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Full Version: 9 puppies rescued from log
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9 puppies rescued from log

By The Associated Press
KALISPELL - Animal shelter officials are seeking homes for nine puppies rescued from inside a log that housed them until two snowmobilers came to the rescue.

[Image: 35-puppies.jpg]
Amber, a sliver lab recently rescued with her nine puppies from a remote area west of Kalispell near McGregor Lake, guards two of her pups Friday from possible intruders at the Humane Society of Northwest Montana in Kalispell.

The pups are the offspring of a Labrador retriever that apparently ended up alone in the cold near McGregor Lake west of Kalispell, then gave birth and kept the litter alive for a week to 10 days. The mother emerged when snowmobilers Joey Norris and Austin Lowe arrived on the scene in late December.

Norris said he and Lowe, both in their 20s, were enjoying their outing when the dog ran out to engage them in play. It was obvious to the men that she was nursing puppies.

"We stopped and asked her where her puppies were," said Norris, astonished when she then led him and Lowe to the burned-out log where she had kept all nine pups warm and fed.
"We couldn't even see them, but we could hear them," Norris said.

Unable to break the log open to retrieve the pups, the men left them overnight and returned the next day with tools and a plastic tub. They lured the mother away in case she became highly protective. Then the work began.

"We had a crow bar so we peeled the log back, piece by piece," Norris said. "Then we put them in the Rubber Maid and drove them to the humane society."

The Humane Society of Northwest Montana said Amber, the name chosen by the shelter staff, and her puppies were in good condition. It appeared that Amber lived on animal carcasses while feeding her young.

An exhaustive search failed to locate her owner. The dog wore a collar, but had no tag. Her friendly manner and knowledge of commands indicate that she once had a home.

"She was somebody's dog," said shelter manager Marje Guest. "But it was obvious she had been out there for some time."

Guest described Amber as "a little on the thin side" and the pups as "nice and chubby."

The puppies "look like little black labs with a little white on them," she said. Amber resembles a silver Labrador retriever.

A home awaits Amber after she is spayed. The five male and four female puppies will become available for adoption today.

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Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2008.
Last modified on 2/19/2008 at 12:35 am
Awwwww.... Sweet story..
whew- I went over to visit my puppies at the neighbor Mannie's and since they're six weeks old Friday, eating their puppy chow and drinking water on their own now-they were all quite stinky little wooly bear messes. I brought some towels, changed their beddings and hand washed all seven of them.

Nice and clean woolies and nice and clean bedding tonight. They're quite a two handed handfuls now-playing with each other-baby barkings...doing a little tug of wars- really cute.

I'm glad that Amber went out and trusted the humans who turned out to be kind and competent. They gave everything they had-their hands and hearts and rescued this family in the middle of Kalispell MT which had to be hideously cold in late December.

Maybe Amber's people will see her story and come and get her. I have a feeling she wasn't dumped-but got lost.

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