More Pathfinder Oddities

And now one of the strangest objects in the Rover collection. Look what decided to poke its head out of the sand to take a look at the little robot that must surely be disturbing it.

Another Rock! If I didn't know better I'd say that looks like some type of reptile,
so I laughingly call it "the Turtlehead", knowing such things are impossible on Mars

 however, notice that the sand covering it was dislodged by its motion, and look behind it.
Have you ever been buried in the sand at the beach?

What happens to the sand covering your arms and legs when you move them a little?

But of course, Rocks don't move

Might that look a bit like what's happening here?

Below it may just be another, only it is still buried.

Notice there's some type of "tube" sticking out of the ground just above midway up the rover antenna's shadow, below the exposed "Turtlehead". Here are two comparative views from slightly different times.

Were there life on Mars, I'd imagine it may survive by being burrowed into the moist warm and fluffy dust, coming out to sun itself and hunt on the warm surface occasionally. Surely it would be well adapted to its native world, and perhaps quite hardly. We know Mars has subsurface water, we know its dust is light bodied and its gravity much less, Perhaps we've been looking at creatures all along and nobody noticed?


The Martian "Sphinx" in the pathfinder images is quite another thing.

 I took the highest quality, highest resolution surface image available of the area
and have done a little enhancement.

Then I brought us in quite a bit closer

It does sort of look like a Sphinx doesn't it?

Three views of the "Sphinx"

This one does not look like a car, LOL!
(Inside joke)

 Have you noticed that in the several images above there is a preponderance of blue sky?

 Let's look a little further back in the past to what Viking showed us.

and add SNOW to the equation

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