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Full Version: Question about creating a web page
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Does anybody around here know what software I would need to create a web page that can dispaly animation?

Microsoft word, which is what I use, allows you to insert a gif, but it only inserts the first frame of the gif which really defeats the purpose... In other words, no animation, just a still image.

Even though I see these animations all over the place on other's websites, I can't seem to find the answer to this problem on google.

Thanx in advance...
Well I dont know all that much, but typically I have seen Java used to deal with animations.
If the animated gif is stored on your server (or elsewhere on the net that you can link to), you should be able to just use an image link to it to get it to appear on the webpage as it should, the same as if you were linking to any other kind of image.
Thanks... some friends recommended MS Frontpage and that works!
If you need more then Dreamweaver has things like animation time lines and "plug and play" functionality that you can drop in.