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Full Version: Wook's girlfriend called
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Nancy, Wook's significant other called a couple of days ago and Jan talked to her. Seems she had a tough time about the time of Wook's passing and had a stroke then as well, but is doing much better. Still dealing with his estate even now, but thinks it should all be cleared up before long. Hoping it comes out alright for her in the end.
Just for those of you who knew him, he being such a long time and integral piece of the puzzle here. Thought you might like to know the continuing saga as far as we have been alerted.
Gotta admit, there's days I feel like I may be next, but wife says it won't be in boat. She's making me sell it, but I'll be darned it she thinks that's gonna keep me out of the duck blind. I have friends who claim they'll have me there if it takes a wheelchair to get it done.......Ha!
Gerald's work on the martian blueberries  theorizing they were once biological is An Original Postulate.
I know there is an internet wayback machine but if proven TRUE which I suspect is likely... then I think the organism that may have created them should be Posthumously be named after Rannels' contribution.

fsb.may you never suffer a Ramp and fool them all.
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Wish Nancy the best.
Yes, please tell her I still keep Wook's thread alive with Mars stuff and fsb seems EA's plank looks like best hunting spot there ever could be. Angel

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
He lives in our memories and thoughts.   Mellow