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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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thanks for the comment on the bad image,
anytime you see something too bright or f-ed up, let me know please.

On your last one,
the object in upper right has fantastic Steuben Aurene or Tiffany blue color.
Looks like an alien Tiffany glass object.
The bottom left looks like an alien Indian ceremonial shaman rattle.
The globe in upper left is interesting.
The blue thing in the upper right is exceptional.
Will Do...

More wonders are to come.

I bought a 4K Asus monitor.


I also got a new video board
because the display port plug on my old one was covered,
but it's 6 GB vs 2.

I looked at some previous images
and what seemed sharp before
now are fuzzy.
[Image: Mand3D3Pwr1bc.png]
I have been busy -- trail maintenance -- ouch.

That last image is a great one!

I hope to try it tonight!
I like yours better.
Maybe using the other side of the half image for a mirror reflection would have been more colorful,
but I liked the perimeter long distance horizon scenes.

[Image: QsTCfGv.jpg]


looks nice with good resolution at 400%

That one I had used "Perlin" coloring.

Another test rendered at 1500x1500.
I hope it turns out OK...

[Image: GilgheadJulInv1b.png]

Wow...I've got to somehow get at least the size of images you are getting yet maintaining quality.

If you get a chance try out the "Black Betty" strain...really visual effects.
[Image: MalinBoxbulb40d_1.png]

The same background was made "seamless"
and then mapped to a sphere
(with no attempt at sharpness)...

[Image: MalinBoxbulb40e.png]
[Image: Mand3DNylandInv23b.png]
That thing on the left is outrageous.
[Image: Mand3DNylandInv23c.png]

^ ...background from a google "starry night" image
and another "Tricorn" creature in foreground.
I'm going to see if an octocorn sub-type will generate arachnids...... to bottom...base Tricorn/Bumblebrot, mapped to cylinder,
fish eye view, and mapped to sphere...

[Image: Tricorn9c.png]
A vestige of phrenology is the idea that the expression contained within
the right vs left side of the face display different aspects of the personality.
[Image: Mand3DNylandInv23d.png]
Man that is just spectacular.

Here is a hex grid of part of it.

[Image: G6LGQIl.jpg]
[Image: Mand3DNylandInv23f.png]
When I was doing the bottom figure in the above image
I ran across a "drop shadow" filter and just the default added realism.

I chose the upper left item for the reconstruction.

[Image: WoaafLv.jpg]

I've only gotten as far as making a new landscape
from a low power Nylander Mandelbulb since they generate
sweeping low relief expanses...still needs populating....

Your 2nd most recent looks like
a pavilion canopy framed by a crystal sky.
Redid landscape and figurines after
using "HSV Noise" and then applying bumpmapping
which really made fine texture.
There is a "Perlin Noise3" process which uses vectors instead of color information
but I can't see it in GIMP yet...

[Image: Mand3DNylandInv24c.png]
That is quite profound.
I tried a processing on a section and failed.
Particularly liked the center bottom feature in greenish gold.
This, on the other hand, was inspired by Lynch's Eraserhead...

[Image: Mand3DNylandInv25b.png]
gnarly spookums

it needs different eyes

[Image: Au9cBtX.jpg]
[Image: BenesiMagxyz18a.png]

^The background is a Benesi/Julia
which I haven't tried in a year+...
testing any benefits in an increased skill set.

...Different setting and figure tweaked with a "lens Distortion" filter...

[Image: Gilghead12b.png]
I tried the first one before I saw the second one which I like better.
I will try the second one soon, 
as I just didn't come up with anything worth posting on the first one.
Here's another for your consideration...

[Image: GilgheadJul14%20b.png]
I managed to sharpen some detail in your last image

[Image: Um1UEcC.jpg]
Is there something about a given design that determines
what n-gon to use?
There's a GIMP tool that might be used somehow...

[Image: Gilghead10d.png]

Quote:Is there something about a given design that determines

what n-gon to use?

In the last one yes, but most of the time it is an artistic choice.

[Image: CSTFTD2.jpg]
Excellent color and mesmerizing textures...

This next was inspired by this article..

[Image: Cloudmts4a.png]

The dark region in the center of the background 
represents neural activation by linking presumably to these 11+ dimensions.
I used a fisheye filter to magnify the center
and that's why the effect continues at a reduced rate into the surroundings.

I don't know why that link didn't show up as a link......
[Image: Gilghead13_1.png]

Quote:The "black-hole" in the middle is used to symbolize a complex of multi-dimensional spaces, or cavities. 
Researchers at Blue Brain Project report groups of neurons bound into such cavities 
provide the missing link between neural structure and function

 Neuroscience has also been struggling to find where the brain stores its memories. 

"They may be 'hiding' in high-dimensional cavities,"

Interesting stuff, and I see your black hole there as well in the image.
I lost the central black hole in the reprocessing.

[Image: T8qryd4.jpg]
I found that vector-driven noise formula in ChaosPro
as a "Perlin Noise FBM Displacement" transformation.
It seems to be a principle of gargoyle phrenology...

[Image: Cloudmts5a.png]

[Image: Mand3DFBM1a.png]

FBM stands for Fractal Brownian Motion.

eg...a Mandel/Juliabulb can be rendered prune-like.

Note...the 1st image foreground creature
was a Gilgamesh Head.
I see the gargoyle phrenology in the first one. 
Very interesting.
I can work with the last one and will in the next few days.
That last one is really wild.