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This section is for those who have their own and others' space imaging and assorted planetary or other anomalies and theories to present.
Life/water on Mars, Ruins on Mars, Apollo missions, Moon anomalies, Ancient civilizations, ghosts, UFOs, aliens, whatever floats your boat.

Feel free to show us what makes you go hmmm.. but be prepared to review and discuss it peacefully and reasonably.
This is a Chain Mail moderated section of the forum.
keith can you direct me to some good pics off Glas Domes on the Moon ?

thanx in advance

Here's one Steve Troy defines as a glass dome
Lol, I wouldn't define that as anything until I had higher resolution images!
well.. their theory and all...'
The man claimed that the pic was oddly blurred, as if there was some "stuff" between the objects on the moon and the camera...hmmm...could that "stuff" mean a substantial atmosphere...after all if there was a vacuum on the moon, the dirt particles would vacuum weld into a concrete-like mass and thus footprints would be next-to impossible if not impossible. Perhaps the wet sand-like soil is in fact wet sand!
Hello Mr. Laney.
Can I Play with DNA here?
...Of course in relation to Cydonia.
Yes Mr. EA, you are most definitely welcome to tinker about the bases..
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I have been away.

What happened to the "Apollo 20" video with the alleged ancient spacecraft?

Thank you

I have been away.

What happened to the "Apollo 20" video with the alleged ancient spacecraft?

Thank you

If I recall correctly it turned out to be a hoax.
Olav phillips is re-Tooling anomalies Net.

Keith...I bet he wishes he was YOU.
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[quote author="EA"]Olav phillips is re-Tooling anomalies Net.

Keith...I bet he wishes he was YOU.
Cheers Worship Brucelee

Bob... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/reefer.gif" alt=":uni:" title="reefer" />

I'm new to the site and i don't know if this thing has been brought up before. I found this site after reading Dark Mission, as the site was quoted there. Anyway, i was looking randomly at some of the pictures posted on the site, and i've noticed something weird. Here is a picture that is posted under Spirit Color Images -> custom color close ups:

There is this little rock on the right side, which does seem artificial. It has a quite perfectly round "bottom" with some rectangular hole in it and one of its visible sides is "shaven off", making it look like some instrument (don't know the name in english) for shaping materials like wood or something. Any comments about that? Does this seem artificial to you and how could "they" let a picture like that out, if there is something weird going on?

Btw. if you look at the central rock in the image, it looks quite symmetrical, although its not that obviously artificial. Both objects, in the center and on the right, seem to be made out of the same kind of "rock".
not sure, start a thread about itin the forum and more people will see it.

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Okay, here's what I found in the Rover file.

[Image: catsrover2bville.jpg]

Notice, the felines are all looking down the hill, at something

[Image: catswatchrov2bville.jpg]

not too distinct; but maybe it's somebody coming up the hill ?

a pride of felines and

[Image: marsWValleysnake.jpg]

a left-handed lady in a long green dress with short cropped black hair throwing a large (second!) rock at a huge snake about 2.5-3 times her height, in length.

Both in the Rover landscape.

Cool, eh?
What I notice in Mars photos is that people looking at them DON'T EXPECT to see any life at all.

I just tried to look at the photos with an open mind; and so, this is what I found.

Welcome to the THM chaiyah

Thank you, Bob. I bet there's a lot more to see.

Nice quiet place to show up to. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/herethere.gif" alt="Herethere" title="herethere" />

we have a pretty detailed thread on the Martian statue

Hey! This may already be elsewhere on this site, but I thought it was awful neat!

At they have an image of an avalanche in progress on Mars. It must be huge. The dust cloud looks enormous.

Here is the link:

Go look!

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Since it looks like he's wearing a jester's hat I call him the April Fool...

[Image: 04010901.jpg]

Link to full size ~2mb
thats some really cute artwork
Found something while snooping around in the Mounds In Cydonia region.
Full image (greyscale map projected), using the IASviewer.
Pixel : 18163,57004
Data : 82
Display : 140
To me, the "ruin" looks geometric and buried under alot of sand. If its a trick of light, well cant blame me for trying... But looks anomalous to say the least.
[Image: marsanomaly2.jpg]
[Image: marsanomaly3.jpg]
[Image: marsanomaly4.jpg]
[Image: marsanomaly5.jpg]
[Image: marsanomaly6.jpg]
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Ps, the waypoints are there for directional purposes only.
Sooooooo. anybody anybody?... =(
ok guess it didnt warrant an answer, so must of been tirck of light. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/dunno.gif" alt="Dunno" title="dunno" />
Hard to say what it is Gforce - interesting none-the-less.

Thank you Steve <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hi.gif" alt="Hi" title="hi" />
Worth following up if there are any other images, plus how big is that ?
No clue Dj sorry. Im not sure how to measure size in an IASviewer image. I left the pixel coordinates, as im told would help to find the image easier.
'If there is a way to measure the image, i'd love to know. I find many anomalous objects in alot of photos, and never know there size. =(
Thx for the reply.

From label file linked off the image page.
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