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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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[Image: X36T43I.png]
I used this to make the last image...

[Image: Akfzc7P.png]
Amazing colors and textures, brilliant gold metalics and such.

I tried one of yours right near the bottom of the last page,
because it was able to incorporate 5 interlaced heart shapes on the large central pentagon.

[Image: 0FYQn4Z.jpg]
[Image: 6Ikrkmm.png]

[Image: 7SuSj3w.png]
[Image: Qk1iONw.png]
[Image: FBuLCls.png]
Two posts back ...
totally outrageous.
It is like a lucid dream flashback psychedelic vision of another dimensional reality,
and those things,
are swimming through it.
This turned into an exercise in making smooth edges...

[Image: 3zj1DVC.png]
[Image: b1c2jnz.png]
[Image: Q4CMQGs.png]
[Image: SyENuav.png]

When the swamp is drained
swamp gas is released...
the final secret of the deep state...
The Truth About UFOs !

[Image: hj55jA3.jpg]
That effervescence in the pool {last image} is pretty cool.

2 posts back:

[Image: CcolPUM.jpg]



trippy stuff!
Quality detail resolution to 400%, I didn't try 500%.
Strange how a 4 square pattern remorphed at the points of the pentagon.

The next 2 images started with details in 4th power Boxed Juliabulbs
with Perlin FBM and Noise transforms in for texture and color,
in trying these synthetic landscapes...

[Image: jwBD7Eh.png]

[Image: Gx7FMWg.png]

Also, within the FBM transform there is an octaves parameter.
I read a comment somewhere that increasing the octave number adds detail.
I haven't researched  octaves but I used 10 octaves and the effect is especially apparent
in the "stairsteps" of the 2nd image.
And to really appreciate those last two landscapes one must use 400% magnification.
Planetary surfaces.
[Image: DtJFfIK.png]
I magnified to 400%
and the central figure lost resolution but the background was more clearly defined.
[Image: 316PdmM.jpg]
I didn't try that hard, but I tried,
and could not see anything to tell me that it is not a mirror reflection,
on the cental vertical axis.
It depends on when or if HSV Noise is added
whether the final outcome is perfectly mirrored or not.

This next shows very small differences...

[Image: kMqiiiF.jpg]

[Image: 3j2he12.png]

[Image: 3b9YNVo.png]
[Image: x6MKREr.png]
This one of yours:

[Image: kMqiiiF.jpg]

Looks like a colorized Martian surface - mirror imaged,
That guy way back when,
Max The Knife,
did all that slice-n-dice on the mirror imaging of Martian landforms,
then Zip later tried to copy cat the idea.

(11-29-2017, 03:34 AM)Vianova Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like a colorized Martian surface - mirror imaged,
That guy way back when,
Max The Knife,
did all that slice-n-dice on the mirror imaging of Martian landforms,
then Zip later tried to copy cat the idea.


Damned ...0r Mars Revealer raving about "artistical renderings" covering Mars?

This is an  "Inside" mode of a Tricorn.
I've never used it to any useful extent
because it usually gives a nearly featureless view.
This time I decided to use a Perlin FBM transformation
to resolve what was there...

[Image: 3BfHRFX.png]

The only "help" I can bring up is that if the option is checked
then the object is hollow, as if drawn inside out.
from your last one

[Image: 0i1iOsa.jpg]
After the last image I figured out that the whole problem
was that the front clipping plane maladjusted by default.
After some experimentation I was able to penetrate 
the plane...
This looks like the exterior a 4th Power Juliabulb
but is actually the "inside" view.
I tried to zoom out to see what a complete object looks like,
far it seems impossible...

[Image: tbSkSDQ.png]

Here's 2 more inside views...

[Image: vmL1g9u.png]

[Image: xtU5wWo.png]
I tried something odd,
took your image and selecting a smaaler spot on the interior -- magnify 400%,
replicate that.
It turned out interesting, 
hard to produce better resolution though,
a layered reconstruct, as well as flip and mirror.

[Image: 1aeS4Ee.jpg]

This was another experiment with that one image.
A very small area, reaplicated.

[Image: UWvLLWG.jpg]
Your first interpretation really brings out a "depth of field" effect
which is actually inherent in that image (ie. some features look near or far away).
An oblique shot of that scene shows some parts floating some distance above everything else.
The limitation to zooming out further is increasing difficulty adjusting clipping planes
to compensate for some features being cut off.

I will try another way of smoothing those sawtooth edges seen at 400%
[Image: O0k0KYn.jpg]
All inside mode Mabdlbulbs...

[Image: auGXFOs.png]

[Image: njiBnZr.png]

[Image: OXM7oSj.png]

[Image: ic0OYI7.png]

one of yours a couple back

[Image: 8Hkq0JI.jpg]


great resolution at 400 % !

also, there is a special effect ... for as little as I got of it,
the process was lengthy.
Note the 5 large blue quadra bulbs around the center.
The swirly pattern in the center between the 4 sections of each bulb,
 ... is not a mirror image in any of the 5 bisecting axis lines of the pentagon

That's a trick effect alright.
Can you extend the radius of action
to affect the entire image?

More inside-out shots...

[Image: SNp5KhW.png]

[Image: sIpVtdc.png]

[Image: GCOGCJA.png]
These arches appear in an 8th Power Juliabulb
within an extremely limited range of values...

[Image: ja4xkuQ.png]