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Full Version: Curiosity Rover and 12-21-12 or 333
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Found in the Congressional prayer room at Washington DC. Here we have George Washington the 1st President
or (# One  which he is replacing from the One Dollar bill) praying with the Great Pyramid and the Eagle or Phoenix.

[Image: Congressional%20Prayer%20Room2.jpg~original]

So I checked for the Phoenix rising on 12-21-12. The Eagle or Phoenix in older times was the
 Constellation Scorpius, and the heart of the scorpion is the red star Antares at right Ascension
 RA1630. It rose at 5hrs 21mins 58sec. (1630 x pi = 5120.8 that's 05hrs 21mins 58sec. that's
 also the location of Mars on July 4 1776 which is also the head of Orion). As you can see the alignment of
the Star and Planets from a Pyramid. 

[Image: antarespyramid212112b.jpg~original]

This is the same alignment as the sections that fell to the surface from the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover.

[Image: AntaresMarsMap.jpg~original]

The Sun's Declination was 1630 at the time of the landing.

[Image: LeoSun.jpg~original]

Here we see Mars the Head of Orion at RA 5hrs 21mins 58sec. July 4 1776. The time 1347 is the year of the Black Plague.
[Image: HeadOrion_1.jpg~original]
hmm... that's interesting!
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seems one can find the strangest connective threads when you look
Thank you and yes you do. The software that runs the Mars rover is called Antares. Also the Leo Pyramid may be the same slope angle as the Great Pyramid. Here it is with the Bethlehem Star.

[Image: 6-3--15%20copy.jpg~original]
The camera Dan could mean the Israeli tribe Dan who's banner was the Eagle. Antares is Greek for the Rival of Mars. I guess that's why they named the software that runs the rover Antares. 

[Image: mslpayloadficopy.jpg~original]

 So he is praying with or too the Great Pyramid, is this meaning the Resurrection of Jesus?
[Image: Congressional%20Prayer%20Room2.jpg~original]
So I took the most popular date for the Resurrection of Jesus, it was 4-6-33. I made my view
from space to be from the Planet Mars. The Earth was at right Ascension RA1630 again! With
all the influence of space in our Galaxy shown on this Galaxy map it forms a Pyramid with the Earth
on top, and Antares as the All Seeing Eye. If you look there is the symbol for pi with a line running to
Antares RA1630. If you take pi with 1630 you get the numbers for 05-21-58 again. Pi x 1630 = 5120.8
[Image: TriCirJC-2.jpg~original]

Acts 17:18-19
“He seems to be a publisher of foreign deities.” This was because he was declaring the good news of Jesus and the Resurrection. 19 So they laid hold of him and led him to the Ar·e·op´a·gus ( Mars Hill ).

Quote:the Leo Pyramid is the same slope angle as the Great Pyramid.

How did you calculate the "slope of the Leo pyramid" ?
What you have is a 2D cross section of what would be an isosceles triangle within a pyramid,
which is fine, and slope can be determined from that. 

Your triangle with stars Regulus, and Leo 17 as the base points,
and Algieba as the peak, is much closer to a 45 degree angle.
This is all I did, will get around to it soon. Twice the slope of the Great Pyramid is 103.6 (There's those numbers again 1630) according to David Flynn.

[Image: Pyramid%20of%20Leo%20Setting2.jpg~original]
Quote:This is all I did, will get around to it soon.
(04-11-2016, 03:29 PM)Wook Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:This is all I did, will get around to it soon.

(04-11-2016, 02:28 PM)Vianova Wrote: [ -> ]...

Quote:the Leo Pyramid is the same slope angle as the Great Pyramid.

How did you calculate the "slope of the Leo pyramid" ?
What you have is a 2D cross section of what would be an isosceles triangle within a pyramid,
which is fine, and slope can be determined from that. 

Your triangle with stars Regulus, and Leo 17 as the base points,
and Algieba as the peak, is much closer to a 45 degree angle.

I believe that is what inspired the Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. I used a transportador protractor on my computer screen and it was so close. You are missing the point of the ones that run things.
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Let me stop here a bit and show you how I think some of these same numbers keep popping up.

(5120.8 and 1630) lets go back to 2012 where it all started with me.

On 5-21-12 we had the Ring of Fire!

[Image: ringoffireannularsolare.jpg~original]

Exactly 7 months later to the day we got the triangle or pyramid formed by Antares, Mercury, and Venus.

The Horizon line cuts right through Antares, and it rises at 5hrs 21mins 58sec. @ RA1630 on 12-21-12 or 333
This is from my viewing point not all of you.

[Image: antarespyramid212112_1.jpg~original]

This gave me the inspiration for my Avatar. The rest was picked because I'm stealing their secrets.

[Image: 064.jpg~original]

According to Richard C Hoagland the tetrahedron inside a sphere is how we will make
contact with ET?

[Image: TriCir_1.jpg~original]
This is what NASA use to show how sharp and small the camera on the new Mars rover can see.
[Image: Screenshot2012-08-06.jpg~original]
 (All Seeing Eye) Damned
So I look in the Bible for these numbers 1630 and 1630 x pi = 5120.8 or 05-21-58 or 21 May 58

Here's 1630

Matthew 13:23
But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.
This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

(100 60 30 or 1630) Earth is at RA 1630 so Jesus may have been at RA 1630 when he had Risen.

Here's 5120.8 or 05-21-58

[Image: LastLineIn%20The%20Bible.jpg~original]
As you can see the Earth as represented by a quarter is at the center of the milky way galaxy, on top of the Antares Pyramid at what may be the Resurrection of Jesus on 4-6-33 as viewed form Mars. Look at the location, the influences from the north and south galaxy poles and the center line of the galaxy form the Antares Pyramid, with the Earth on the elliptic cutting right through it at RA1630.

[Image: Galaxy%20Map.jpg~original]
Here it is up close again.
[Image: 20151022_150809_2.jpg~original]
It makes sense to me that this would be his Resurrection, if not it sure serves them well the one in the know.

2018.5 years that's 05-21-58 again!

Exodus 19:4

‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.

Luke 17:37

And they answered and said to Him, “Where, Lord?” So He said to them, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”
[Image: Sun%20over%20Pyramid.jpg~original]
Here is what I call the Leo Pyramid, on the date which was called the Bethlehem Star. I think from the image here the
Bethlehem Star forms a Pyramid base. So you could say that here is a cornerstone
Luke 20:17
Jesus looked directly at them and asked, “Then what is the meaning of that which is written: “‘The stone the builders rejected
 has become the cornerstone’?
[Image: 6-3--1520copy.jpg~original]
Sunrise the day and time, the Curiosity Mars rover landed. Same star configuration as the Bethlehem Star!
Job 38:6
On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone.
[Image: stellarium-008-2.jpg~original]
1 Peter 2:7
Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,”
Acts 4:11
Jesus is “‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’

John 19:17
[ The King on a Cross ] And He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha

Star Sun or Son, Star Regulus Heart of the Lion, Star Algieba Shoulder to bear, Star Algenubi, Lion's Eye see's all.

[Image: Cross%20to%20bear.jpg~original]
"a (heavy) cross to bear"

an unpleasant or painful situation or person that you have to accept and deal with, although you find it very difficult.
Nice points you are making there MFM short for man from Mars
I think it speaks for it's self.
[Image: Mars%20Rover%20Pyramid.jpg~original]
Ezekiel's Vision
[Image: Ezekiel-vision.jpg~original]
Ezekiel 1:16
16 As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming o
 beryl; and the four had the same form, their construction being something like a wheel within a wheel.

[Image: screenshot1014201211534.jpg~original]

The Eagle or Antares, The Pyramid, The 4 Living Creatures and 12-21-12 or 333
(By David Flynn)
[Image: RoswellSeal_1.jpg~original]
The Milky Way Galaxy Map I have owned for about 20 years.
[Image: Galaxy%20Map.jpg~original]
Close-up of the bottom of the map. As you can see there is a proper name on it (Buster) it is the only one on the entire map. Above the name Buster is the Dark Matter designation DM 01165-2855 which equals =33 The name Buster is written over the Star Pi Sculptor.
 Pi x 33 = 103.6 That's twice the slope of the Great Pyramid, it is also Latitude 33 and Longitude 103.6 of Roswell New Mexico. ET anybody? Also in front of the name Buster is the Greek symbol for the Ram/Aries/Mars. So it has a mention of a Pyramid on Mars with the name Buster and ET!
[Image: CameTrue_1.jpg~original]
So here is the Date 5-21-58 and the Star Pi Sculptor with the Name Buster on the Horizon
With a giant Cross Parallel to the ground! With the Moon at 6hrs 6min 6sec or 666 in the
right hand of Orion, what? The time 6hrs 0min 31sec or 6031 or 1630 again. 1630 x Pi = 5120.8 or 05-21-58
The last line in the Book of Revelation!
[Image: BrithDate5-21-5820Venus7_3.jpg~original]
It's Rocket Science Pi x 2! 1630 is my home address and 05-21-58 is my birth date, so %^&* weird! The odd
part is Buster is my name!
[Image: Signs%20of%20Heaven_2.jpg~original]
I took the image from the 2006 ESA image of Cydonia Mars and gray scaled the color image, then I gray scaled the white portion of the image, and this is the results.
[Image: 3b3qv7.png~original]
The 4 living creatures?
Revelation 4:7
 The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an bull, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle.

[Image: mycydonia1480a180mu8.jpg~original]
Revelation 5:1
 And I saw in the right hand of the One seated on the throne a

scroll written on both sides, sealed tight with seven seals.
[Image: mycydonia1480tbzm8.gif~original]
From David Flynn

The sheer vastness of the D & M Pyramid implies that it is an integral component in understanding the Cydonia message. The pyramidal monument is oriented in such a manner as to direct the "line of sight", from space, towards the Cydonia sphinx - face, elaborating on that enigmatic structure's meaning as well. What then does a two mile long half a mile high five sided pyramid symbolize? Grace --
the D & M Pyramid alludes to, typifies the atonement of Christ on the cross. The number 5 throughout all scripture represents God's unmerited favor to man, the free gift of eternal life through Jesus (E.W.Bullinger, Number in Scripture p. 135). The five sides of the greatest of all pyramids represents the monumental work of the Word of God to justify man to Himself, for His own sake.

One of the shafts in the Great Pyramid points to the Cat's Eye Nebula!

[Image: pyrscha525.png~original]

The Cats Eye is on the Horizon When the Rover landed.

[Image: stellarium-008-2.jpg~original]
I looked at the original image of the Mars Face back in 2005, and got an idea in my mind on how to show what was hiding in the message from Mars. A trick of light and shadow is what NASA said it was. It's not what the surface looks like it's what was hidden in the image message. After my findings I can see why there is an all seeing eye in the DM Pyramid, it's the Cat's Eye of the Roaring Lion!  
Amos 3:8
The lion has roared! Who will not be afraid? The Sovereign Lord Jehovah has spoken! Who will not prophesy?’
[Image: eyepyramid777.jpg~original]
Revelation 2:17
Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.

Up close I see D1 or Done in the DM Pyramid!
[Image: CydoniaD1Done_1.jpg~original]
and if I trace out the 4 living creatures it's a Mars Rover with the man driving!
[Image: dmcatseye2.jpg~original]
Here we are back at the beginning, I guess it
 was what they were praying for? D1 or Done.
[Image: Congressional%20Prayer%20Room.jpg~original]
Done in English Gematria Equals: 228

Revelation 2:28
28  And I will give him the morning star.

Someone did give me the Morning Star with my name Buster on it!
[Image: BrithDate5-21-5820Venus7_3.jpg~original]
Ezekiel 1:10
10  Their faces had this appearance: Each of the four had a man’s face with a lion’s face on the right, a bull’s face on the left,
and each of the four had an eagle’s face.
[Image: __344626.jpg~original]
David Flynn was right!

[Image: lhk0_1.jpg~original]
Revelation 1:2
 who bore witness to the word God gave and to the
 witness Jesus Christ gave, yes, to all the things he saw.
[Image: four%20evangelists.jpg~original]
Jeremiah 32:20
You performed signs and wonders in Egypt
 and have continued them to this day
[Image: ATSBackGround.jpg~original]
Daniel 4:2
It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and
 wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.

[Image: whitestonev.jpg~original]

[Image: melvin3.jpg~original]
The abbreviation D.M. at the top of this 3rd-century Christian tombstone stands for Diis Manibus, "to the Spirits of the Dead"
English: Funerary stele of Licinia Amias, one of the most ancient Christian inscriptions. Upper tier: dedication to the Dis Manibus

 and Christian motto in Greek letters ΙΧΘΥC ΖΩΝΤΩΝ / Ikhthus zōntōn ("fish of the living"); middle tier: depiction of fish and an
 anchor; lower tier: Latin inscription “LICINIAE AMIATI BE/NEMERENTI VIXIT”. Marble, early 3rd century CE. From the area of
 the Vatican necropolis, Rome.
[Image: 5hhx.jpg~original] 0334_bible_devil_christian_ani
Quote:It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and

 wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.

What the hell, eh? no? 
Popblood Beer


[b]you mean... Like This?:[/b]
[b][Image: sangaku-020-i2.jpg][/b]

I thought not.

Welcome MFM

Letz allow the devil's advocate LilD  to play "God" in your scenario.  Holycowsmile

on July 4 are you near the light or as far as you can get away from it?

Rule of thumb.

Scientists unveil plan to create synthetic human genomes
June 3, 2016

[Image: dna.png]
DNA double helix. Credit: public domain
A group of American-led scientists and entrepreneurs has announced the start of a 10-year project aimed at creating synthetic human genomes in a move that could revolutionize the field of biotechnology but raises troubling ethical concerns.

Read more at:

Could you see what heaven says in these current days about ANU creation?

Make us a nice graphic if possible...  I like graphs.

[Image: popblood.gif] [Image: beer.gif]

ANU man may not be a Human.

In the strictest interpretation of tea leaves.
Signs / wonders

[Image: 5hhx.jpg~original]
 19.471 sinesss wanders .3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
[Image: snake%20in%20fish.jpg]

I like graphs.

Like a body of evidence totally 'crick'-neck is longer than a giraffes.

A group of American-led scientists and entrepreneurs has announced the start of a 10-year project aimed at creating synthetic human genomes
[Image: pyrscha525.png~original]
Goro Star chart please and thanx. Hi Adachi?
Cat’s Eye Nebula – NGC 6543
[Image: Draco-constellation-map.png~original]
[Image: pyrscha525.png~original]
[Image: stellarium-008-2.jpg~original]
The all seeing eye in the pyramid is the cats eye!
[Image: eyepyramidrev47525.jpg~original]
By the late David Flynn
[Image: Draco4.jpg~original]
In the Bible

The Areopagus, like most city-state institutions, continued to function in Roman times, and it was then
 that the Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech about the identity of "the Unknown God." According
 to the biblical account (Acts 17):

Others said, “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign gods,” because he preached to them Jesus and the

19 And they took him and brought him to the Areopagus, (Mars Hill)

Here we see the mention of Jesus, the Resurrection, and Mars.
That's what came to me on his Resurrection date and from Mars.
[Image: Resurrection%206-33am%20Mars%201630.jpg~original]
Wouldn't this be where he of all people would have placed himself?
Acts 4:11
For Jesus the Messiah is (the one referred to in the Scriptures when they speak of ) a ‘stone discarded by the builders which became the capstone of the arch.’
[Image: Galaxy%20Map.jpg~original]
Everything I look into seems to lead to Jesus's Resurrection and Mars .
I think to get a understanding of what I am trying to show here, you need David Flynn's book Secret Chronicles of Mars.
It shows and tells the importance of the 4 living creatures and Pi. and much more. Like in his book it shows the numbers
again of 1630 and 05-21-58
[Image: Gabraltar2.jpg~original]
Quote:Could you see what heaven says in these current days about ANU creation?

Make us a nice graphic if possible...  I like graphs.

In the strictest interpretation of tea leaves.

By sheer coincidence, the Red Planet was making its closest approach to Earth of this orbital cycle just as the most recently launched and recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage booster was arriving just offshore of Cocoa Beach and the Florida Space Coast earlier this week.

While you were busy showing us 19.471 sines and wanders .333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
I went ahead and did sum eye work for you.
[img=710x0][/img]Mars Close Approach over recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 atop droneship at sea on June 1, 2016 as seen from Jetty Park Pier in Port Canaveral, FL. Credit: Ken Kremer/

My mother reads Tea Leaves  Itz her birthday Hi today!!!     anyways...

happy B-Day Ma!

[Image: 4e24299c001d264943e79597a75c9740?s=30&d=mm&r=g]  5 Jun , 2016 by Ken Kremer

Mars Close Approach over recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 atop droneship at sea on June 1, 2016 as seen from Jetty Park Pier in Port Canaveral, FL. Credit: Ken Kremer/

PORT CANAVERAL, FL – As you may have heard its Mars opposition season. What you may not have heard is that Mars made its closest Earth approach high in the Sunshine states nighttime skies coincidentally at the same time as a sea landed SpaceX Falcon 9 was visible just offshorefloating on the horizon below.

Rather miraculously this regular natural occurrence of the dance of the planets Earth and Mars making a close embrace as they orbit around our Sun, was taking place simultaneously with a most unnatural event – namely the return of a used SpaceX Falcon 9 landed on a platform at sea that was briefly hugging the Florida coastline.

And better yet you can see them celebrating this first-of-its-kind celestial event together in the photo above of ‘Mars Close Approach over Falcon’ – captured by this author around 11 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 1 from the rock wall along Jetty Park Pier in Port Canaveral, Fl.

By sheer coincidence, the Red Planet was making its closest approach to Earth of this orbital cycle just as the most recently launched and recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage booster was arriving just offshore of Cocoa Beach and the Florida Space Coast earlier this week.

As luck would have it, when I ventured out to watch the boosters hoped for nighttime arrival from Jetty Park Pier in Port Canaveral on Wednesday, June 1, I noticed that Mars and the floating Falcon 9 were lined up almost perfectly.

The Falcon 9 was standing atop the droneship upon which it had landed on May 27 while it was stationed approximately 420 miles (680 kilometers) off shore and east of Cape Canaveral, Florida, surrounded by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 began its rapid journey to space and back roaring to life at 5:39 p.m. EDT last Friday, May 27, from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL, ascending into sky blue sunshine state skies.
The Falcon 9 was carrying the Thaicom-8 telecommunications satellite to orbit.

On Wednesday night, June 1, Mars was high in the southern night sky, shining brightly almost directly over the spent Falcon 9 booster sailing some 3 miles (5 km) offshore of Cocoa Beach.

Thankfully the weather gods even cooperated by delivering crystal clear nighttime skies.

So with Mars at Opposition and Falcon 9 in view and while awaiting the droneship bringing the booster into Port Canaveral I took some exposure shots of this first totally unique opportunity.

Mars Close Approach took place on May 30, 2016. That is the point in Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth.

The Red Planet was only 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers) from Earth.

“Mars reaches its highest point around midnight — about 35 degrees above the southern horizon, or one third of the distance between the horizon and overhead,” according to a NASA description and the graphic shown below.


Mars closest approach to Earth this cycle is May 30, 2016. That is the point in Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth. Mars will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars is currently visible for much of the night.

Mars oppositions happen about every 26 months when Mars and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth.

The 156 foot tall Falcon 9 booster had landed atop the specially designed SpaceX ‘droneship’ named “Of Course I Still Love You” or “OCISLY” less than 9 minutes after the May 27 blastoff.

Incredible sight of pleasure craft zooming past SpaceX Falcon 9 booster from Thaicom-8 launch on May 27, 2016 as it arrives at the mouth of Port Canaveral, FL, atop droneship platform on June 2, 2016. Credit: Ken Kremer/

The Thaicom-8 mission marked the third time SpaceX nailed a booster landing on an ocean going platform.

But unlike the prior two sea landings, this booster came to rest at noticeable tilt.

This caused SpaceX some headaches and concern it might fall over and be destroyed in transit before reaching land.

So the booster didn’t make it back into port Wednesday night as onlookers had hoped. And SpaceX did not announce a return schedule.

It actually would up station keeping and hugging the shoreline for nearly 2 extra days while workers stabilized the booster.

Tow boat passing in front of the used SpaceX rocket waiting offshore. Credit: Julian Leek

The 15 story tall spent first stage was secured with multiple tie downs to the droneships deck.

Up close view of base of recovered SpaceX Falcon 9 atop droneship during arrival on June 2, 2016 shows ties down securing booster to deck. Credit: Ken Kremer/

As I witnessed and reported here, the booster finally sailed triumphantly into the mouth of Port Canaveral around lunchtime on Thursday, June 2.

SpaceX Falcon 9 booster moving along the Port Canaveral channel atop droneship platform with cruise ship in background nears ground docking facility on June 2, 2016 following Thaicom-8 launch on May 27, 2016. Credit: Ken Kremer/

Mars and the recovered Falcon 9 actually tie in rather neatly.

The SpaceX rockets launch and recovery technology are all being developed so they will one day lead to establishing a ‘City on Mars’ – according to the SpaceX’s visionary CEO and founder Elon Musk.

Musk aims to radically slash the cost of launching future rockets by recycling them and using them to launch new payloads for new paying customers.

Musk hopes to launch humans to Mars by the mid-2020s.

And this author is also a well known Mars lover.

NASA’s Opportunity rover discovers a beautiful Martian dust devil moving across the floor of Endeavour crater as wheel tracks show robots path today exploring the steepest ever slopes of the 13 year long mission, in search of water altered minerals at Knudsen Ridge inside Marathon Valley on 1 April 2016. This navcam camera photo mosaic was assembled from raw images taken on Sol 4332 (1 April 2016) and colorized. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/ Ken Kremer/ Di Lorenzo

Watch for Ken’s continuing on site reports direct from Cape Canaveral and the SpaceX launch pad.

Stay tuned here for Ken’s continuing Earth and planetary science and human spaceflight news.

Ken Kremer


Learn more about SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, ULA Atlas rocket, Orbital ATK Cygnus, ISS, Boeing, Space Taxis, Mars rovers, Orion, SLS, Antares, NASA missions and more at Ken’s upcoming outreach events:
June 8/9: “SpaceX, ULA, SLS, Orion, Commercial crew, Curiosity explores Mars, Pluto and more,” Kennedy Space Center Quality Inn, Titusville, FL, evenings
While you were busy showing us 19.471 sines and wanders .333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

I went ahead and did sum eye work for you.

Back to the garden...

Solstice Alignments Spotted in Washington, D.C., Garden

Friday, June 03, 2016
[Image: garden-solstice-alignment.jpg]
(Courtesy Amelia Sparavigna)
TURIN, ITALY—The statues and walkways in a symmetrical nineteenth-century garden in Washington D.C. are aligned to the rising and setting sun on the summer and winter solstices, according to physicist Amelia Sparavigna of Politecnico di Torino. Live Science reports that, using satellite imagery and astronomical software, Sparavigna found that the solstice sun aligns with the statue of President Andrew Jackson that stands in the center of the Lafayette Square garden. Four walkways radiate out from this statue. Standing near the statue of Andrew Jackson, it would appear that on the summer solstice, the sun rises at the northeast end of one path, and sets at the northwest end of the opposite path. On the winter solstice, the sun would appear to rise at the southeast end of another path and set at the southwest end of its opposite. Sparavigna says it is unclear why designer Andrew Jackson Downing aligned the ends of the walkways to the solstice sun. For more, go to "Letter from England: The Scientist's Garden."

Eye'll LEAVE that fore you to con-template how improv fitz it to a TEA like a party in D.C.
Don't get lost on Boston and don't gamble with QRW. Naughty

[Image: Congressional%20Prayer%20Room2.jpg~original]

19th-Century White House Garden Aligns with Solstice Sun
By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor | June 2, 2016 09:11am ET
[Image: lafayette-square-white-house-view.jpg?in...ize=*:1400]

Lafayette Square (also called Lafayette Park) is located just north of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Satellite imagery was vital to discovering the solstice alignments.

Credit: Image copyright Google Earth

A 19th-century garden just north of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C., was designed so that its statues align with the rising and setting sun on the summer and winter solstices, a physics professor has found.

Using satellite imagery and astronomical software, Amelia Sparavigna, of Politecnico di Torino in Italy, discovered the phenomenon. The solstice sun aligns with the center of the garden, which contains a statue of President Andrew Jackson, and the endings of four walkways that now contain four statues of generals from the American Revolutionary War, the physicist found.

Sparavigna said she is not sure why Andrew Jackson Downing —who designed the garden and its walkways in 1851 — would have created such solstice alignments in his layout. The statue of Andrew Jackson was erected in 1853 while the statues of the four other generals were erected at the end of the walkways between 1890 and 1910. [In Photos: Peru Pyramid Shows Solstice Alignment]
The sun's path at Lafayette Square

To see the summer solstice alignment, Sparavigna found, you'd need to stand next to the statue of Jackson, who is shown leading American forces during the Battle of New Orleans, which was fought against the British during the War of 1812.

[img=726x0]*[/img][Image: lafayette-square-solstices.jpg?146487384...ize=*:1400]

A physicist has found that when standing at the center of Lafayette Square, at the statue of Andrew Jackson, on the summer solstice, the sun will rise on the northeast end of one walkway and set on the northwest end of another walkway. A similar phenomenon occurs on the winter solstice.

Credit: Image courtesy of Amelia Sparavigna

From that spot, during the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, the sun will rise at the northeast end of the walkway, where a statue of General Thaddeus Kosciuszko is located. Kosciuszko was a general from Poland who helped win the Battle of Saratoga in 1777; that conflict stopped a British invasion of the United States from Canada.

Also, if you stay in that spot, the sun will set over the northwest end of the walkway, where a statue of General von Steuben stands. Von Steuben was a Prussian whom George Washington appointed inspector general of the Continental Army.

In the same study, detailed in the journal Philica, Sparavigna outlined a discovery about the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. On this day, from the perspective of the Jackson statue, the sun will rise at the southeast end of the walkway where a statue of Marquis de Lafayette is located. Lafayette played an important role in several Revolutionary War battles.

Later on, the winter solstice sun will set on the southwest end of the walkway where a statue of General Rochambeau is located. Rochambeau was a French military commander who led French troops on a series of military campaigns that culminated in the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781, an event that forced the British to recognize the independence of the United States.

Why solstice alignments?

It's still unclear why Downing aligned the end of the walkways of Lafayette Square to the solstice sun, Sparavigna said. "No references to a specific planning of alignments along the solar azimuths (the angle of the sun) for the Lafayette Square are available," Sparavigna wrote in the journal article.

Sparavigna noted that aligning features to the solstice sun can be done to make planning a garden or monument easier. "Architects have six main directions: Two are joining cardinal points (north-south, east-west), and four are those given by sunrise and sunset on summer and winter solstices," she wrote in a different paper, published in 2015 in Philica.

This isn't the first garden designed with the sun in mind, and Sparavigna notes there are parallels between the design of Downing's square and gardens created in South Asia by the Mughal Empire, which flourished between 1526 and 1857. Several Mughal gardens had alignments to the solstice sun, including those at the Taj Mahal

Like the gardens constructed by the Mughal Empire the design of Lafayette Square has "a rectangular layout, with the axis coincident to the cardinal direction north-south," Sparavigna wrote in the new paper. "Moreover, they have the solar alignments."

Historical records show that Downing never traveled to South Asia, although he did travel to Europe shortly before he started designing Lafayette Square.

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