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Full Version: Love this new band..
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the selection -- bottom of the last page

That is pretty interesting scrolling through the music.
Some of it is pretty good.
At about 14:50 -15:30 he sounds like The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, 
and later on, in another song even longer like that.
I'll try it a second time with more scrutiny.
"The Crazy World of Arthur Brown"

That's another one I've been thinking of lately.
He's also done some recording with Klaus Schulze.

Richard Wahnfried...w/ Arthur Brown
I just got through reading about the NZ massacre...

"In the video that was apparently livestreamed, the gunman spends more than two minutes inside the mosque spraying terrified worshippers with bullets again and again, sometimes firing at people he has already cut down.
He then walks outside, where he shoots at people on the sidewalk. Children’s screams can be heard in the distance as he returns to his car to get another rifle. The gunman then walks back into the mosque, where there are at least two dozen people lying on the ground.
After going back outside and shooting a woman there, he gets back in his car, where the song “Fire” by the English rock band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown can be heard blasting. The singer bellows, “I am the god of hellfire!” and the gunman drives away."


How about that ... I was listening to that same song by Arthur Brown about a month ago.
I did not go out on a rampage and kill anyone though.
I went rock hounding that day, and did curse at the blackberry branches in my way all day.

I see on the news that several news people got to see the livestream video, 
that the killer made, before it was taken down from the internet.
I want to see it, and it should be out there for everyone to see.
You can bet it is out there on the black market.
Apparently he went back in and executed "kill shots" on those that were already down.

The unusual part of this act of depravity is that the killer viewed it as an act of war, 
in a retribution of terror,
for what he saw happen in France by Islamic terrorists.

And so now according to CNN, everyone that says anything negative about a Muslim,
is a Muslim-o-phobe   Ninja
or some  Horsepoop phobia 

Well I tell you what,
there are good Muslims and there are Muslim Ghouls.

There are good Iranians and there are hopefully soon to be a lot of dead Iranian Ghouls.

Just like I said about ISIS,
the only good ISIS Ghoul
is a dead ISIS Ghoul.
I might just play "Fire" by Arthur  Hi Brown when the Israeli's take out the Ayatollah Whip

I can see all the shocked faces of the spin-pundit-puppets on CNN when they hear this.
How Trump infected me with Whitey syndrome. Rofl

I can call Bakari Sellers  -- Black  Pennywise  Pennywise 

but that doesn't make me a Negro-phobe .
Heck, I watch basketball,
and if I am not mistaken most of the teams are 80 % black.
That statement is considered racist. Smoke

The Iranian Ayatollah Khameini ... well ... the Ayatollah is ... Uhoh ... transphobic !

A Transphobic Ghoul ! 

Here he is with another transphobic and anti-gay Ghoul 
may they both die
as soon as possible

[Image: photo_2019-02-25_22-25-17.jpg]

Die Ghouls. 


The weird thing about that BB story
is that The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
isn't the name of an English's an album title.
You are right about that album name.
Have you ever gone to google images -- Arthur Brown -- totally wild.
I did however find a classic way down the list.

[Image: jimi-300x209.jpg]

The question is whether there 
was ever any connection with Arthur Brown 
or if the article faked it for clickbait purposes.

Italian Black Death Metal

Those guys are pretty good.
I listened to the whole album.
There are at least 5 bands worldwide named Cthulhu.

This is Russian Ambient Drone...
I've got the Necronomicon mentioned...

 check out the Mongolian heavy metal

The HU -- wolf totem

video at link

A band from Mongolia that blends the screaming guitars of heavy metal and traditional Mongolian guttural singing has picked up 7 million views for its two videos.

Leather jackets, skull rings and bandannas alongside intricately carved Mongolian horsehead fiddles are just some of the images in the first two music videos the Mongolian band The Hu released on YouTube this fall. Excited listeners from around the globe have posted comments like: "This makes me want to ride a horse and shoot people with a bow" and "This sounds like ancient mongol rock of 1000 b.c. Really badass!"

The "throat singing" drone 
sounds like giant bees...

'70s German Electronic

I listened to that first Ash Ra temple album.
It was really good music to do math and geometry with.
1970s ... I missed hearing this band back then.
Check out this album Ash Ra Tempel did with Timothy Leary...

More Reginans Arrow Local Yokels on vocals... W3APONS

The City has Two Nicknames:
1) "Pile O' Bones" named after huge mounds of buffalo bones.
2)"The Queen(Victoria's)City" named after some old Englishwoman who used to rule over us.

Regina's Rock Station, 104.9 The Wolf - Queen City Rocks 2019 - And The ...
Many thanks to every band who entered Queen City Rocks 2019, and to awesome fans like YOU who came out to support live music. Queen City Rocks 2019 is in the books with W3APONS walking away with all the cash and prizes. We couldn't have done this without The Exchange Long & McQuade (Regina) District Brewing Company and Jim Beam
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