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Full Version: Love this new band..
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the One and Only
Johnny Winter

Highway 61 Revisited

the 1969 Woodstock concert video that nobody saw ...

gets rocking at about 3 minutes,
or jump to 4:25 and the next four minutes are the slide guitar solo

Winters at a very old age on the acoustic slide
Death Letter
Turkish Death Metal

Go to and read the lyrics.

Ukraine symphonic black metal

Quote:Ukraine symphonic black metal  LilD


The Metis(Hybrids)
[Image: 6993547132;sq=400]
Music from the New Breeds

Local Yokel vocals putting Regina on the map.

This City.

[Image: regina-sk.jpg]

We are so far away from anything famous that we're infamous.

The Snake Oil Salesmen grew up in the First Nations and small towns of Southern Saskatchewan, each band member coming from long lines of storytellers and musicians. They had all battled loss and pain on their own path and found some strange combination of emotion and song could briefly cure what ailed them. Their common relief was sobbing stories, screaming tales and finally singing their songs from whichever part hurt the most. The Snake Oil Salesmen drank deep the elixir of music and longed to share it’s healing.

Since coming together in February, 2011 they have been honoring the tradition of storytelling through music. Their aim to bridge the gap between fireside tales, Metis kitchen parties and full on rock and roll while relieving the worries of the listener and lifting the souls of the down-trodden. They have been sharing their remedy in saloons, taverns, dives, bars, barns, basements and bedrooms developing their potency and flavor along the way. 

The result is a passionate, delicious blend of rocking, grooving, story-telling, and musicking that bites like a prairie rattler, goes down like a fine wine and tosses your inhibitions to the wind. The Snake Oil Salesmen, drink it in. 

Ukraine symphonic black metal

Ukrainian Symphonic Black Metal

Australian Symphonic Black Metal

Croatian Folk Metal

Colorado Death Doom

ultra-obscure from yester-year around here 1983 hear
Quote:' was good, just like a grape slurpee...'

new to you.

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)]C[/color]hoice - "Heaven in the 7-11"


[Image: AAuE7mDlrUg69BUBdYzV95fAqoB6einl_jFdFyFk...ff-rj-k-no]
Reid Blakley
Published on Sep 28, 2017

From the 1983 compilation record "Street Rock" by local radio station Z99 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Written by H. Stroh, I. Fines, S. Hasiak.

-Video Upload powered by

[/url]o -

  1. [url=]
2 - RPM - October 8, 1983. Solid Gold and MCA ... WEA Canada & Duke Street pact distribution deal. Toronto: WEA ..... successful rock bands in the history of the music form ..... Regina: Z99 is preparing to release their first homegrown album ...
New Zealand Death Metal

German Black Metal

Regina Rock.

I moved the drummer last saturday  Band

local yokel on vocals...


[/url]Mother Night | Free Listening on SoundCloud

  1. [url=]
[b]Mother Night is a 3 piece, riff driven, Canadian rock band.. Regina. 8 Tracks. 11 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Mother Night on your desktop or ...[/b]

Arrow click to watch:
Estonian Death Metal


They are good, the instrumental parts were enjoyable, the vocals when limited were better.

Quote:Thread Review (Newest First)
Posted by Kalter Rauch - Tuesday, February 12th, 2019, 04:37 pm
USA Funeral Doom Metal

USA Funeral Doom Metal  
Recall: quacking backwards looking for wordsyouareaduck
There is a wake first.

[Image: g408817.gif]

more Local Yokel wine focal.
[Image: a1-0320-hendriks-clr-jpg.jpg]

November 41975 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Birth Name
Kiley Hendriks
Prevail Wonder, Prev Won, P-1, Cannonball Crusher

Mini Bio (1)
Prevail was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, but moved to Victoria (Langford), British Colombia when he was just 2 months old. He got involved in music through his cousin and started rapping at an early age. He and Moka used to rap on the street corners for change, on buses, the ferry....anywhere.

 special guest Moka pimps top-hat

Wiki on the Regina Rap-star.

Kiley Hendriks (born November 4, 1975), better known by stage name Prevail, is a 4-time Juno Award winning Canadian hip hop artist raised in Victoria, British Columbia and based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Prevail is part of platinum-selling Swollen Members, which consists principally of himself and Mad Child. They have been called "two of the most innovative people in hip-hop".[1] Aside from his extensive catalog with Swollen Members, Prevail released a side project entitled Code Name Scorpion with Abstract Rude and Moka Only in 2001, his first solo EP Baseball Bat and Nails in 2009, and a second solo EP with Ol' City Rocker titled Spasefase in 2012.

I searched for Sumerian Doom Metal in youtube (+20 min. filter)
and this came up...

The ISS robot CIMON supposedly likes this...

[Image: f2555e16b453ef3b41197f4bd706d3be.jpg?r=186945328]

For Vic he caught a cartoon from Ben Garrison.  Many more:

Just to let you know there's many many more he's done through the years. I bought ONE book of his comics for all of 2018.

Bob... Ninja Alien2

Seeing how this was live music, I scrolled through much of the video. 
An odd but interesting though out of place organ solo at about 35:40.
Crazy band ... they play for an hour deluged in all that toxic candle smoke,
and never once take of their giant hoods or their masks.

I think that "toxic smoke" is just from vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol,
same as used in a vape juice.
Most live shows have bad sound.
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