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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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[Image: Mand3DDanW22b.jpg]
Benesi impasto...
am trying to use metallic effect for iridescence,
but in this and the last the light is too subdued......

[Image: BenesiMagxyz21.jpg]

Pre-GIMP version......

[Image: BenesiMagxyz20.jpg]
This is mainly for future study...
The dark areas shouldn't have shown anything
beyond a uniform dark blue  fog......

[Image: MansDEtest9j.jpg]
[Image: Amazboxjul8.jpg]
the Mandelbulb and Benesi impasto are excellent.
The last image is like fractal alien cunieform.
Did you mirror image the Benesi along the center vertical axis?
I am unable to do any regrids for one or two nights.
The Benesi was NOT mirrored
except insofar as it was from an area called "elephant valley"
which is self-mirroring.
Remember that a Benesi "sphere'
has thick "spokes" protruding from it.
A valley is between any 2 spokes on the sphere.

[Image: MandDEMet2gem.jpg]

Quote:... an area called "elephant valley"
which is self-mirroring.

It appears that the Benesi fractal programming parameters then select a vertical axis to "self mirror' on.
However, in previous fractal image examples that showed symmetry replication in flip, mirror, etc,
there were distinct detailed differences to be found,
but in that particular Benesi it seemed too perfect on each side.
In any case, I am going to try that one now while I have a chance to relax.
fantasy grid
see large image

[Image: b7Z8u1t.jpg]

I will try a geometry regrid as well.
The trick is, besides getting the immediate side/side of the central axis equal,
is, keeping the x,y,z 3D aspect in mind, to carefully compare features
further left and right of the axis AND what should appear in front or behind a given formation.
In this image, compare the visibility of the short white curves...
you'll soon see that one is missing on the left
because a slight difference in horizontal rotation has left it behind a vertical formation.
Keeping that in mind will uncover other differences.
A difficulty in zooming in/out also sometimes causes an unwanted rotation which then involves
another manual repositioning.
some resolution loss, but a rather luxurious hexagonal geometry that did not fit the 5000 grid.

note at 1,3,5,7,9,11 oclock the large roundels near the perimeter have 5 interior appendages,
as opposed to 6 in a hex geometry

I will try a pentagon as well.

large image

[Image: 7YMwfxR.jpg]
Cry ....I was thinking..."roundels...near perimeters..."
but I can't actually find matching features...
like an hour+ later......
conflating tangents of Pokémon......

[Image: for%2520forum%2520image.jpg]

Benesi fractal...
Find any 2 symmetrical features...
Zooming in between those features yields ever more convoluted shapes
which are always symmetrical about a central axis.
I was reading the other day (no link)
about someone who had used this symmetry seeking idea
as a "guidance system" for fly-through animations
fantastically speeding up rendering movies
by using the GPU.
I didn't see what sort of pattern would indicate
an absolute point of spatial symmetry...
Benesi valley...
wider impasto strokes /less depth/less details.
It's most accurate
to get centering by starting with most zoomed out view...
unlike this next, which account for inconsistencies......

[Image: BenesiMagxyz23.jpg]

Another mental/point of view
is to look at it like a sphere with latitude and longitude lines
and what makes a given line curve and which way to rotate
to make a given line  axis of symmetry.
This must be the largest Benesi valley,
with minimum zoom into...

[Image: BenesiMagxyz25.jpg]
This is the "normal" version......

[Image: BenesiMagxyz24.jpg]
U joint .
...closeup of zerk fitting......

[Image: BenesiMagxyz27.jpg]
"normal version" two posts back is really unusual.
Unfortunate that it doesn't have the complete tops of the side and top lobes that extend.
... ancient alien imperial gold fractal encrusted religious jewelry artifact ...
it could use a squeeze of image sharpening or sharper res,
I might get to try that in a regrid the next few days.
I can render it uncropped...

This next image is an impasto of a Mandelbulb north pole shot
rendered at 6400X4800 (saved original )......

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky7.jpg]

[Image: BenesiMagxyz28.jpg]
Rendering was done at 3200X2400.
you got the whole image!
It's beautiful.
I hope to have time soon to render a regrid.
I have been swamped with my home repairs, property cleanup,
and a very very few occasional trips into the wilderness canyons for jade specimen and observations.
We were tumbling over a 250 pound jade just to see the other side,
and it slipped in a bad direction and landed on my big toe.
You can't retrieve big rocks like this out of the canyon ... well you can,
but the enormous effort isn't worth it IMO, 
so camera images are the capture of the prize.
My big toe looks like a huge ripe plum with a toenail  Lol
shit happens ... 
It's OK, ... just takes longer to recover as we age.
I didn't first see the top section either.
There's a parameter setting the number of "spokes"
of the Benesi "tree" feature which I've posted before...
but this doesn't look the same.

I did that one above at 6400X4800 mainly to see if my computer would do it.
No problems either rendering or to/from GIMP.
Took an hour to just render,
and after gimp was done it had used over 2G (the jpeg ended up maybe 6MB).
Pretty amazing seeing the big image,
and the result posted here is compressed, not cropped.
OK... so I decided to see if there's similar valleys of symmetry on the tree section
 as there are on the main Benesi sphere.
This next is a zoom in between the tree branches/spokes...

[Image: BenesiTree1.jpg]

Then there's this...

[Image: BenesiTree2.jpg]

Theoretically this valley area should further show this symmetry.
I resolved what I could of the hypothetical symmetry zone
but couldn't go further than the irregular zone in the middle area.
Nothing else to do but get out the palette knife......

[Image: BenesiTree4_1.jpg]
[Image: brain.jpg]
[Image: ablast.jpg]
Brain image with the following GIMP filters applied
in this order:
>Dream Smoothing
>Displacement Map (reputed superior to bump mapping)
>Relief Light

Displacement Map, though less extreme, did reduce border around object...

[Image: Brain%20White%20Background%20Cropped%20a...ipped2.jpg]
This is a short description of bump, normal, and displacement mapping...

See if the 2nd image in link doesn't look familiar.
Image with Texture Enhance and Bump Map filters applied...

[Image: ivan-mityaev-skull-front.jpg]
Still Life...

[Image: skullmetal1.jpg]

[Image: a21100c2-f66e-4baf-8db5-9008d2ac80e2.jpg]
Interesting display of skulls,
I thought about replicating one into a geometry,
but perhaps better to use one of the most unusual fractals and art you posted.

from the benesi image a few posts back, a voluptuous enneagon pregnant with floral vibrancy

large image

[Image: IJ93ZWq.jpg]
Hmm2 ...and I didn't think the source material for your last had any possibilities!

Yesterday I found a developing GPU REAL TIME 3D program called Fragmentarium.
I mean, what I've seen so far is mind blowing... an entire Mandel/Julia bulb will morph instantly and plastically as parameter sliders are moved... Damned
[Image: Amazbox2c.jpg]
Amazingbox...determined that max quadrilateral symmetry
achievable only by centering pattern on entire sphere to begin with...
this is a zoom-in from that......

[Image: Amazbox1j.jpg]

Impasto version ...

[Image: Amazbox1k.jpg]