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Full Version: Love this new band..
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You guys know by now, my musical tastes run eclectically hard..
with an affinity for German heaviness.. (Rammstein anyone?)

was surfing youtube the other night and came across these guys..
and they just blow my mind. some of the most awesome riffs I've heard in years

couple videos out so far but no album to obtain until later this month

Give 'em a spin, if you have similar tastes you will enjoy.. Lauf Los!

one for the guys... 

If you've got some fave little heard or new music tickling your ears tell us about it..
I have some gut Deutsch Rock if you want, just, how do I embed the video?
it's easy.. see the little film strip icon on the posting body?

click it, it has a slot to place the vid url (the one you get when you click the 'share' button on the video) and a drop down selector for what type video

or you could Schreib es mit Blut!

I know what it is with Kanzler & Sohne
both bass and guitar are using Fenders through vintage tube amps.. and the guitaris is using not a strat, but a TELE!

man that guitar sound is badass.
let's not forget the French...

Not exactly a new band, but not many here know of their awesomeness..

and how they play this eludes me... jeez!

lol, Germans are F'in CRAZY!!

Napalm has a LOT of great artists

while US rock is dying a suffocating death at the hands of premiere, clear channel and the talentless visionless manufactured icons they foist on us etc ad nauseum

It seems quite alive and kicking across the pond
but there is hope yet. 
In This Moment is one of those...
ahh... the lovely Ms Brinks...

and if you watch those and aren't in love with Maria yet...  watch her perform 'Blood" unplugged

well... gotta admit.. Texas still rockin

Quote:(Rammstein anyone?)

Du Hast gets heavy rotation on a daily basis up here.

A redneck Canuck Monster Truck  LilD
ahh what the helll
let Rammstein pour some Benzin on it!

Ich Tu Dir Weh

Owww! gut Gott allmächtig es schmerzt so gut
Nice! I had never heard of them before. Thanks.

Tanzwut/Lauf Los sounds like Rammstein,
but this sounds more like Corvus Corax......


That Arch Enemy video was wicked!!! LilD
Full Tilt! Right from the git go.

(She looks like a hot young Lisa Marie Presley) Luv

Harder and faster than malmsteen on guitar and double bass drum kickin faster than Ulrich!

My 49 year old heart just rejuvenated. Band
~16 to ~17:00 minute mark was insane.

If you slowed it down you would get speed metal!

This is the Heaviest Chick on Earth ever to pick me outta the youtube cosmos many moons ago and either her 

[Image: 23805_fde9cab486d23f84c0a149d9d89c7c8b.jpg]

or someone directly involved in her group  subscribed to my youtube channel many many years ago because I assume they ain't haters?  Cry

I know this because I have 9 subcribers   Doh

and RHW007 is One of them. LilD

and you can no longer? see? Three? of them.

I looked into the band and they go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back.   LilD

[Image: -mg-5820_001.jpg]
Quote:while US rock is dying a suffocating death at the hands of premiere, clear channel and the talentless visionless manufactured icons they foist on us etc ad nauseum

It seems quite alive and kicking across the pond


I posted illuminatica to show you are right.

This band "Illuminatica" is heavy now.

but way back in the dayola what you describe is payola in a sense and no offense to Jana but.

This group once foisted totally evolved 
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Theses same individuals were once this:

perhaps you can get "Heavy" later in life instead of starting out as a punk on it???  Holycowsmile

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
EA...that Ash Ra Tempel playlist has the Seven-Up album.
This is of historical interest since it contains
vocals by Timothy Leary who went to Switzerland
after escaping from prison (see Diary of a Hope Fiend, Leary)
where he connected with the group.
This is the origen of "Kosmische Musik".
I've been here all night listening to the selections.
Wow! Lucky me!
One thing I never find time for is finding the great new music out there.
I did not like Der Teufel with Tanzwut, but pretty much liked everything else.
Kanzler and Sohne were great.
But there is a distinction here in genius.
Maria Brink of In This Moment is magnificent with imaginative novelty in her video production.
I want to have profuse endless sex with her on Planet X.

This one is their funny bones video
Country Song

get past the commercial at the beginning of the next video ... 

beauty queen getting high on revlon
I want to be that magazine that she waists her life on,
she's got nobody to hate
except for me
Maria Brinks is a definite phenomenon.
Talent, musical and video vision, beauty, grotesqueness... 
I really want to see In This Moment live..

then there's Elena Vladi- the Red Queen

an up and coming artist who will actually talk to you if you say something that makes her smile.

which smile could launch 10,000 ships...

besides which, she ROCKS

Ozzy's other HOT daughter is soft-kill deadly

I can get over her neanderthal if she can get over my New Breed  Metis Status.

Dark as Daughter is as FATHER was.

Neanderthal Chix within the Human mix gives Sasquatch a woody!!!
jebus this thread needs to get to the next page, it's so full of vids it'll hardly load, lol
Kanzler & Sohne release their first full length recording the 26th of Aug

Durch Die Wande

I've listened to most of it, and have not disliked a single song and intensely liked most
That's hard for me to do.

you can get it here

[Image: 619ZV-EZWxL._SS500_SS280.jpg]

I think they're going to be big.
And with that in mind when is a band NEW?


There are so many 'incarnations' of this "BAND" that I don't understand.

Old Hardcore now and Young 'pop' Stars then as the trends they pretend?

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

A young pretty an old haggard score?

[Image: jana1.jpg]

 Same Chick   Sheep  ....same old schtick 

How did she get so spasmatic like the plasmatics as a Grandma???

When she was young she was just a 'pop' Tart?

Are there Trend-setters or Trend followers...?

Is the muzic bizz pop-fizz or Rock-star energy drinks?

Never let a recording contract yoko-own o you???

I always considered that to be when they come out with their very first album as a band
 and/or no one's ever really heard of them or their individual members.

that's one right there-- well, they have been out for a while, but not a lot of people have heard of them. Good band!
Not a new band but I think they fit in well here.
Meshuggah is heavy-fast. like Explosiva above from Gojira- it makes me wonder how they keep the tempo so well.
Finally got into this thread...
Meshuggah makes me think of Behemoth...maybe Kreator?
Listened to Nepal death metal...Holocaust and Cruentus.
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