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Full Version: Photosynth
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Ok I posted this in another thread. Been meaning to post it for a couple days now.

Just recently Microsoft came out with a program that takes pictures and fits them together automatically, basically it would be used to make almost 3d like pictures because you can rotate around the objects etc if you have pictures doing that, but in this case it could be used to fit all the mars surface pictures together, and these can be pictures from different angles distances resolutions etc, it fits them together using basic shapes in the pictures themselves and mars has plenty of distinguishing features it could lock onto. Well after fiting them together, they are all basically aranged so you can click on one inside of another picture and go to that other picture, in other words they are all arranged so you can navigate them like in an environment almost. Its not that great when it comes to actual 3d, but for linking pictures, this program would certainly be very useful, plus at the moment, it all gets instantly published to the web once its done. One other thing it does, is take specific points from each picture and use them to create a point map of an object if there is enough then the object will be at least recognizable. Imagine being able to track through one of the rovers entire path's across Mars! or for that matter the moon landing!
I have been meaning to post a thread on this.

ok website!