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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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[Image: Amazbox1n.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1p.jpg]
Here I was looking at a region of Mandelbulb symmetries
with potential...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4b.jpg]

But an impasto didn't enhance gargoyle faces very much...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4c.jpg]
I was going to look at Amazingbox symmetries
but instead got off on an Ambox/Julia mode......

[Image: Amazboxjul10.jpg]

[Image: Amazboxjul9_1.jpg]
from the imapsto image in post 826,
and I will try the last image as well when I can.
This one took a long time to develop and amend with adaptations and repairs.
Note the black fractal frizzies where the flood fill function
applied light blue color to originally black space.

[Image: VmOTX8R.jpg]
It is The Apollonian Cube which drives the symmetry
in possibly the entire Amazingbox(Mandelbrot mode) 
which ultimately generates these types of faces...

[Image: 625x465_7796188_1913067_1459329343.jpg]
Looking at the original red/gold/blue
shows one axis of symmetry more balanced
though this effect is probably due to minute differences
conflating into more severe consequences later...
exaggerated in the impasto.

The "dream smoothing" filter
trails off into the background
and I don't know what to do about it.
Even trying to paint it out always seems to leave faint wisps
that a fill operation may conflict with.
I guess avoiding any background
is the only current answer.
For some reason I'm having a mental block
over having to learn layers/masks. Ninja
this one rotated left 90 degrees 
gave me a good vibe ... 
yellow submarine in escheresque teotihuacan 
do you have a large image of this?

[Image: Amazboxjul10.jpg]

this one is awesome with the gargoyle-ish masks,
I hope to try it soon in a geometry regrid.

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4b.jpg]

great variety and superb art!
"this one rotated left 90 degrees 
gave me a good vibe ... 
yellow submarine in escheresque teotihuacan 
do you have a large image of this?"

This was 1600X1200 but I can render 6400X4800 at least
and probably larger and in much more detail.
since it runs fast.
What other aspects could be improved?
I can think of a Mandelbrot mode version
but with same palette.
This was done at 6400X4800
but aside from the green/gold/copper tone
the texture didn't very work scaled down......

[Image: Amazboxjul13.jpg]
yellow submarine in escheresque teotihuacan fractal:

Quote:This was 1600X1200 but I can render 6400X4800 at least
and probably larger and in much more detail.
since it runs fast.
What other aspects could be improved?
I can think of a Mandelbrot mode version
but with same palette.

That one is not just fractal, it is a very nice artistic expression.
Some of this could be made into posters.
when i had some posters made a few years ago,
they said that a 6400 x 4800 would make a fairly good detailed 3200 X 2400 poster.
They were quite surprised that my antiquated MGI phot suite program produced such good detail into posters,
even at full sizes.
The sharpen image program worked well at the time.

That particular fractal has elements of all kinds of period art wrapped up into one package.
If a larger image produces better resolution and detailing, it may worth a try to enlarge.
I could slice a section out and replicate the grid.
If I had a computer that could render grid replication on a 10K x 10K blank,
then outrageous geometries could be displayed and posterized.

Still busy here with too much to do,
but I will get to the other fractal soon.
How big a poster size?
I can send you large size originals.

This next was rendered at 1600X1200 to save time and less scaled down when posted.
I went back to Amazingbox/Mandelbrot mode
and zoomed in on a region exhibiting Apollonian symmetry...

[Image: Amazbox1q.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1r.jpg]
I should not have bubbled or sphereized this one from the center,
but aside from that and an errant splice in the smallest central pentagons,
this is quite a combination of geometries.
I have a hexagonal geometry intertwined around pentagonal geometry .
Six pentagons envelop a central hexagonal reserve perfectly.
This was an elaborate and long series of steps and processes,
to achieve the perfectly arranged pentagons into the hexagonal geometry grid.
Now if I had a computer that could work a 10K x 10K grid,
I could immerse that dual geometry into a third geometry.
This result here however I consider to be one of my best,
and that of course is fully complemented and augmented by your excellent fractal.

large image

[Image: c3WkgSL.jpg]
These Apollonian symmetries
definitely remain coherent
beyond the central diamond,
like wave interference patterns.
What does it take to render 10KX10K?
The GIMP memory usage was around 12+ MB
for the largest done lately with 8 CPU threads.
These not so great next were done at 3200x2400......

 [Image: Amazbox1s.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1t.jpg]
This is interesting...especially the impasto metallic......

[Image: Amazbox1u.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1v.jpg]
[Image: Amazbox1w.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1y.jpg]
[Image: Amazbox1za.jpg]

The top row of gargoyles reminds me
to find a "drip" filter I found in GIMP
and forgot where it was... Doh
[Image: BenesiMagxyz27a.jpg]
Post image #737 Amazingbox redone...

[Image: Amazbox3d_1a.jpg]
Lyapunov inversion impasto...

[Image: Lyapunov1a.jpg]
[Image: Lyapunov2a.jpg]
The lyapunov inversion impasto image style has potential.
It lost color vibrancy towards the center.

I took an image from outer space here,
from a post by Letosvet about black holes.
The image was at the link,
and shows a giant black hole spewing jets of gas in opposite directions.
Here I have octagonal symmetry with a chain of pentagonal stars.
I also took this and made it into a hexagonal symmetry with chains of the octagons,
surrounded by the pentagonal forms, but did not like the connector symmetry,
so I settled for this one. 

large image

[Image: YcvMJsg.jpg]
Find a good Crab Nebula image.
It should work well with in a galactagon,

This next is from the same base image as last
but given different impasto...

[Image: Lyapunov2b.jpg]
I like that, ... it may be an odd one to try and spice and recombinate into an expanding grid.
believe it or not it has a bit of an Isolation Peak look {lawren harris - canadian},
along the left center ...
I will try and find time fto give it a try.
I've been experimenting with how to bring out meaningful detail
in these Lyapunov inversions after a certain point
without losing it elsewhere.
One problem is that this is a 2D fractal
even though it can generate curves passing above/below
other curves.
I tried out an old school 2D Mandelbrot
and it looked completely flat...too bad......
Mamdelbulb/Julia mode/very unstable inversion,
although I'm not sure what it did actually...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky2j.jpg]

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky2k.jpg]
My treatment of the Crab Nebula...

[Image: 2_-Crab-Nebula-HIDDEN-UNIVERSE.jpg]
Looking at Apo0llonian Cube,
starting with the 4 central parameters "in the literature":
1> Fold... 1.3
2> Minimum radius... 0.5
3> Scale... -1.5
4> Boxfold length...1.3

At this point I increased the scale to -2.5,
by increments of .1, each time adjusting the clipping planes
to avoid instantly rendering a blank fog.
This was finally rendered at 3200x2400.
The curves followed begin to reveal an inner 3D structure.

[Image: Amazbox1o.jpg]

[Image: Amazbox1oz.jpg]
I grafted two separate recombinated sections of your fractal onto a mainframe of a larger fractal recombinant.
Then went into a hexagon for best splice potential.
Looks like it could use onre more sharpening image.
[Image: T4bMBqM.jpg]
Try and recombine this
redo of base image with minimal metallic bumpmap only...

[Image: Amazbox1ozy_1.jpg]

Hmm2 I definitely see a lot more metal quality in the impasto version.
Whether that's also to the added dream smoothing filter is unknown,
but it does seem to be free of any faint carry over past the edges.
Gotta take a break for a couple of nights or so, on the image creations.
last one last night had me up till almost 1 am,
then the next day it is tough to get rolling,
and I am still swamped doing endless exterior home repair duty outside while the sun is here.
I have to beat the rainy Uhoh season before it lands on me with too much left to do.
It took me 2 hours today to make the right decisions on how to move forward with construction, 
after being too tired from last night. 
Then I work all day off and on from 11am to 8 or 9.
tomorrow will be a wrap up day, then a couple of days off?   Cry

I'm waiting on a PBucket upload issue.

Oblique view (too dark) of Mandelbulb...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4ca.jpg]
[Image: MandDEMalinovsky4cb.jpg]
This was based on a Mandelbulb with a "perturbation" factor applied.
This caused the object to distend and dissolve,
giving a kind of partial Juliabulb view
into the still intact Mandelbulb inner surfaces... 

[Image: MandDEpert4.jpg]

[Image: MandDEpert4a.jpg]
I was not going to do one tonite,
but your fractal was inspiring.
At least it went well and got done before midnite.
It also jst barely fit in a 5000 by 5000 grid.

large image

[Image: vHirPAS.jpg]