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Full Version: The "BioField" for Architecture and Agriculture Dan Winter
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Dan Winter Lecture Video.

pretty interesting

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You must have a better internet connection than me - I am on a cable modem and his talk halted about every 10 seconds for 20 seconds in between halts so I finally gave up. Too bad, because it DID sound interesting!
yeah, I do have an extremely fast connect..
of course his could have been a little slower due to me posting the link to it, and it having been emailed to all Dan's subscribers.

Try again, it IS interesting

it's like feng shui on steroids

Besides that, Dan's a pretty entertaining and informative speaker- very mad scientist + college professor type
I'll try again this weekend. I would love to have the skills to build all those curves into my house in Arkansas! The last house I had built had several large curved walls and a curved staircase - one of the reasons I picked that house plan. I watched the carpenter build the wooden banister by hand and was so impressed with his craftsmanship. The curved drywall was tricky, too and I can't remember how they did it. The molding they had to cut into tiny pieces to fit around the curves.
I think this was my favorite house plan - the Reflected Spiral:

Ground Floor:
[Image: reflectedspiral1stFloor.jpg]

Second Floor:
[Image: reflectedspiral2ndFloor.jpg]
Quote:I am on a cable modem and his talk halted about every 10 seconds for 20 seconds in between halts so I finally gave up

I have high speed hookup, and had similar things happen.
What happened to you
happened to me the other day on links Wook posted on Obama.
It is purposeful intermittent internet interference IMO.
but the link seems to work now.
I will look at it with time later as well.
the house design is quite interesting.

Anybody else have any video download problems in the last few days?
The reason for the intermittant video is due to ping alot of the time.

Try this site:
It will tell you the timing between your computer and the website, as well as the route the info takes to get there.