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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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Here's a Tricorn FBM...

[Image: TricornFBM3.png]
your images disappearozeroed off the thread -- update demands
Hmm2 I saw that they were gone
but after I went to the site
and read the new TOS
the images reappeared.

I hope I don't have to go to Room 101......

[Image: do_it_to_julia.jpg]
Until I get this storage situation settled
I will continue teratological researches
into particularly outre` cranial structures.

looks like alien bracket fungus morphing into a large tick like insect 

I hate ticks, 
and if I saw that on my arm out in the jade canyons here I would freak out.

Repulsive yet highly striking in it's intensity,
and I can envision smashing it with a stick and observing the inner bug goo in the splatter zone. 
I don't think I posted it properly.
The imgur link didn't come with the image.
I had to post it and then copy/paste the image here.

But I think sites don't like that?

What do you think of this new surface treatment?
Adding HSV noise after relief light filter looks largely invisible
but it next allows the texture mapping to work on a finer scale,
and adds enough slight alterations between the mirrored sides
so they don't look like duplicates.
your imgur account?
i have to click the image
it opens,
to get direct link, right click, then pick "open image in new tab"
and that has the jpg link

I notice immediately the image not having the mirror symmetries which is interesting,
but it seems like you are a step away from better resolution.
Re...previous storage site...

Basically their new TOS says my previous images
being posted here now count as "3rd party hosting"
and that such use will now cost $400 dollars/year.

Well that's another difference...I'm trying out the Edge browser
and that coincides with my images disappearing.

Another thing is that screen scale % setting isn't in the's in a windows setting.

Plus this new 4K monitor and video card made things quite 1024x768 is too small.
But the new 6G board makes the program work a lot smoother with no lockups.

[Image: l5FCqWd.jpg]

The above has a Perlin Noise background
to which I also applied a Perlin FBM Transformation
and to top it all off...................Perlin Noise Coloration.

Read this about my image posting problem...
seemed like the overall resolution was better at the imgur link and site while magnifying,
than here at HM being magnified..

so ... we lost all your images?

that is just awful.
I read the link you posted,
that is extraordinary that photobucket can get away with that.
I sure hope that Imgur doesn't do that.

400$ to hotlink a year is f-ing wild.
That is a clear prelude to higher fees in 2-5 years.
And the users cannot even access their old images without paying for the 400$ "upgrade"?
That is nuts.
Outright theft.
[Image: 4gw8juO.jpg]

I've read some car co's are selling cars that you have to pay
to have certain features "unlocked".

Imgur differentiates as far as what the copied link use is put to...
eg... the above image used the link specifically designated for "forum use".

Anyway...the last one uses the same noise formula as the background of the next previous.
The mind tries to assign some kind of sense,
but failing that, it gives increased priority to any 3D cues perceived.

Hopefully a mass outcry by users will make phob restore everyone's stuff.

It's the same thing as ransom-ware lock-outs.
Tricorn/sub-type Bumblebrot...detail......

[Image: BpRccfN.png]

I had to use FBM and Joukowski transforms to greatly enhance very little detail.
A new "Fractal Noise" filter supplied the background
and is apparently also an FBM type...

[Image: 1yjm8ip.jpg?1]
[Image: TvZYZ9X.jpg]

[Image: KQ4eJ0U.png]

[Image: nFCucOg.png]
Looking at the last two images of the three,
I liked the first one better just from a color standpoint.
Then I tried magnifications,
and settled in at 400%.
Quickly the first image {of the two objects in monocolored backgrounds} 
faded from favor,
and the second image really stood out,
especially looking along the entire perimeter of the object.
It had an unusual depth from that perspective.
Like a planetary craft disguised as a small moon.
I found a way of getting 2 figurines 
from an FBM (any type)...
...but I accidently overwrote it with this...

"Entrapment And Fossilization"

[Image: W0fEKc6.jpg]
well that is wild.
definitely needs to be viewed at 400% then down to 300%,
then back-n-forth,
to see the intense background or surface detailing textures in all the forms.
They are extraordinary.
The image might also adapt well to recolorization.
This might be difficult to reconstruct and show detail ... 

actually your colors were just fine, but I futzed with them anyways,
try high magnifications

[Image: Y7Detzj.jpg]


looks great at 400% !


I had to toss in the flipped image

[Image: AfN6uxr.jpg]

[Image: 2tFaKTu.jpg]
[Image: r3Kl15Y.png]
That is just out of hand ... Damned ... geez, fucking wild. 

One can construe the head and face of a Cthulhulian montrosity,
regurgitating something forth,
somewhere on Pluto.
The detail crispness of the colorful metallic or glossy material,
as it stretches towards the bottom, 
is more desirable than the rest in high magnifications.
The whole spectacle is amazing actually.
Fantastic art.


I noticed near the bottom of the bottom left arm of the glossy material,
a unique vertical crack,
which then made the stuff look more solidified and hardened.
"The detail crispness of the colorful metallic or glossy material,
as it stretches towards the bottom, 
is more desirable than the rest in high magnifications."

On that layer I stopped after the "relief light" stage
and didn't add "HSV Noise" and texture mapping..
It's always debatable whether to do the entire scene or just parts of it.

I've got a new one that only uses noise/texturing on the figurines,
but not the landscape...will post very soon...

[Image: 3RyfPub.jpg]
[Image: nv37iUi.png]
Those are pretty amazing fractal landscapes.
I like the one in post 1375 better than the last one,
and I like the figural item on the left of the two shown.
fabulous color arrangements!
I might try the image from post 1375 when I get some more time soon.
I was told the RH figure looked sort of like a whisky decanter.
The LH object was made solely out of noise.

I also found a "Disk Perlin Noise" filter
used on the upper half of the last,
while the stretched out parts 
are from a "Distort Lens" filter. you have any bright ideas about this thread?
I'm thinking a new thread is in order...?
This started as a 4th power Mande4lbulb,
subjected to FBM and Joukowski transforms
which enlarged the lower part of the bulb
better than lens distortion...

[Image: a2gf8eZ.png]
... you have any bright ideas about this thread?

I'm thinking a new thread is in order...?

well I suppose so.
how unfortunate that the mass content of images was lost.

One of the great HM threads Applause

then there's the 12000 possible names for the new thread

It would be nice to have some kind of unique name for the new thread.
Fractal Infinities, is short and sweet.
Something along those lines, perhaps more definitive might be good too.

It is best that you start the thread.
I'm swamped with too much this-n-that trying to keep the jade effort going,
amidst business and my property maintenance demands, 
to ponder it, and I will over ponder it.
So name it what you want, maybe mention the evolution from the Mandelbulb thread.
I will wait for that development.
Unless TPTB step in
it seems better to wait awhile
since I still have a lingering idea
that pbucket will fix it.

One possibility is to reanimate
the Art & Madness thread......
...just kidding......

[Image: 0wC6oPU.png]
I don't think I improved upon the original image,
but I got some image perimeter manipulation ideas to play with.

[Image: goaxgyk.jpg]


detailed resolution is still quite good at 500%
The next 2 have backgrounds from ChaosPro version of fog...

[Image: GRWMAWT.png]

[Image: eXC7Lko.png]
The last trio looked best to view for impact at 400%. 
The central figure has to be a perfect mirror image along the central vertical axis. 
The central figure would be even more 3D if the blue / black outline combo,
continued all around the figure.
The intense structural component of the central vertical joining shaft section,
of the figure on the left hand side is quite strilking.
But the curvilinear item on the right hand side is perhaps something I can work on
soon hopefully and my favorite. 
Yeah...It depends when the noise is added...(I think?)...

[Image: lTkjER6.png]