time swept violently through the area, scouring and burying, gathering debris in all the corners and wiping some
out entirely. This is especially evident along the eastern and northern sides and most the way up the D&M itself on those sides. The eastern
and northeastern sections appear to have gathered a large debris field that didn't come from the D&M, but was emplaced there. The damage
displayed makes more sense in this light, as well the better preservation of finer surface features and corners on the South and West sides.
 After surviving a solar system wide catastrophe as well as eons of sandblasting wind and Martian style erosion, it is by no means pristine.
when viewing this area you need to put on your aerial archaeologists hat more than any other and peer past the ages to what it once was.

Thanks to the wonderful art of Andrew Currie, that's not such a difficult thing to do at all, he caught it right at the edge of the Cataclysm.


let's see it in perspective using ESP_042318_2210

 the first image below left looks like an 'after' to Andrew's 'before' above.

click for  larger image

Now we'll use ESP_042595_2210 to get a good look at the Western side

Westside D&M Pyramid

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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