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Full Version: The Architects of Fear: A Portrait of Conservative Abusers
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The Authoritarian Personality is one term used to describe the Anti-Life Regime's endless strings of players-I wonder how many of them have suffered the types of parental abuses this writer details?

It was ringing off bells for me about the ones who donated millions of dollars to define 'marriage' in California last week- the individuals and the churches that were determined their people make the $$$ sacrifices so they couldn't be accused of manipulating the politics, thus jeopardizing their tax exempt status.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e21235.htm


The Architects of Fear:

“Family Values” Up Close under the Roof of Domestic Terror

By Craig Chalquist, PhD

If you keep on excusing, you eventually give your blessing to the slave camp, to cowardly force, to organized executioners, to the cynicism of great political monsters; you finally hand over your brothers. – Albert Camus

The ultimate error is the refusal to look evil in the face. – Rollo May

November 16, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse" -- These last eight years of the Bush Administration felt very familiar to me. I suspect the same is true for many survivors of the terrors and degradations of religiously sponsored child abuse. Nor are we ready to celebrate now that a promising new administration waits on the political horizon.

Five years after World War II ended, a group of scholars published a landmark analysis under the title The Authoritarian Personality. These scholars, who included Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Nevitt Stanford, Daniel Levinson, and Theodor Adorno, wanted to know how a progressive nation like Germany could be taken over by the barbarous Nazi Party. It was obvious that a small group of psychopaths could not have subverted established institutions unless their propaganda resonated deeply with a large sector of the German population. Further research laid bare the psychodynamics involved.

According to this research, people who favor authoritarian politics and succumb to reactionary rhetoric exhibit a consistent personality pattern of “antidemocratic tendencies and fascist potential.” In other words, they tend to share common psychological characteristics, including some or all of the following:

* An entrenched obsession with safety, security, and order.
* Rigidly absolutist “black-and-white” thinking (e.g., us against them).
* An overemphasis on “strength,” power, and control; a “might makes right” orientation.
* Authoritarian submission: a willingness to blindly obey the rules of authorities.
* Authoritarian aggression: an aggressive attitude towards individuals or groups disliked by the authorities; bullying individuals or groups perceived to threaten traditional values.
* A belief that negotiation, understanding, empathy, and compromise are weak.
* A belief in the need to punish those who do not follow rules to the letter.
* Scornful rejection of the subjective, imaginative, and aesthetic dimensions of life.
* Superstition, cliché-mongering, stereotyping, and fatalism.
* A belief in fixed, unalterable, and traditional roles for women.
* Secret insecurity when unable to live up to high standards imposed publicly on others.
* Identification with those in power, with excessive emphasis on posturing toughness.
* Destructiveness, cynicism, general hostility, and a habit of putting down perceived opponents.
* Projection: the tendency to see evil, exploitativeness, and danger in others instead of in oneself.
* An exaggerated concern with other people’s sexual activity.

The authors also found a very high correlation between possessing a number of these traits and demonstrating a consistent and malignant prejudice against out-groups.

I know these characteristics, having seen them up close throughout eighteen years of child abuse that left me scarred and my sister quasi-psychotic.

A Portrait of Conservative Abusers

I am adopted, and when the agency handed me over to my adoptive family, they did not suspect a potential for abuse.

Both my parents held college degrees and made a decent income. My mom managed a hospital laboratory, and my dad underwrote insurance after having served in the Navy. Both came from families that practiced a fundamentalist form of Lutheranism, and they were resolved that my sister and I should receive a Christian education. I still recall being shown films of the Saved vanishing from the planet as the damned went to hell. My parents were and are faithful Republicans who voted for Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, and McCain.

We know from studies of abusive families that abusers use terror to control family members. The scare tactics of the second Bush Administration are familiar to me from my upbringing and from six years of counseling work with male and female perpetrators of domestic violence. A primary goal of domestic terrorism is to implant in the victim a sense of utter helplessness in order to increase the victim’s psychological dependency on the perpetrator. In our home this included a level of constant fear so intense that I could hear my dad’s car from several blocks away as he drove home from work in the evening. I suffered from an ulcer at age 12; my sister was prone to dissociative episodes that made her speech and behavior erratic. My mom worked during the evenings we were maltreated and exercised the conservative prerogative of pretending that nothing was wrong even after she was beaten up on the weekends.

Perpetrators also paint the world in frightening colors and present themselves as strongman saviors who will “protect” the people they terrorize. As I write this, the tactic has passed over into extortion: a bail-out of banks presented as a necessity to prevent the economic collapse already apparent in the news.

Another tactic is to convince the victim that the terror and violence is for their own good. In my men’s groups, traditionally raised fathers often talked about instilling “respect” in their frightened children, but what they really meant was “fear.” They too had been terrorized as boys, and this time (so went their unconscious logic) they would sit in the driver’s seat. They would be the object of fear instead of its sad victim. The extreme of this dynamic is the sadomasochistic reality of torture: the externalized recreation of the unresolved pain of interior injury.

Hypocrisy is necessary to prolong abuse and fear. The “family values” I saw up close included being spit on and backhanded, watching my mother and sister being slapped around, having my hair pulled, being bounced off walls, and of course an unremitting stream of verbal abuse of a level of filth I won’t repeat here. My dad was careful to leave no visible marks, but on one occasion, when he drank too much beer and forgot to stand on my feet to keep me from running away, he chased me through our yard with a knife until I got safely away in the streets. The police were called but did not arrest him (they are better trained nowadays); as a result, I was pummeled and spat on for a week.

My sister was similarly mistreated, but in her case the relief she sought in religion led her into the arms of a church counselor who molested her throughout her childhood. The church elders ignored the evidence of this until several more girls came forward, at which time the pastor was defrocked for failing to report evidence of child abuse. The molester got off on a technicality. My sister grew up to be a crazy mother and chronic liar who has been vomiting herself to death for years despite decades of therapy—this time with a Christian counselor. When confronted my parents accepted no responsibility for any of this.

Are all conservatives abusers? No. But many who supported the prior administration’s psychopathic war on human and environmental rights demonstrate the red warning signs of the Authoritarian Personality. This makes them extremely dangerous, the more so when their rhetoric of patriotic fervor and Christian decency goes unchallenged. We Americans ought to have learned by now that the politician who hides behind such masks while pointing the finger and crying, “Associates with terrorists!” or “Extremist!” is merely projecting his own potential to terrorize and giving us a look at his own threatening extremism. Nor should any ecocidal candidate with a vested “religious” stake in the end of the world be allowed anywhere near a position of political power. Ever.

The Reign of Terror is Not Over Yet

When the Bush regime came to power, I was the only liberal I knew who felt no surprise whatsoever. The mass surveillance, the concentration camps, the endless war, the sacking of the national treasury, the destruction of the biosphere, the branding of opponents as unpatriotic: these onslaughts make perfect sense when viewed as outcomes of a perpetrator mentality. They are the historically expectable moves of authoritarians who view the world through the dark lenses of deep paranoia and unacknowledged rage. They give frantic speeches about protecting the family against gays and secularists; but who will protect our families from these architects of fear, whose real god is not gentle Jesus but impulsive, bloodthirsty Mars?

Given the level of my personal and professional education, I know that the “good father figure” of a newly elected president, although a welcome development for many reasons, will not usher in a brave bright day of protection and sanity, especially once all the savior projections wear off. The architects of fear will not hand President Obama the keys to the Oval Office and quietly disappear. I know how they think, and I know they will continue to scheme and deceive, smear and manipulate, fulminate and terrorize until they either take total control of what’s left of the Republic or end up behind bars.

Terrorizers, bullies, and perpetrators must be openly discredited and held firmly accountable for their actions; for once they are pardoned and appeased by those who are too fearful—or too implicated—to stand up to them, they will seize their advantage and strengthen their systems of stalking and intimidation until every last vestige of personal freedom disappears into the maw of their insatiable craving for power.


Craig Chalquist, MS PhDis a former domestic violence counselor, current graduate instructor, and co-editor of the forthcoming Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books, 2009). Professor Chalquist trains psychotherapists, oversees thesis and dissertation work, and teaches psychology, mythology, and ecopsychology on four Bay Area campuses.

He has been published in AlterNet, HopeDance Magazine, The Journal of Critical Psychology, Spring, Dream Network Journal, and Psychological Perspectives, has contributed to three anthologies, and has been interviewed on the radio (KUBO, Shrink Rap, The Meria Heller Show, University of Guelph Radio). His book Deep California: Images and Ironies of Cross and Sword Along El Camino Real (iUniverse, 2008) explores the lingering impact of empire psychology on the current inhabitants of California.
lengthy articles like the one above can be condensed: conservative abusers=ASSHOLES
Quote:lengthy articles like the one above can be condensed: conservative abusers=ASSHOLES

this one was totally worth the read for those of us who deal with concentrated conservatives of the beyond the generic asshole breed-they're serious, they're abusive and they're running too many shows of great consequence in our societies across this nation that is having deadly affects on everyone and thing. The ANTI-LIFE REGIME TRULY RESONATES WITH THEM... they're anti-LIFE, anti-HUMAN, anti-CREATION, anti-SOVEREIGN and are determined to make everyone else prescribe to their point of view...

how to effectively deal with them without being literally snuffed out is a big dilemma as the natural reaction is to either fight with them or to run and hide from them. They bring us all DOWN... no where to go but DOWN. And it's your kid's teacher-your co'worker, boss, neighbor, employee, customer... what the hell do you say when you're any of the above says in normal conversation 'Obama needs to be eradicated' ... or 'Bush has been the best president'?

When they assume that you're a 'treehugger' and assault you with that term-said like they're calling you a child raper? granny beater? :)

I split the comments off the post above so the length wasn't so intimidating it wouldn't get read-there is a serious backlash ready to blow-all the frustrations-all the need to blame anyone but the perps-they are ready to rumble because they are always ready to rumble against anything they deem a threat to their addictions-to bullying, being hive minded... it is really a narcissistic sociopathic society we are all trapped in.

How to break away and still make them pay for their own crimes against society and nature etc... Bush's latest scheme is to allow drilling at the ARCHES in Bryce Canyon Utah... only disrespect for the irreplaceable, the precious and ancient creations of the Creator...

here are the excellent comments to this article~~~~ I feel gratitude reading the article because it matches my own observations in the micro and the macro.


EXCELLENT RESPONSES-there are millions who do in fact resonate with the likes of the public faces that repel and horrify me as ones they respect and trust to keep them safe- how to deal with these 'Cruellians' as one counselor terms them when they vastly outnumber normal people in society? How to set them straight that there will be no more bullying and terrorizing allowed when you really can't reason with the unreasonable? When law enforcement, court and even Domestic Violence personnel are of the same ilk as the perps and adding another few layers to the abuse load? What are those who aren't and won't be abusers to do?

I have read and agree to comments policy as posted here

Gravatar You have to have come from the hell our author describes to really appreciate the oligarchs and their profound disconnect from humanity.

I celebrate and salute the author for having the extraordinary moral and personal courage to even attempt to overcome his family heritage.

To succeed at all is to earn the respect of everyone of conscience and compassion.

Thank you for the article and for your life.
bvc | 11.17.08 - 5:52 am | #

ROBERT R BROWNLEE | 11.17.08 - 6:36 am | #

Gravatar Just name me one true Christian in Bush's handlers den of theives or Obama's falks from Clinton era?It's Jews stupid.Stop bashing Christians--they are obtuse flock of goats.
one Example of many- Hillary Clinton is no Christian-that should tell you alot about America's mess.!
georgeA. | 11.17.08 - 6:48 am | #

Gravatar georgeA.

ROBERT R BROWNLEE | 11.17.08 - 7:25 am | #

Gravatar If you keep on excusing, you eventually give your blessing to the slave camp, to cowardly force, to organized executioners, to the cynicism of great political monsters; you finally hand over your brothers- Albert Camus

The ultimate error is the refusal to look evil in the face- Rollo May

They give frantic speeches about protecting the family against gays and secularists, but who will protect our families from the architects of fear, whose real god is not gentle Jesus but impulsive, bloodthirsty Mars?- Craig Chalquist

It's been my experience that the degree to which I'm willing to excuse dishonesty is the same degree to which I'm willing to excuse evil. Now, just because I believe honesty is needed for people to interact on a healthy level doesn't authorize me to go an a hunting expedition for my villain (dishonesty) of choice. Indeed, that kind of hunting expedition would be over as soon as it had begun; that is, I would have to lie to myself in order to believe I'm qualified to pull the trigger on the next person.

In the profile provided with this article, Craig seems to be the kind of person I would like to admire: an engaged, responsible, caring individual. These are good qualities -- the kind of qualities we should all pray to have. It's wonderful to think we can have a bond of accountability with someone having these qualities. That's why I recommend Jesus. He's the only One I know of Who backs up His recommendations with a perfect track record. He offers a community built on honesty.

One more thing, the bible writer John tells us that Jesus is help from above. The One Who gives us existence knows that we need help and so He procreated a child in His own image Who perfectly communicates His intentions toward us. Our part of the transaction is to admit we need the help.

1 John 1:5-10 -- "This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us."

Jesus gives us a door through which we can get back on the strait and narrow way of honesty. We no longer have to dodge from the reality of our own messed up track record. And we can stop making that track record worse, beginning right now.

Why shouldn't the One who gave us life be able to intercede in our affairs? He can and He does and He will again. Naturally, though, if Jesus (a perfect man) experienced the brunt of dishonesty's rage, those (imperfect people) who testify to the truth about Jesus will experience the same.

The real Jesus is coming soon according to the real plan.
Think for your own self | 11.17.08 - 8:08 am | #

Gravatar Craig,

Your brave stance, and attempt to overcome the embarrassments of openly sharing your experience of the abuse that you were subjected to, is an example for all others whom have been there, and suffered the abuse,at the hand of their abuser, and yet are further subjected to sufferance through their silence that gnaws away at their souls, and humanity.

Alas, your assessments are bang to right, and cannot be argued with, which is an indictment of our failed societies that accepts the abusers to be pious, and altruistic.

The cries of "baby killer" is not to protect the unborn, but to stop people from having sex. Fact is the unborn is seen as the punishment for those whom have indulged in any manner of sex other than the prescribed missionary style within the wedlock, which is seen as the penance for having fun.

Fun is the element of envy that enrages these so called conservatives, whose bitterness and hopelessness has transcended their humanity, and given birth to these monsters, whom are then celebrated within our failed societies as the stalwarts of our "values", and "traditions".

Craig, I can understand that you may not be surprised at the extent of corruption, and criminality and ill intentions of the current batch of bible thumping, freedom lovin, free marketeers, whose reign of terror, and stealth culling of large swathes of humanity, has come to be accepted as the only way that our systems can function. However, I am certain that you too, are in fact in despair that cannot be described, at the thoughts of how come we have been manipulated to arrive at such dark times, whilst our science and technology could have been put to so many better uses?

Sadly the cycle of abuse is perpetuated to levels of an almost pandemic infection of the sane souls, through relentless promotion of "our", "value system" that is so much in the vogue, for anyone subscribing to any dogma, has already forfeited; sense, reason, and logic.
Anonymous | 11.17.08 - 8:16 am | #

ROBERT R BROWNLEE | 11.17.08 - 8:33 am | #

Gravatar ABC News Exclusive About Usama Bin Laden Election Message Is Baloney

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

the main Al Qaeda website (Al Hesbah) which announces As-Sahab produced video or audio messages from Usama bin Laden was knocked offline weeks ago by unknown Shi'a jihadist hackers. 1484

`These Dangerous Times` 9760
Alister J. | 11.17.08 - 8:55 am | #

Gravatar The writer lived in hell. Myself? I grew up in the 60's. Parents beat the hell out of their children with no remorse. My parents were idiots. My father had a college degree. (Guess education doesn't mean shit.) My older sister tried to commit suicide at 17. I found here with empty pill bottles next to her. I saved her life. All because of parental abuse. I look back on those bad old days. And wonder what the hell my parents were thinking?
Horus Isis | 11.17.08 - 10:59 am | #

Gravatar You ain't seen nothing yet! Just use books to look back at what happened to family life in America during the Great Depression. It fell apart, and so did cultural morality, for lack of a better term.
What happens to family life, conceived and established in a time of plenty, when the cupboard is bare?
Reduced circumstances present a great challenge to conventional family structures, as we picture them here in the good old USA.
And in the age of computers, moving to another state and starting over is not a practical plan.
Mooser | 11.17.08 - 11:52 am | #

Gravatar I grew up in the 60's.

Apart from college students, most true "hippies" were late adolescents who were forcefully emancipated, either by conflict or economics.
Mooser | 11.17.08 - 11:55 am | #

Gravatar Terrorizers, bullies, and perpetrators must be openly discredited and held firmly accountable for their actions

So, tell us Craig, how did you handle your Dad? Did he get his in the end? You never tell us.
Mooser | 11.17.08 - 12:10 pm | #

Gravatar If one thinks of people as described here as having a belief system that protects them from remembering their own abuse/neglect, a pain they do not want to visit, and that this belief system must be maintained at all costs, then we get a glimpse of someone who does NOT have a self- observing part of their mind that can evaluate their beliefs and behaviors.
We make the mistake of assuming they do have a self-observing part we can talk to and are mystified when this does not happen. Abusers need to be gently contained, offered therapy, but never to be reasoned with.
Fred Clark | 11.17.08 - 12:32 pm | #

Gravatar Indeed, Fred, what can be said to someone in a self-sustaining loop of denial? I guess the best we can do is to make sure we can trust the mechanism whereby we determine who has a self-observing part and who doesn't. How do you suggest we begin the process?
Think for your own self | 11.17.08 - 12:57 pm | #

Gravatar I agree with you! We need to stop them. How? is the question.
Even if it is possible that our elected officials gave the bail out money with the belief that those that have caused the downward spiriling while feasting on our hide will fix the system...surely they cannot believe it after the last senate meeting with them....."We are going to give ourselves bonuses but not with the money we took from the government." Kind of like AIG..and the banquet....
So, we should begin to make a list:
All senators that are willing to give money without investigation, iron clad guarantees and say so in the businesses we are bailling out...should not be considered smart enough, or caring enough or honest enough to be elected officals -- and voted or criminalized out.
Oh and like all common criminals their money should be returned. All the executives that ran companies into the ground while collecting bonuses under falsefied books should be ousted from their positions.
All moneies lent and agencies monitored by the government should become transparent enough so that we can monitor the monitors and know that investments we are sold as safe are safe. We have had has not worked, we need transparency.

(Obama first promised transparency and then interchanged it for oversight)
In addition I would like to add, that in my opinion we need to restructure society and the underlying attitudes that motivate our society to heights of competitiveness instead of humaness.

I do also agree with you: the bullies are just waiting in the wings for they have no reason to believe that we will beable to stand up for ourselves. Therefore, once again..the question is what to do? and how to do it?.
ellie | 11.17.08 - 2:04 pm | #

Gravatar Abusers are addicted to power. Whatever we do, we don't want to become power junkies ourselves. The best we can do is stand on the truth.
Think for your own self | 11.17.08 - 3:11 pm | #