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Full Version: Love this new band..
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I will ALWAYS love this Lady: Grace Slick

Whole Album

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
Croatian Death Metal

Romanian Black Metal...

From Will To Power album...

Netherlands Death Metal

Ukrainian Black Metal

Geez ... those guys are too much.
They play like that ... LIVE ... nonstop for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
It reminds me of ... non stop hard core full court basketball when I was young,
for hours on end,
is the only effort that can compare to the epic onslaught of their nonstop heavy metal.
Interesting band indeed.
I would like to have seen that live concert.
Kiev and the Ukraine must be quite an interesting part of European evolution to see.
it made me wonder ... wtf ... is a Russian heavy metal band?
I saw this link .. top 5 Russian heavies

I have had no time to listen to Russian heavy metal ...
but I liked that Ukrainian group,
they wore me out tonite ... 

"Kiev and the Ukraine must be quite an interesting part of European evolution to see."

[Image: QlIXizU.jpg]

"Verrry Interessting...…"
Greatest Rock N Roll Vietnam War Music - 60s and 70s

Bob... Ninja Alien2
Lovecraft Symphonic Doom Metal

For your collusion...Russian Death Metal...sub-guttural vocals...…

Ukrainian Black Metal

Russian Pagan Folk Metal

Genre: Biochemical Sludge Slam
Location: Norway / Czech Republic

More Russian horror...


The Russian Pagan Folk Metal is quite good material actually.
Grai - Ashes was the selection, 3 back.
The female vocals were a nice sound.
check her out in the song that starts at just after 16 minutes ... 
very enjoyable ... versatile.
the next song just keeps rocking on !


The Russian horror music ... Abominable Yak Putridity   Naughty
was equally as horrible as the Czeck ...
Diphenylchloroarsine ...  Tp   Whip

At first I didn't get it ... Slap2
Quote:Genre: Biochemical Sludge Slam

holy smokes I think the lead vocalist vomited up his own entrails several times,
but it kept getting stuck in his throat, 
it was quite unbearable  Rofl

hell, watch these kids live... they kick ass!

Sounds like what Led Zeppelin would've sounded like if they'd found the fountain of youth and kept writing.

I watched the whole thing.

Ain't new, but the classics are ALWAYS better for some of us Geezers

Wish You Were Here - Pink Flyod

Bob... Ninja Bong7bp Alienship


[url=][/url]Damn thing played fine in Preview !!! Gangup
Swedish symphonic death metal

Soon the UFOs will land
and mankind will meet
much stronger brains and habits.

Let's get ready for that !

Sum country twang!

This is my cousin Glen Ireland on the left.

When he was in a  well rounded canadian country talent act.

If you like live country,sum of their hits may ring a bell from way back.

scoot boot'n doobie Reefer

right: Glen Ireland(Vocals)

One for the road!

Can a Canuck be a redneck ?   LilD Hell Yeah Yee Haw!!!
Russian Symphonic Death Metal

USA black metal ambience...

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