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Full Version: The (Reagan) Revolution that killed society
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The Revolution That
Killed Society
Jim Kirwan

There was a War back in the Twentieth Century that murdered this society. It was for all intents and purposes a nearly unseen, but devastatingly cruel war that went almost unnoticed. It was initiated by Ronald Reagan; the public called it "The Reagan Revolution," and it trashed the society by taking over almost all of the publicly owned services which the public had created to serve the community-and not to simply make tons of money.

Any society worthy of the name creates services for its citizens, both in public services that traditionally provide for everyday welfare, and in order to give something back to the taxpaying public, for all that government routinely takes from people every day.

Then along came Ronnie who preached about the evils of government ownership of anything at all. His credo amounted to claiming that every public service ought to become a privately owned cash register that answered to the needs of private-enterprise over public services: but most especially to the bottom-line of those corporations that needed to show mega-profits for their new "investors." So a formula was created that went like this: Private investors would form private corporations that would put up about ten percent of what the public had created for themselves and of what the publicly owned services were worth-in exchange-these private corporations would then own the public's property and their business to create their private profits, which the public could cash-in on, by buying stocks in the newly created and very private corporations! Bascially selling us back shares in what we already owned!

In California; Pacific Gas & Electric was one of the victims of this fraud. Before it was allowed to be privatized PG& E was a blue-ribbon stock that paid solidly, year in and year out: not huge dividends, but their stock was a sound and long-term investment that was respected and dependable. After Prop F was allowed to steal PG& E, to take it private, PG & E became involved in the Enron collapse that cost the people of California $18 billion.

The Regan Revolution went much further than to just corrupt previously publicly owned companies: they mandated that every service that had begun with ownership by the public needed to be privatized; because only the private corporate-world could make money with things like public services, that up until then had been "a drain" on the public purse. 'Privatization would bring an economic windfall from the drudgery and incompetence of publicly owned services. The justification by the Regan Revolution was that Everything Must Earn a Profit, or it should be terminated: The entire idea of society providing anything for its citizens was heresy to any True-Capitalist.

The result was 'The Revolution That Killed Society'. Everything from the buses and the trains, to electricity, natural gas and heating oil, public hospitals, and public health: indeed everything except possibly firefighters and police have been privatized: and now even those two "services" are experimenting with the idea of privatization as well.

The Post Office was one of the strangest hybrids in this war; having become a part of both the government agency and private industry, it is now being strangled from both sides and it too will soon be eliminated, because of Reagan's Revolution.

"A rallying cry can be heard across the country, from the swanky streets of New York's SoHo to the tiny town of Randolph, Kan.: "Save our post office!"
As the United States Postal Service, weighed down by a crippling multibillion-dollar deficit, shrinks its operations, post offices across the country are on the chopping block. Each year, hundreds of postal operations shutter, but this coming fall could be the single biggest consolidation in Postal Service history.
Over the next three months, more than 3,200 post offices and retail outlets -- out of 34,000 -- will be reviewed for possible closure or consolidation.

Tell us: Should the Postal Service be shutting thousands of offices?
Downsizing is a business imperative, says Linda Welch, acting vice president of delivery and post office operations at the Postal Service. "Revenues have declined, and mail volume continues to decline," she says. "Not only have e-mail and electronic bill paying made for a skinnier mail stream, but the recession has caused a sharp pullback in advertising mail that has hurt the Postal Service even more. In March, Postmaster General John Potter asked Congress for the right to reduce the mail week from six days to five, for a savings of $3.5 billion. Shutting down post offices will have similar cost-saving effects. And most Americans say they're OK with the cutbacks, as long as they don't have to pay more to send mail. A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that more Americans would rather the Postal Service curtail services than seek a bailout or raise stamp prices." (1)

But as usual that's not the whole story. The privatized side of the Post Office was able to sell off the profitable side of its publicly owned services in the Post Office, to other corporations, leaving the US Postal Service looking like the dumbest kid in the public-sector block-rather like the public agency that could no longer even make change for a dollar. So, the solution is obvious: 'The Post Office must go!"

Regan's Revolution killed-off the public's ability to cope with times like these. When public services did not depend on the overriding need to make large private profits, the services could be maintained. That's why the public created them in the first place, so that people could get around, get to their jobs, see a doctor, or appeal for help to any number of government investigators ­ without having to choose between eating and paying the rent.

In a Depression, like this one, fares could be kept down so that people could make what little money they have go further. If there were still public medical services that were not riddled with privatized costs and privatized bean-counters that are not medical personnel ­ then staying well might not be nearly as difficult as it is today. But in instance after instance what was once public has now definitely been privatized.

In San Francisco this same mentality was contrived to try to privatize the San Francisco Free Public Library and turn it into a Petri-dish for privatization and development of the computer revolution. This was a concerted effort by private entities to destroy a public institution which corporate elitists had envisioned as the replacement institution for all the books, information and all other antiquated remnants of the last several hundred years. However, because the public rebelled: They failed! (2)

However the Regan Revolution succeed in co-opting the public's real interest in maintaining public services for the public; by theoretically offering those with a 401K the chance to get rich quick, by "owning" every part of the society and 'by assisting the Revolution in getting rid of all that government waste in the process.' The problem was and is that the moronic public with its truncated vision concerning what is beneficial for their longer-term survival, bought the whole bottle of Snake-Oil that Elmer-Gantry Reagan was selling-hook, line and sinker.

So by the time Bush Senior and Clinton had finished cleaning out all the laws that prohibited the very things that are happening throughout the financial and economic worlds of today: The path had been cleared for Bush Junior and his Dictatorship to finish cleaning out whatever concerns might still be lingering around the societies need to provide anything at all for its citizens.

And then of course we now have Obamageddon who has taken lying and deceit to whole new levels of corruption and hypocrisy. The statements by Barack Hussein Obama, in this video, that were made long before the Attack on Gaza took place; are enough in themselves to impeach Obama and charge him with TREASON. He swears herein, in his own words, to protect and defend Israel no matter the cost, and to do this he is pledging US tax dollars to a country that has attacked us in the past (its attempt to sink USS Liberty), and the Jonathon Pollard Spy Scandal, as well as having committed other acts of assassination and political intrigues designed to undermine US polices and to kill US troops, such as in the killing of 242 US Marines in Beirut, on Reagan's watch. (The footprint left by the bombs used in Beirut and in Lebanon to assassinate the popular leader there was blamed on Syria at the time, but never proven: what was proven was that these bombs, and the ones used on other barracks were identical)/ It was later discovered that because of the sophistication of these bombs, they could only have been made in Israel. Of course all of this information, which came out after the Lebanon assassination, has now been scrubbed from the web.

In this video Obama uses extreme oxymoron's to justify the racist Zionist positions that Israel has now embraced. Herein Obama continually claims under 'Israel's' artificially-crafted "right-to-exist", that Israel's right to self-determination is supreme, while at same time denying the rights of the Palestinians to that same "right-to-exist" in what has been their own homeland for thousands of years. Obamageddon is doing this from the podium of AIPAC, which is the unregistered political agent of a foreign power; whose purposes run counter to those of the people of the United States.

Here Obama has made clear that in his zeal to support Israel (right -or-wrong); he is also willing to commit Treason to pacify the Zionist agenda - which is something that, after his first six months in office, we can now see he has done: REPEATEDLY, to the detriment of the United States at the very-deep expense to our own people that are not just suffering but dying in the streets of this country.

Further Obamageddon restates his opposition to the freely elected political leadership in Palestine, which he brands as terrorists - while supporting the Zionist state that came to power through blackmail and terrorism and which can hold onto power only by intimidation, internationally-outlawed-aggression, torture, and murder.

Israel has gone from a "state" that asked for "space" inside a land that was occupied by others, to becoming a racially exclusive state for Zionists only: where anyone other than Zionists are not just excluded from politics but will be prosecuted or killed, under the terms of the current ultra-hardline-leadership in Tel Aviv. After beginning with a victim's plea for a place of their own, inside the homeland of others, Israel is now demanding that all those who let them in, should be exterminated wherever their former hosts might now be trying to continue to exist.

And finally Obama confirms (in absolute contravention of international agreements) that Jerusalem (once the defacto capital of three religions) should now become the sole ideological religious capital of Israel wherein all others shall be banned (including Christians). Listen to candidate Obama tell the world that he believes in breaking with the International laws, that have already been shattered on all sides, to grant massive exceptions to the Outlawed and banished tribe of Zionism; anywhere and everywhere that the Zionists choose to claim their special exemption from the laws of the international community of nations, as well as from all the other rules that apply to other religions and to other people on this planet.

These are not the words of a sane person or of a loyal American - these are the words of a US dictator who has clearly become a Traitor to America and a traitor to American ideals of fairness or justice anywhere else in the world. Not only should Obama never have been selected to lead this nation: he should be impeached and imprisoned based on his own statements in this tape, along with his many other shattered promises to the people that he swore to protect and defend from foreign-criminal-enemies, such as the Zionists that now absolutely rule Israel, which this video so clearly illustrates.

Watch the video in the attachment, and decide for yourselves if these are the words of an American leader or are they the words of an indoctrinated agent of a foreign power. This is really the only question that needs to be clearly understood, if Americans are to ever question all the rest of the criminality being initiated now by this criminally-deceptive and global shadow government that seeks to rule us all! (3)

It's interesting that so far the only real 'Revolutionary Wars' have come from inside the government against the people of this nation. When will it be time for us to answer these very real attacks upon our dreams and hopes, as well as our very lives? ... osing.aspx

2) High Tech Barbarians at the Gates ... /art27.htm

3) Senator Barack Obama ... _12181.asp

Rot in Hell, Ronald bin Reagan, you ZigZog Zionist-loving scum!
i recently made a comment about ronnies ineptitude only to have a teenager look at me as though i was the stupidest person alive and politely in form me that ronnie was "the best president this country ever had" <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lmao.gif" alt="Lmao" title="lmao" />
I had this toothless asshole from Texas tell me yesterday 'Reagan was a pretty good president and at least BUSH JR WORKED FOR A LIVING BEFORE HE GOT INTO POLITICS!' unlike-you know-that liberal...

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