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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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did you notice in the last one that I did,
that the yellow and light blue interior flood fill sections have that added fractalized black bordering,
whereas the exterior perimeter of the geometric shape does not have the fractal bordering.

In this experiment that went awry,
somehow a circular band zone is seen again around this octagonal style geometry.
The interior has a light blue flood fill and an exterior dark blue.
The circular band appears to generate lately when I attempt flood fill color changes.
This has something to do withh your fractal program, {I think},
as if you looks closely the peckled pattern of the circular band has fractalized expression,
just not very detailed ... probably from a low pixel count images. 
It makes a nice border texture with perspective enhancement to the geometry.
This grid replication is spliced from a small section of on your last images.
[Image: AWFNVN5.jpg]
Yeah...I do recall seeing that effect.
If it's caused by something in my program
then... Hmm2 ...maybe it has to do with an edge effect.
Like maybe from an "unsharp mask" filter?
But your latest is even weirder...
overall, though, very nice with that fractalized border.

OK...I was looking into amazingbox/Julia mode images.
I found one that had a familiar cubic form.
The webpage had a description by the author
that listed the main parameters used.
I tried those compatible w/ my program
and generated a cubic form but patterned differently.
It's no longer a cube after tweaking a little......

[Image: Amazboxjul3.jpg]

I noticed something in my last.
When I was adjusting color in GIMP
I found that a blue irregular pattern appeared
in what was solid black when I turned up the blue lightness.
I left it faintly visible.
What I'm saying is that the blue looked black
but still may have been colored just enough
to affect a flood-fill operation.
this has been highly manipulated from your last image

[Image: ZpUYcrh.jpg]
[Image: Amazbox5f.jpg]

With ^ in mind,
watch this tutorial explain the Amazingbox process

You mentioned a "glitch".
Read this about Glitch Electronica,
a sub-genre of electronic music...

Apparently it's based on unorthodox tweaking of circuitry
with effects like Stockhausen or Cage music.
I went back to this image

[Image: Baguabox2.jpg]

and created an elaborate enneagon with a bonus -- 
an over 5000 by 5000 pixel large image that the computer actually managed to finish,
which is very seldom at that size

[Image: zO0Y52m.jpg]
I'm getting an African vibe from that enneagon...
like reeds and feathers bound with cords.
Strangely, I didn't even see the ovals around the outside
until after I looked for a +size imgur link.
As far as I know, ChaosPro and GIMP have no size limits,
so Ill have to try it.
The scope of details should be astounding!

My last one presented a program difficulty
so that I had to use a 70 deg. FOV
or else have the image showing massive clipping plane errors(?)

Yes...look closely at the middle of the original pic...
you can see the King of The Ubangis!
"...70 deg. FOV
or else have the image showing massive clipping plane errors(?)"
The visual effect is a "fisheye" view of a scene.
In the images above it's like looking into a bowl construction
with surrounding shapes rising around the central depression.
So it's a no-brainer to try reducing the FOV.
The default is 30 degrees.
Will try 10deg.
There's several things I rarely/never change
and now I'm suspecting it may have to do with camera settings
to infinity that freak out the program. far, reducing the FOVto 10 degrees has stopped further problems.
the following is first a plain version of an initial attempt
at "Apollonian Corners".
The idea is to have a cube
such that each corner is also a smaller cube.
I saw an animated fly-thru that I'll try to find.
This doesn't obviously fill the bill,
though I looked over the formula procedures.
Malinovsky says in a REM statement that Amazingbox is aka the Mandelbox
with a few "improvements".

The image following this one is the same
with a "Dream Smoothing" GIMP filter applied...

[Image: Amazbox1gjph.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1gjpg.jpg]

Search images/deep dream filter
and you'll see the same technique applied sometimes.
Combined with other filters (eg. neon edge detect, etc.)
Hmm2 why am I thinking "bump map"?
Here is a previous image with dream smoothing and bump map filters applied.
I like the way the bump map change it to oily/glassy...

[Image: Amazbox3d_3.jpg]

Watch out if you try to flood-fill the inner dark zone.
I applied a directional light to center and it flared off
into the black.
I applied a dream smoothing filter and then bump map
to a previous image... Damned

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky2g.jpg]
Sane process...

[Image: Amazyngbox3g.jpg]
[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4a.jpg]
[Image: Mand3DNylandInv14_1.jpg]

I tried it out on a Lyapunov
but it doesn't work too hot.l.
I think because it isn't a 3D pmage.
[Image: Gilghead3_1.jpg]

Malinovsky calls this formula "Gilgamesh Head"^

It dawned on me to try this out on faces.
[Image: Gilghead2.jpg]
Tried this Lyapunov inversion again.
It already had a neon edge filter applied,
so I added dream smoothing and a bump map...

[Image: LyapGimp4.jpg]

WOW!!! Check out this GIMP forum on the lighting effects/bump map filter!!!

[Image: MandDEMet3cd.jpg]
[Image: 0aedefb7-47b4-4b59-a15e-43e3bb85897b.jpg]
Your very recent posts # 769 and # 770 have the images I liked the best.
I did a grid on # 769 two nights ago,
but was so tired ... I have to look for it now.
Unfortunately I am in phase 2 of emergency home repair 6 days straight now 10 hours a day.
This time it was a carpenter ant infestation in the second story roof framework of the large garage.
Big ass ants and big ass ant eggs ... mmm ...
Fractal carpenter ants.

The texture of virtual impastos seen in the image of post # 772 was odd, 
like the thick makeup on the faces of the Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

The color and texture scheme in posts # 773 and 774 is unreal.
773 looks like some kind of semi liquid metallic nano composite with lipstick highlights,
or the view from up above the surface of a very alien planet.
The other one # 774 is wild synth-o-morphic fractal blubber.

I will look at the Gimp forum when I have more time,
but the central vertical vein rising upwrads in that image from that post is quite nice.

The last image looks like a special place on an ice surface of an oceanic moon.
Encel - lotus.
Turn the image 90 degrees to the left and the central floret septagon geometry is sweet.
"The last image looks like a special place on an ice surface of an oceanic moon."

It started as a Mandelbulb
with a GIMP "Coleurs Metallique" filter applied
some while ago after I stated using GIMP.

You definitely have to look over that forum.

I thought you were having some sort of house issues,
so take your time...
these effects are novel.

[Image: Mand3DNylandInv22.jpg]


[Image: Mand3DNylandInv22b.jpg]
This was a Deep Dream pic that I copied also in 420,
given the treatment...

[Image: SwampThing1081443.jpg]

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky3j_1.jpg]
I found the grid from your image ... a pentagonal one that is pretty good actually,
and it was made from an alien fractal face that I had initially constructed.
But then I took the face and it underwent elaborate fractal enhancement surgery.
So I chose to post this one.

large image {quickly edited}
[Image: M5KGtkW.jpg]

Then this^ can be called
a sub-genre of Deep- Dream !

I've got an idea that may or not work
with your surgery...
I could render an oblique view
and shadow it more on one side
so that when mirrored it would generate
a much more convex effect to face/eye placement.
To make it appear more prognathic 
I was thinking of a Joukowski transformation
that would stretch the face in the lower vertical direction...
eg. lantern jaw.
[Image: Amazboxjul6.jpg]

^This started as a spherical Amazingbox/Julia mode.
I applied a Joukowski transformation,
but I was only able to stretch it equally vertically,
unlike when I tried it out on a Mandelbulb a long time ago.

There is one fault...
a kind of border aound it that seems to have come from GIMP.

Before Joukowski trans...

[Image: MandDEJouk3b.jpg]

After trans...

[Image: MandDEJouk3.jpg]

Sooo...clearly something's not working as before.
go for it, if the image works I will try it.

I tried an octagonal shape on the last one as well,
note the octa-object's odd border and perimeter effects. 

large image

[Image: H7cPCOD.jpg]'s a Mandelbulb with Joukowski transform applied...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky2h.jpg]

As per your octagonal...
yes, the border you question,
I'm sure is due to GIMP color balance and hue/saturation controls.
Increasing lightness of a single color or all colors
will show these odd borders.
It's really hard to do stuff like that within ChaosPro...
you must have posted just before i did

I actually work that same effect of stretching of the subject in one direction quite often.
You have to have a huge blank space around the object to do it my way,
and I lose resolution if stretched too far, though that can be slightly repaired.

that downward stretched septagonal fractal floret a few posts back is lovely,
and has nice depth in the down stretch,
and you don't lose resolution.
Here I super stretched it in 4 directions at the 90 degree junctures,
and your septagonal form got reconstricted Lol into a hex,
then replicated into a pentagonal grid.

Go straight to top center in the large image first Whip
and then scroll straight down for nice depth perspective.

large image
[Image: BoQcmTb.jpg]
More border anomalies...

[Image: MalinSwirlJul5f.jpg]
Way too garish...
"Way too garish...", I chuckled to myself,
but then I thought about a Van Gogh exhibition
and his impasto technique...Sunflowers......

[Image: SunflowersDP229743.jpg]

The Original......

[Image: Two20Sunflowers20Pre-Framed20by20Vincent...A456_1.jpg]
I took your second image of van gogh impasto style fractal from post # 779,
and made a very elaborate decagon.
I managed it into a 6500 by 6500 grid, but lost resolution. 
then after all that work trying to get the huge grid to work {at 6500 by 6500 they often fail},
and imgur resized it to 4500 by 4500 Hmm2
... that is a new size limit that they have instituted ...

In any case, a decagon is more work than a pentagon,
butthe resizing by imgur may have recaptured some resolution.
My full image did not fit the 6500 by 6500 grid completely.

huge image

edit: I magnified to 500% on my computer tab here and it looks pretty good after all.

[Image: btNihUw.jpg]
I sure like the detail, color blending and gold tones.
How are they reducing the cropping or shrinking the effective pixel size...
if that makes sense?
OK...the Van Gogh image that I used to get the first one
was originally 3900X2400 approximately,
and since the borders were still there after going through Photobucket
that means it wasn't reduced by cropping but instead by shrinking the overall image.
It seems like that would increase the apparent detail,
and it sounds like Imgur must be doing the same thing?

This next image is an impasto of a Benesi...

[Image: BenesiMagxyz18.jpg]