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Full Version: here are some art sites I'm exploring
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art life west and she has a really good blog too-
this site segued off of the top one-vintage photos ... 19315.html

this is called 'dogs and an elephant'... lol people and their dogs.

too bad this one of the Boston with hat and pipe is so blurry

[Image: scan0010.jpg]

here's a good action shot

[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]
hahahah Flapper weddings- ... 04819.html

[Image: 124432894_77cd1461b2.jpg]

probably more like a teens wedding pic

[Image: 117795463_0062b3309f.jpg]

Having done home care for quite a few of the Flapper generation's babies-then in their 80s... I got to see a lot of the cutest Flapper wedding pictures-and noticed they used a lot of streaming satin ribbons in their bouquets which intrigued me that that hasn't been done again... nice touch to a floral display. Most of the Flapper brides had very assured looks on their faces, very confidant.

here's one good example of the ribbon bouquet

[Image: 117797646_ecc746e7f5.jpg]