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Full Version: Love this new band..
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"Improvised explosive death metal shredsss…"

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Posted by Kalter Rauch - 4 hours ago
"Improvised explosive death metal shredsss…"

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[b]A talented death metal musician has produced several extremely entertaining songs featuring the informative rants of Alex Jones to spread the word about the fight against globalism.[/b]
Musician Josh Steffen utilizes his talents and the in-your-face information and famously gritty voice of Alex Jones to create entertaining but educational music videos about GMOs, eugenics, the abortion industry, vaccine dangers, endless wars, and much more.

Bombargo's Rocking Good Set Bombards the Hotel Cafe for Debut U.S. Show

Dave Brooks
17 hrs ago

Next City North of here.

[Image: saskatchewan-map.gif][/url]
Runnin' back to Saskatoon... Arrow

Quote:Canada's Bombargo is not following the formula for fame. 
They're doing it their own way in 2019, playing large and layered rock and pop songs with a heavy dose of That '70s Show-inspired heartthrob kitsch. 
[Image: Screen+Shot+2019-07-17+at+4.24.05+PM.png?format=1000w]
On Thursday (Sept. 19), the seven young men who make up the feel-good rock band played their first U.S. show at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe, channeling some serious performance chops in a concert that was both high-energy pop and rocking sounds, wrapping to a raucous Rolling Stones cover of "Miss You."
Bombargo hails from Saskatoon, the largest town in the Canadian province Saskatchewan and the hometown of Jordan Cook of Reignwolf and retro rocker band the Sheepdogs. Bombargo was born in 2013 when lead singer Nathan Thoen and guitarist Spencer Chilliak met and were inspired to form a band after watching Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros perform at Sasquatch Festival in Seattle.

we started as a couple of guys from Saskatoon that had a pipe dream, and we've experienced all these crazy things that seemed so improbable and so surreal. We want to share that with people who are trying to accomplish something in their own life and make them believe in that thing."

check this girl out!


A little XMas comedy ... give the video a chance to get going ....

Big Bird

Lovecraft Death Metal <^><^><^>playlist

What happens when: you drop a flip-phone into a guitar after a beer and a get an instant metis drummer hootenanny!!! yee-haw.

The tune is called make the stars dance.

And yep...I was buzzed.(it was my BD!)

Hope ya'll enjoy   May your toes  tap.
 inside the six-sting drum.

I've seen that word in other posts.
Is that an improversive anagram of "smite",
related to a certain electric guitar technique? Hmm2
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