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Full Version: Hope I haven't screwed up
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Every time I've tried to log in a message says I shouldn't. Facebook the same but no other forums. Anybody else had this problems? Keith, send me a message at if I should not be logging in here. Won't try again 'til I hear from you.
That  is crazy, I wondered where you have been.
You should know that the message is bogus, or some kind of targeted malware.
Go to automatic log - in, only.
so that when ever you click HM, you are automatically logged in.
---> PM Keith <----
and post here whenever you want to, for God's sakes!
FSB...if the appearance of the strange message is connected to Facebook
then it's not inconceivable that you were caught by a hate speech algor
filtering micro-aggressions targeting the psycho community,
since "birdhouse" can also mean "funnyfarm".

Quote:"birdhouse" can also mean "funnyfarm".

how funny that a farm for birds was housed in the American South or Mexican North??? Hi  fsb
Where else in the improvisphere would this belong???

Scarlet macaw DNA points  Arrow to ancient breeding operation in Southwest
August 13, 2018, Pennsylvania State University

[Image: scarletmacaw.jpg]
Early illustration of a scarlet macaw drawn in Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots, by Edward Lear in 1832. Credit: Edward Lear, PD-US

Somewhere in the American Southwest or northern Mexico, there are probably the ruins of a scarlet macaw breeding operation dating to between 900 and 1200 C.E., according to a team of archaeologists who sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of bird remains found in the Chaco Canyon and Mimbres areas of New Mexico.

Remains of a thriving prehistoric avian culture and breeding colony of scarlet macaws exist at the northern Mexican site of Paquimé, or Casas Grande. However, this community existed from 1250 to 1450, well after the abandonment of Chaco Canyon, and could not have supplied these birds to Southwest communities prior to the 13th century, said Richard George, graduate student in anthropology, Penn State.

Historically, scarlet macaws lived from South America to eastern coastal Mexico and Guatemala, thousands of miles from the American Southwest. Previously, researchers thought that ancestral Puebloan people might have traveled to these natural breeding areas and brought birds back, but the logistics of transporting adolescent birds are difficult. None of the sites where these early macaw remains were found contained evidence of breeding—eggshells, pens or perches.

"We were interested in the prehistoric scarlet macaw population history and the impacts of human direct management," said George. "Especially any evidence for directed breeding or changes in the genetic diversity that could co-occur with different trade networks."

The researchers sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of 20 scarlet macaw specimens, but were only able to obtain full sequences from 14. They then directly radiocarbon-dated all 14 birds with complete or near complete genomes and found they fell between 900 and 1200 CE.

"We looked at the full mitochondrial genome of over 16,000 base pairs to understand the maternal relationships represented in the Chaco Canyon and Mimbres regions," said George.

[Image: 1-scarletmacaw.jpg]
Scarlet macaw (A.M. cyanoptera) walks on the ground. Credit: Lakdos
Mitochondrial DNA exists separate from the cell nucleus and is inherited directly from the mother. While nuclear DNA combines the DNA inherited from both parents, mitochondrial DNA can show direct lineage because all siblings have the same mtDNA as their mother, and she has the same mtDNA as her own siblings and mother, all the way back through their ancestry.

Scarlet macaws in Mexico and Central America have five haplogroups—genetically similar, but not identical mitochondrial DNA lines—and each haplogroup has a number of haplotypes containing identical DNA lines. The researchers found that their scarlet macaws were all from haplogroup 6 and that 71 percent of the birds shared one of four unique haplotypes. They report the results of this analysis today (Aug 13) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


The researchers found that the probability of obtaining 14 birds from the wild and having them all come from the same haplogroup, one that is small and isolated, was extremely small. A better explanation, especially because these specimens ranged over a 300-year period, is that all the birds came from the same breeding population and that this population existed somewhere in the American Southwest or northern Mexico.

"These birds all likely came from the same source, but we don't have any way to support that assumption without examining the full genome," said George. "However, the genetic results likely indicate some type of narrow breeding from a small founder population with little or no introgression or resupply."

However, no one has found macaw breeding evidence dating to the 900 to 1200 period in the American Southwest or northern Mexico.

"The next step will be to analyze macaws from other archaeological sites in Arizona and northern Mexico to narrow down the location of this early breeding colony," said Douglas Kennett, professor and head of anthropology, Penn State, and co-director or the project.

 Explore further: Scarlet macaw skeletons point to early emergence of Pueblo hierarchy (Update)

More information: Richard J. George el al., "Archaeogenomic evidence from the southwestern US points to a Pre-Hispanic scarlet macaw breeding colony," PNAS (2018).

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [Image: img-dot.gif] [Image: img-dot.gif]
Provided by: Pennsylvania State University [/url]

Read more at: [url=]
I already KNOW that FakeBoob and Giggle+ have me BANNED for auto-login.

So don't take it personal, try MeWe, Duck Duck go, &

While I trust this site of course, I no longer trust ANYTHING beyond Twitter.

These NEW Social Media places are growing.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
Glad I'm not in trouble here. It's been killing me to see what everyone here thinks about the new 'SPACE FORCE"
I'll be thumbing thru the threads here to see what our resident experts think.
I'm wondering if this isn't gonna be just what we have been waiting for....or if it will all be classified into less than we have now?
"I'm wondering if this isn't gonna be just what we have been waiting for....or if it will all be classified into less than we have now?"

Hi  Fs  -  just wondering What (really) we have been waiting for?  All the good stuff is classified and most of the rest is speculation, misinformation and rumor.

You know "if I told you that the truth behind alien Editsmily you wouldn't believe me anyway and my family will be maimed or killed" kind of argument mars all investigations since at least the Inquisition and probably dates pre-Celtic or earlier. 

The Space Force will face down the various angels, demons and other celestial phenomena, visions and visitors, real and digital, terrestrial or otherwise.   Doh

the space force -- sixth branch of the military

It is military priorities delaying NASA from getting humans to Mars.

key particulars in a quick handful


Quote:"it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. 
We must have American Hi  dominance in space."

I agree with that, 
American dominance in space.
A new branch of the military is a very expensive way of going about that.

Quote:NASA is developing concepts Hmm2

for an orbital "gateway" space station Whip 

circling the moon Stars 

that would serve as:   a base of  operations  Swordfight 
a technology testbed,
and a jumping off point for future flights into deep space.

{that would be a ... military base of operations} 

"The goal is sustainability," Bridenstine said. {new NASA administrator}

"We do not want this to be 'Lucy and the football' again. 
When we go to the moon, 
we're going, as the president said in his speech, 
this time we're going to stay. 
The gateway {station} gives us that great opportunity.

Bridenstine is pure DoD.

the counter point:
Quote:Terry Virts, 
a veteran shuttle astronaut and space station crew member, 
argued against building a gateway similar in concept to NASA's current space station.

"It essentially calls for building another orbital space station, 
a skill my colleagues and I have already demonstrated on the ISS," Virts said. 

"Gateway will only slow us down,
taking time and precious dollars away from the goal 
of returning to the lunar surface and eventually flying to Mars."

"Most importantly," he added, 

"any future exploration plan must be bipartisan. 
Unless these efforts are truly bipartisan, from the beginning, 
they will be doomed to eventual cancellation. 

You see, getting back to the moon and eventually to Mars,
does not depend on rocket science. 
It depends on political Naughty  science."

Space Force Songs

Also Sprache Zarathustra
Ride of The Valkyries
Star Wars Main Theme

FS, my own site is no longer 'recognized' by FakeBoob and Giiggle+, and EACH AND EVERY time I want to  log-in I MUST log in, and if I post a link to MY OWN SITE, it says it cannot be found.  It does not EXIST !!!

SCREW YOU ZIONUCKERBURGER ---- May a Rhino shove its horn up you arse !!!

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

Keith Cowling is a DEEP STATE Fake News 'Specialist' of the HIGHEST order.  Thwak Whip

He has been more vocal in the past about so many Martian and Lunar anomalies he's worst than Nicky CO2 Hoffman, and many others like him.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

Cowling the sheep  Sheep chicken shit he is deleted my comment on that posting.
Sorry Bob...I didn't know.
I'll delete that post...OK???
No NO NO do NOT delete that post here.

We would ZUCKING up to Zuckurburger level.

Just the Flat Fact I've responded HERE is okay by me.

ALL Hidden Mission users should READ that article and if interested, look up and try talking to Coward  Sheep Cowling and see FIRST HAND what an COMPLETE Pile of Poop That he REALLY is.

THAT is how Flat Fact vs Fake News is supposed to be handled.

I'd like to teach a class called EXACTLY that Flat Fact vs Fake News.

But, I don't think PSUC would allow it, and I am NOT EVER going to CCC again unless they put it news about my firing and issue an APOLOGY to me and the TAXPAYERS who paid for my unemployment benefits RIGHTLY earned.

I was teaching STEM before STEM was kewl and they fired me for it. PERIOD.

So no, do NOT delete it   Naughty       leave link there  PLEASE !!!

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
You got it!
It's a race now of sorts. Am I gonna tip over before we find that there really are remnants of an ancient Space station on the Moon (Ours) and vast ruins to be confirmed on Mars from an ancient colonization attempt...or am I to be treated to the truth as I have always known it to be just before I go?
We were there!
I kinda feel like the old man in the 'Mud Pits' in the movie 'The Ten Commandments'. Stabbed by an Egyptian, and dying, Moses holds his head out of the mud and he tells Moses he must die before his prayer is answered.
"What prayer is that old man"
"That before I die my eyes might behold our deliverer" Of course his prayer IS answered as Moses is to be their deliverer! But he died not knowing it!
But unlike the old man in the Mud Pit, I want to see the confirmation of my belief in our dynamic achievements of the past, and KNOW it was true.
We were on the moon before us ?

Dont think so... nothing we have found on earth to confirm this.
Bob...does your login problem date from when
I posted those Thomas Paine books?

If it does then it could be evidence that social media
has a system wide dragnet for terms like "Common Sense"
and anything else coined by The Founding Fathers.

THM is probably on a watch list anyway,
and the addition of what they have determined to be an
"extremist code word"...…

Ben Franklin proverbs may also be included......etc, etc.
I don't know for sure, it doesn't matter at the moment know anyway, from my perspective.  I filled out the RNC survey about Trump, and many spots were not just agree or not.  I left MANY details about the Space Force, Cydonia Quadrant only one map legend states "Origins : Enigmatic" from 1976 to 2005 with not even any "guesses".  Also done with PCH except for playing BlackJack occasionally hoping to find a Ace, King, or Queen.  It's a scam like so many other things.

Trump is pissed at Google because even HE cannot find ANY, not ONE single News Items when using that search engine.  Look for him to tackle the BIG Social media after his supreme Court pick is DONE and and ON the BENCH.

Then look for him not to give a flying frack about firing Mueler, Sessions, etc. Hopefully he'll also out 911, and issue executive order so that #2020CydoniaRover goes there, or it doesn't go.

There is a Civil War already going on within our country, I hope EVERYBODY already KNOWS this.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
(08-29-2018, 02:04 PM)letosvet Wrote: [ -> ]We were on the moon before us ?

Dont think so... nothing we have found on earth to confirm this.

Read about 'The Golden Flyers'
I just got through watching Ancient Aliens
… episode about these "Golden Fliers".

Hmm2 The flying tests of a scale model...  Damned