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GLASGOW Tigers star Trent Leverington says he is facing a £1,000 repair bill after his bike was wrecked when he was brought down by Edinburgh Monarchs No.1 Ryan Fisher in last night's Spring Trophy derby encounter at Armadale which Monarchs won 51-38.

Their Heat 10 tussle exploded when Fisher rashly attemped to dive underneath the Aussie on the third bend.

Leverington and Fisher both came to grief and had to be pulled apart when the Tigers rider lashed out at the Californian, who was excluded from the re-run.

Leverington today insisted Fisher isn't a dirty rider and said: "It was an extra point had he passed me. I would have given him the extra point because the repair bill for my bike will probably be £1,000. It's something you don't need in a challenge meeting.

"Ryan is the No.1 coming into the Edinburgh team and obviously wants to prove himself. But there are better ways of doing it. I think he just had a red mist moment."

Fisher confessed he was in the wrong, saying: "I was a little impatient. I knew I was going to pass Trent, I just didn't know where.

I pushed things a little too far and he has every right to feel annoyed with me. I shouldn't have done it. I guess I'm always on edge a bit."

The pair's bust-up certainly enlivened a meeting which was ruined by the wet conditions.

The weather had prevented both sides from undertaking full-scale practice sessions and this inevitably led to mechanical failures as riders' strove to come up with the correct set-up.

Monarchs' new Swede Tomas Jonasson couldn't have had a more nightmarish debut.

The youngster picked up a single point in his first ride – then suffered two exclusions and a fall.

In contrast William Lawson made a tremendous return to the Lothian Arena, chalking up a 15-point maximum.

Skipper Derek Sneddon was also unbeaten by an opponent as he notched up ten points from his four rides.

Fisher ended up on the same total and featured in easily the best race of the night when finishing second to Tigers' captain Shane Parker in Heat 13.

"The track was a little odd", said Fisher, "but I had a good night.

"And to score double figures in my first match cannot be bad. I just hope I can do the same at Berwick tonight."

Monarchs gifted Tigers plenty of points and will be slightly frustrated that their winning margin wasn't greater.

Leverington is in no doubt that the Tigers can easily overturn their deficit in the second leg. He said: "I think we can easily pull it back. Track conditions were very difficult and it's the hardest I've ever found Armadale to ride.

"But it will be a different story at our place".

The one Monarch who looked a bit ill at ease with the greasy surface was the normally dependable Matthew Wethers.

The 22 year old looked like he was dancing on ice and never got himself into any genuine race winning situations and will certainly be unhappy with his five-point return.

Parker and Lee Dicken were the top Tigers with eight points apiece.

New signing Josh Grajszonek posted a respectable six-point total but fellow Aussie debutant Mitchell Davey toiled and failed to score.

Monarchs: Lawson 15, Sneddon 10, Fisher 10, Tully 7, Wethers 5, Summers 4, Jonasson 1.

Glasgow: Parker 8, Dicken 8, Ksiezak 7, Leverington 6, Grajszonek 6, Bergstrom 3, Davey 0.

The full article contains 598 words and appears in Edinburgh Evening News newspaper.Last Updated: 15 March 2008 11:12 AM

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