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SP256004 "Metropolis"


"You cannot Hide a City on a Hill"
  SP256004 contains a most intriguing structure, appearing very much like an ancient crumbling walled city complete with inner linear structures.     Were this area noticed on Earth it should rate exploration as a possible historical site. I'm reminded of a middle eastern Tell. 
  The pertinent crop shown to the left here in native uncorrected form is as it appears on the raw MOC data with a little polishing.  The complex shows very well without further delineation, even at the rather low stated resolution of 5 meters per pixel. At this resolution, we're looking at a structural area nearly 2.5 km long, 1.5 km wide. Tell size.
   Click the image to the right for a larger enhanced version.
   The parent image source can be referenced here,
   Not only are there the numerous curious geometric shapes within the perimeter area, but outside and in the valleys below are as well many regularly spaced noteworthy shapes and towering items.


Now of course, in the process of this images display, certain imaging purists have complained that my displayed image above is not properly aspected as per the stated pixel size on the images data page. For these people I simply say this: You don't get to process the MER landing site images if I hadn't learned anything about MOCs.

 For these people, and to be as accurate as possible for the fact that I am a super-skeptic perfectionist at heart, These properly aspected images offer further clarification.

  Seems to me nothing was changed other than the length of the area, which is the effect of stretching the pixels to their proper length.  The geometrical and foundation-like features remain.

   I've supplied a larger enhanced version of this metropolis, click the image to the left to see it.  There are still details in there relatively unchanged from the above image, and all still pointing to the possibility of something that may be absolutely artificial

   No further MOC images have so far been taken of this item, but I have requested our wonderful MRO to try and retake it for us.

   So until we get better images that disprove what this appears to be, or better yet confirm it, this image alone bears striking evidence of something that should not be where it is, in other words, an anomaly.



After further researching this strange feature, I came across an archaeological image of a quite well known area that is so remarkably close in appearance to the one being shown that I was quite taken aback. This is an unearthed site just off the main complex at Giza. Without a doubt, we have a White Crow here,
at least for the time present. We ahould definitely be keeping an eye out for further coverage and contexts of this area.


This one is a great one, worthy of much discussion and further study

But we are only just beginning.

Weirdest Images #2

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2012

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved



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