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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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I just saw the second image ... while working on the first one, a better look at tomorrow

The first image bottom of the last page is inserted here since this is the new page,
this one: 
Looks like Pluto alive with a surface of green ...

a possibilty arises in taking the right half of the central circled formation,
and mirroring that half within the boundaries of the circle,'
and that might give the area more upward depth perspective with a central peak.

original image'
[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z46.jpg]

So I tried it.
Only the center circular area was manipulated and all the rest is original image.
I put too much + on the sphere-ize or bubble program on the center top of the rise in the center of the circular area,
which is why less resolution is there.
[Image: 9Ldph0L.jpg]
That's ingenious...
I've found that flower formation begins at power 3
and does rise in the center as it increases powers.
The petals also increase and differentiating them
is difficult and time consuming.
In the above image, the central pinwheel was a lot of cross-hatched lines
until I increased ray tracing a lot, though it was worth it.

Another way to make the central structure rise
might be to turn it into a Juliabulb inversion
since the formula also has x/y scaling parameters...
but that might only affect the central axis.
Probably the first thing is to look at flowers along different latitudes
and among surface structures.
OK...this is an oblique of a 12th power boxed Juliabulb central polar axis.
As of now this is the best res of an unusual formation...

[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z47.jpg]
[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z49_1.jpg]

It's one thing to say it's "3D"
of the 2nd image in post #1023
but to see a similar structure in x,y,z dimensions......
Look at post 1026...
see the ring around the axis structure?
This is one of the rosettes attached to the ring,
and the Julia seed remained the same...

[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z50.jpg]

Presumably, there is also another similar structure within
the small rosette at the top right.

Recently I took my cyber drone over North Korea
and found this, with "3D Buildings" view switched ON.
Web image search/north Korean skyscraper shows it's real.

Trump could buy it!

[Image: Orascom-Ryugyeong-Hotel-Pyongyang-North-...6&a=t&zc=1]
I'm only half-joking about that NK building
I first saw ~2 weeks ago on google
looking like this fractal Julia flower pistil
but it might constitute evidence of Chinese
experiments in controlling reality through
time manipulation by quantum entanglement
signals transmitted through their new giant radio dish.
As to the nature of these signals
I may as well point to "quantum vortices"
that appear in super cold helium.
These vortices are all identical because entanglement
has become macroscopic. It all points to the NK being
China's ally and thus explains why the building
was an empty shell from 1992->2009 when they
added the outer façade.

Anyway check out this 14th power boxed Juliabulb...

[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z51.jpg]

[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z52.jpg]

Both rendered at 3200x2400.
The pinkish cast on the 2nd is because
I changed the lighting color in the metal/texture map to
more affect a copper appearance but it didn't work.
Those last few of that series are excellent,
and the two images in the last post are just superb.
I have trouble in grid replication with that style of great 3D depth,
as most of them just lose a lot of that depth in the symmetry applications {flip / mirror, etc}.

I will work on that last one in a couple of days.
Alien Cathedral centered within coliseum amphitheater.
4th power Juliabulb/Type 3 formula.
Doesn't have boxed mode but properties are different...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.2.jpg]
Holy Wow!
how large is your original image?
do you see resolution lost when you downsize the image?

it is an outragoeus fractal but i could not regain quality resolution[Image: v0JnykS.jpg]
"how large is your original image?

do you see resolution lost when you downsize the image?"

Unless different, an image will be 1600x1200.
Even then, small details get TOO small when downsized
but I have to use a large size to gauge the effect a given
operation has.
After posting I look at an image zoomed large
but it's hard to pin down what has resulted in more/less resolution.
Your large imgur versions look better than the windows zoom.

This Type3 Mandel/Julia formula seems to increase
gargoyle parthenogenesis (spontaneous generation, if I understand the term correctly).
There are 2 other alt-mandelbulb formulas to try by White and Nylander.

* Parthenogenesis...I first saw the word on a Canned Heat dbl album...

Also I'm thinking about using the GIMP "Deep Smoothing" filter
to better render features which I have seen occasionally
that look like polished Apache Teardrops or agates.

Like one fault I see in the large version
seems to originate from either unwanted interactions between multiple filters
or inadequate ray trace settings,
having the appearance of very short herringbone patterns
within dense details...not very sure......
Type 3 3rd power Juliabulb (seed=-.3,.3,-.3)...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.5.jpg]
Type3 4th power Mandelbulb...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.8.jpg]
In retrospect, the last is like bio-metallic mold overrunning hamburger.
This one is an 8th power Mandelbulb (White version)...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.10.jpg]
5th power Juliabulb/seed=-.1,.8,-.1 ...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.12.jpg]
That last one is execellent, I might get to trying it in a regrid.

I found this oldie from a title cover of a dead pdf on math  Kickbut

So I remastered it into ... Time Tunnel Tracks to Parallel Universes

large image

[Image: qSz3RgC.jpg]

I was playing out a regrid of the time tunnel into a pentatimetunnel Lol
this oddity occurred while using color flood fill in that light blue color overlay.

The central pentagonal form in blue has all that fractal ... disinfo  Ninja Whip

fractal residue?  
fractal bleed through?

it is quite random in there, the penta symmetry is not there,
but if you look closely right at the very center there is a vertical linear apparition
cross secting a horizontal linear apparition in the fractal devil dust  Hi
that definitely should not be there.

see in large image:

[Image: Ugz9o7c.jpg]
I knew I came to the right place
after reading a lot of salvia experience reports,
which your latest seems to be...
...never tried it myself but I want to Ninja ......

I see that stuff you're talking about in that blue throwing star.
As I recall, a similar effect appeared after you did a border operation...~months ago.
[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.16.jpg]

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.14.jpg]
Boxed 4th power Mandelbulb...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.18.jpg]
Boxed 8th power Mandelbulb inversion...
what was once an anomalous glitch
in an otherwise smooth curve......

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.20.jpg]
4th power boxed Mandelbulb...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.22.jpg]

Malinovsky/Gilgamesh Head...

[Image: Gilghead5.jpg]
three images back is fabulous, hope to get to one soon.
Last image with those psychedelic totem style shaman facial masks is pretty wild.
(12-03-2016, 02:48 PM)Vianova Wrote: [ -> ]...
three images back is fabulous, hope to get to one soon.
Last image with those psychedelic totem style shaman facial masks is pretty wild.

The "fabulous" image wouldn't exist
except for the challenge its nearly blank slate origin presented,
while the Gilgamesh Head was the most symmetry I could get
get from the Mandelbbrot mode. The Julia version can yield
toadstools with similar face patterns on the stem and cap
I'm looking for any research on the formula
or what it has to do with Sumer.

8th power Boxed  Juliabulb detail
as test of HSL color space
since it's more responsive to lighting vs RGB...

[Image: MandDE2Pwr1Z54.jpg]
Here is an unforeseen and new effect.
This regrid got out of control in a hexagonal begining and a convoluted pentagonal adaptation.

the "unforeseen effect" are the white borders,
on the black fractal devil dust that adheres onto the exposed edges.
You can see it on the full perimeter, and on the central interior perimeter.

Odd that it never happened before.
see in large image

[Image: nSRTp6v.jpg]
The main things, aside from the interesting, if unforeseen, border effect,
are the sharpness maintained at 400% IE zoom level
and the gibbering faces in areas <=1 sq. in.
Base image, rotated 90 degrees.
I applied an unsharp mask after usual processing
since first post didn't look too good
and was deleted...
Hopefully this looks better...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.24_1.jpg]

It didn't turn out as expected,
but I'll leave it up because it
shows bizarre features caused by the inversion transformation,
eg. the receding features in the top part,
as well as the main tunnel.
TIFWIW...I found a post by the Gilgamesh Head formula author
in which he entertained the notion of a "conspiracy theory"
involving a CIA archaeological expedition to Afghanistan
where an object was found
inscribed with "quaternion hieroglyphs" telling of the return of Nibiru...


[Image: Gilgamesh_Humbaba_portrait.gif]
rare image of stone carved Olmec shaman jaguar

[Image: F745Faq.jpg]


ennagon in lyapunov universe
[Image: Vg8RzM9.jpg]
The Olmec Head decorating might refer
to a form of skin art involving cutting patterns
and then filling the wound with sand.
AFAIK it's an African practice
...IDK what it's called...

I'd like to metallize that enneagon.
I've been thinking lately of trying various ways of further treating Lyapunovs...
like neon metal inversions...

These are 2 versions of a 7th power Boxed Mandelbulb Inversion...

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.26.jpg]

[Image: Mand3DType3pwr4.27.jpg]
I had to process an image ~4100x4100,
but looks better after posting...

[Image: METAL10.jpg]