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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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Nope...can't see any flaming hearts......

Probably because I live in a rogue state
and therefore I'm always overcome by the vapors......
resulting in the following type stuff......

[Image: Mand23.jpg]

Look in the long "banner" at the bottom of my last post.
There should at least be 4 heart forms as a curvilinear heart perimeter at the least {forget the flaming aspect}.
If you don't see them now, then I know it is more my own imagination.
And so I need to know that, to be more defined in finding grid replication for forms.

So this time a trip away from all the hexes and pentagons, and enneagons ... 
and an attempt at a artistic fantasy sci fi scene, 
or a setting from the astral travels of Dr. Strange adventure comics.
I could set it in a larger black background with stars and galaxies and such ....
That is exclusive work I did around the perimeter of the overall object. 
I will try a geometry sometime soon.

large image

[Image: S6rftsB.jpg]

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth,
I fear you have fallen under the
spell of Siseneg...
for in truth I can see no flaming hearts...
only black robed figures
aligned before
that...THAT THING!!!

lol, OK, no hearts.

Some of quaternion fractals have that syntho-metallic sheen to the surface of the fractals,
and you had some of that in your last image.
On the very left side of your last image you see dynamic releif perspective,
along the left side of the scaley vertical snake like body section.
A little more open space to the left of that would have helped grid replication options.
here is some of the quaternion syntho metallic sheen material
[Image: Vqm15.jpg]
Yes, and I imagine the metal effect might arise from
palettes not usually associated with a mirror finish...
like the way copper has basically the same colors as cream of tomato soup.
Your Dr. Strange /scifi scene is like The Magic Theater in Hesse's Steppenwolf.
This is quite plain but I was just trying out some arcane parameters......

[Image: Gnarlytest3.jpg]
Here's that Faberge egg quaternion that shows the symmetric entrance 
into what can be an increasingly chaotic interior......

 [Image: Faberge1.jpg]

A Shape Shifter in the center interior there of your image,
in liquidic reassembly mode after the quaternion egg transport pod 
has traveled across the galaxy.
Fun stuff.

4D ? quaternion

[Image: 5655876955_fc05e414f0_b.jpg]

this is nice as well

[Image: shell-life-med.jpg]
Yeah...I'm pretty sure I also posted a copy of that last image above a long time ago,
but are you sure that's a quaternion?
Certain parts look from a Mand3D,
but actually I'm not even sure if
that would be just another quaternion derivative of some sort......

I did find an old quaternion interior shot...

[Image: THOT4.jpg]

...but I forgot how I did that.
Even experimenting today leaves it unclear,
since no apparent regions are so twisting dragons.
There is a the cusp of the moment...
possibly to the very foundations of what we "know" to be reality...
posed by the phenomenon of ..."stochastic resonance".

As I understand it...with the vaguest of comprehension...
the so-called "butterfly effect" is both induced and amplified
by an EXTERIOR strange attractor wave
resonating with a hitherto unsuspected
property in a quiescent surrounding medium.
In other words,
even mathematics may not be impervious
to the laws of nature.

[Image: crowley_aleister13_med.jpg]

stochastic --- resonance

Quote:randomly determined; a random variable

having a random probability distribution or pattern
that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.

well maybe that is why Pi and the square roots all have endless random decimal patterning.
the fractions have defined replicating decimal patterns.

Maths and physics formulas basically converge to the exactness of deisred data forecasting into results.

No matter how precise a space mission flight path is desigend for a craft or probe to another planet,
invariably at some point along the way closer to arrival to the destination,
the flight path alterations are instituted for more precise approach to that destination.

Close enough is good enough, to stop and realign the mathematics of flight paths at that point,
for the fianl approach vectors.

In essence ancient man did the same thing with phi progressions and pi fractions.
As history unfolded, the mathematics got better and better.
Pi could be realigned in FRACTIONS 
from 3.14166666 to 3.1416 to 3.14159292 to 10 decimal pi placement fractions. {417392 / 132860}.

The disconnect between random decimals in Pi and square roots,
and the actual fractions with precise replicating decimals,
may be a mild symptom of what you call stochastic resonance.

Convergence Dynamics in harmonic code number systems works.

This wiki is  a little more to what I was thinking......

"Stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon where a signal that is normally too weak to be detected by a sensor, can be boosted by adding white noise to the signal, which contains a wide spectrum of frequencies. The frequencies in the white noise corresponding to the original signal's frequencies will resonate with each other, amplifying the original signal while not amplifying the rest of the white noise (thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio which makes the original signal more prominent). Further, the added white noise can be enough to be detectable by the sensor, which can then filter it out to effectively detect the original, previously undetectable signal.

This phenomenon of boosting undetectable signals by resonating with added white noise extends to many other systems, whether electromagnetic, physical or biological, and is an area of intense research."

I suppose conceivably that  a person might fall asleep after station sign-off while watching a broadcast on an old type analog TV.
The white noise might resonate with any dreams,
thus amplifying any visual content...
much like Google Deep Dream.
[Image: 812361.jpg]

Lol  is that the google deep dream stuff?

man ... not in my dreams!

like a demerol withdrawal symptom ...

I had nightmares coming off just a few days of demerol for pain once.

It was a Utah mutalist named Parkinson that did a series of paintings in the 30s of the DT's.
He was a severe alcoholic. 
Sword battles with jitter critter spiders and such, I sold one of his paintings on ebay a decade ago.

so I don't get it with the deep dream imaging ... 
you just submit any image? ... or photo ..?
and they just monkey see monkey foo with it?   Dunno

Surrealism had it's place in a different fashion for it's own time.

Even the ancient art had it's share of dream overlay.
Ancient Moche warrior in fine line dream vision.

[Image: x4f7dKT.jpg]

.... this page...
You have to install this "Virtual Box" software   which makes your own computer
part of a distributed network which is then used to process
(if I'm reading right) all the photos being submitted to this site.

I'm too leery to try it out, so I was kind of hoping
EA would volunteer to be guinea pig. Ninja
Yep EA will love to do that. ;)
Every time I peek in at this thread the first thing that comes to mind is Donald Sutherland's paint shells in Kelly's Heros'

"They make pretty pictures. Scares the Hell out of people"
[Image: Pretty%20pictures.jpeg]
FSB......I've seen Kelly's Heroes a few times but I don't remember any paint shells.
I'll have to check it out again......
Deep Dreamer software... $15
MAC only on this beta version, though, so far......

One feature is that it will process and animate still shots or movie clips !!!
I finally gotten a "quaternion sphere" to function right.
This is a basic sphere, OK?

No big deal. right

[Image: QuaternionSphereInviTest.jpg]

This next a zoom into one of the cross-hatches on the sphere...with an inversion transformation

[Image: QuaternionSphereInv1_1.jpg]

The next image is the previous inversion with a Riemann Zeta function and Perlin FBM (fractal Brownian motion) transformations

 [Image: QuaternionSphereInv2_1.jpg]

And finally, the last image is the previous with a further gnarly transformation applied......

[Image: QuaternionSphereInv2_1.jpg]

[Image: QuaternionSphereInv3_1.jpg]
That's what I thought, too, Wook......
Can you delete that duplicate image...
I couldn't do it.
I can't edit your post because of format
you should be able use edit function to fix
or we will see if Keith can fix problem.
Wook......I got that image reduced to just a dot.

I finally got some camera work in down in the canyon.

This is from a one ton diopside nephrite jade boulder.

Now, I remember that you couldn't see the "flaming hearts" much to my dismay,
so this is a test for visual interpretation.

I was going to call this Diopside Nephrite Jade Shaman.
It could also be construed to have oriental iconographic orientations.

Do you see the Shaman standing there on top of the large central diamond shape?
He would have his legs spread across the top of the diamond shaped area.
If you see him and his stylized head,
look directly above his head,
and if you can catch the reverse imagery as upright,
there will be a flatter faced ... almost cat faced female right there with a crown on her head.
Do you see any of it, 
or is it all just my visual interpretive .... deep dream ... ?

large image

[Image: 66IvBYy.jpg]


Yes...I see above the shaman eidolon there extends upwards a series of feline faces.

So I don't think you're headed for that place out in the know...
...where "those people" go
for their own good
when they have deep dream syndrome.

Speaking of which,
I was searching/deep dream fractal zoom
and found one over 40 min...

It's got really bad music with it
but the images generated out
of a center zoom point are endless
and smoothly rendered.

Check this one out...

This one is equally fascinating...
[Image: BenesiMagxyz14.jpg]

on your images,
your programmed formula must encompass an infinite field of array there,
but the limitation is then a snapshot of that small amount of square pixels, ie 800 by 1200 as an example.
Is there any way to increase the size of the image to encompass more territiory not seen in the image?

I set this image to a 1200X1600 PNG
and p'bucket took it...and then converted to jpeg...
but I don't think THM will take it......

[img][Image: BenesiMagxyz15.png][/img]
hunh??? Hmm2
OK...well the displayed image says it's 1024X768.
So apparently the downsizing must be from THM.
[Image: BenesiMagxyz17.png]

wow, you got it to display more territory!


that stuff is alive

what is interesting about the vertyical symmetry is that it is offset, and slightly curves,
with color differentials mostly from a shading perspective
on either side of the symmetry.
Might be exciting to see what would happen if the scene were to display further downwards.
Nice color play as well, just needs a little enhance or brightening.

I tried a quick pentagonal reconsstruct

large image at link

[Image: eFxzlsP.jpg]