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Full Version: "Dead Peasant" life insurance that pays your EMPLOYER?
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Employers taking out life insurance policies on their employees without them even knowing it? and if they die -AND I WOULD FIND ANY DEATH WHERE SOMEONE BENEFITS TO BE A SUSPICIOUS DEATH! pays out to the EMPLOYER? even if the deceased is no longer working for that employer?
Wish You Were Dead?

By ABC News

Michael Moore's Expose of 'Dead Peasant' Insurance Policies Too Shocking Even for Good Morning America to Ignore.

From diarist alien abductee DailyKos: "Michael Moore's Capitalism, A Love Story has revealed a deep dark secret to the intrepid reporters of ABC News - so-called Dead Peasant Insurance, the practice of companies taking out secret life insurance policies on their low-level employees, with the benefits paid out to the company upon the employee's death, even if they no longer work at the company."

Posted October 03, 2009

[video:2kl80icv][/video:2kl80icv] ... r_embedded

they didn't say how a person can find out if there's been a policy put out on you or your deceased-spouse-let's say... I'd like to know if say... all these bankers killing themselves, any of those microbiologists that have died in always suspicious ways-HAD LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES ON THEM... dead peasants indeed!