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Full Version: Shuttin Detroit Down
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Looks like Detroit's been shut down for a while. sigh

all those people in tents-where are they now in cold winter?

and their sleazy mayor-at the bottom of an astrological chart is the 4th house-representing: home, foundations, mother-classically ruled by the sign of Cancer a cardinal water sign-the sign that rules the birthdate of July 4th- America's Cancer Sun. And a horrible cancer has overtaken Detroit. A long time ago they've been sould out by those 'bankers on Wall Street'...

Astrologically planets move by transit or progression counterclockwise-with the 4th house being the BOTTOM-so it is only upwards the move goes now-through the 5th house of games and creative and romantic acts-like this song for instance.

then the 6th house-house of service to others ruled by Virgo-5th house ruled by LEO-leo can't take the indignity of living in tents. Fixed Fire doesn't like this kind of slavery and injustice. Very creative and dramatic Leonine actions will be found that are appropriate to this situation.
Time for all of us to stop paying income taxes en-masse! Then, en-masse we disarm and put under
Citizens' arrest any pigs, feds and blackwater thugs that come after us for refusing to pay our tribute!

Now Blackwater calls itself "Xe" but they are still the same ZigZog Zionist scum without honor or
dignity! In Katrina, some good Cajuns bagged a few!

Cheers Brucelee Pinkelephant <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />

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And I STILL have to pay $2.00 for gas? Unless the "Detroit/Oil Cartel" splits apart and makes it $4.99 9/10 a gallon for gas if they don't.

If this technology has been so APTLY and WORKABLE fix for our "enegry needs"...why do we still have nuclear, coil, oil, natural gas power plants?

Because the MEANSTREAM MEDIA and the "Military Industrial Complex", The NWO, THE CABAL, etc...


Send all those laid off car workers and thier unions and politicians, car makers, local car dealers these videos.

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