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Full Version: American talent
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The 16 year old boy who starts this off is great, but....
You just aren't gonna believe the little girl with the rabbit that follows him!

Not Even!
Thanx for that.

Who knew a tear of cheer goes perfect with my beer.

My Mom loves that show.

Time well spent.
The young girl was truly exceptional.


American Talent.
CNN Worried About ‘Drain of Talent’  Naughty   From Media/Entertainment As Sexual Harassers Are Outed
Gangup  Reporter destroyed over tweets Gangup

Steve Watson | - November 22, 2017 191 Comments 

‘Drain of Talent Swamp’ LilD

[Image: CNN-logo-1.jpg]

As the claims of sexual harassment pile up against Hollywood celebrities and media figures, CNN senior reporter Dylan Byers has come under fire for saying he is worried that there will be a ‘drain of talent’ as a consequence.
Byers tweeted the following comments, and then soon deleted them after a torrent of backlash: