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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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I see these jagged edges
and the only feasible way of dealing with it
would be to either apply an extreme smoothing filter
like Dream Smoothing to the entire image
or to manually go over such problems
with a smudging brush.

[Image: ygB3mdx.png]

[Image: d8jUnvy.jpg]
Some redos are in order...

[Image: Ct3q0p1.png]

[Image: 8ucYN05.jpg]

[Image: riebMMU.png]

[Image: a0N6JRg.png]
[Image: yMGYaad.png]

[Image: xN3lhP1.jpg]

[Image: AIuHZI7.png]
3 images back

hybrid cut of pentagonal geometry

[Image: gJTThoB.jpg]

Fearsome Viking Shield !!!

...over a field of bubbling red ruin......

[Image: 9t1go3M.png]

"Web Of Lies"

Suitable for Medusa Hillary...

[Image: aUCEOOH.png]
[Image: XpJIVpM.png]
[Image: TP4sLqV.png]

enneagon .... should be high Smoke resolution

[Image: yS2TSKR.jpg]
Also I've been experimenting with Benesi formulas on recent images.
Today I rendered a Benesi Involution...

[Image: 5zkWmCC.png]

That enneagon is great at 400%.

Also I've been using a white balance filter with strange results images with orange/yellow tones suddenly show blues and greens.
There's no parameters with this.
Yet when I used it on an abalone shell there was no change.
Since you're into photography
do you know why this is?

[Image: AHISmBZ.png]
This started with a Benesi Involution
subjected to Dream Smoothing
and a difficult "Anguish" filter...

so...after a term in an Abnormal Psychology textbook...

"Involutional Melancholia"

[Image: pEjD7Bb.png]
[Image: 8v8JZKl.png]
[Image: 6LAbAvz.png]
post 1628 {two back} reminds me of the alien bioweapon leaking ooze,
from the tops of the cylinders in the Prometheus movie,
preparing to morph into ...
You can almost see it moving or undulatingĀ in your image.
This droste is from a Benesi at 3200x2400...


[Image: v7ekvue.jpg]
[Image: 1Lgazwl.png]
[Image: NgtcH77.png]

[Image: XS1QlEy.png]
[Image: d7upAHe.png]
[Image: dNtgMsH.png]
now that is serious psilocybe induced fractal intensity {last image}
amazing really
I might be able to manipulate that one.
[Image: D2dvqUN.png]
[Image: 8ISzSRX.png]
[Image: 1a8pXbe.jpg]

Above with mix of Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Banana Tangie and Cookies & Cream.
from post 1653
I had a lot of trouble with this one -- lots of computer sluggishness ...
it would not cooperate well.
I made an initial pentagon that had good resolution,
but I trued to futz it into something else .. something new,
which involved reduction of image size,
so I could replicate anotherĀ pattern,
and it became a pentagon again with internal rearrangements.
Lot of resolution lost in over processing

[Image: xaPCD5T.jpg]
Too bad you can't subject it to another Droste transform.
[Image: F65fJYE.png]
[Image: LESnIgU.jpg]
[Image: p4gF5C6.jpg]

[Image: yVqXBrM.jpg]
[Image: nyX28Rx.jpg]
the last one is luscious,
but I did this one

[Image: 29tPgEh.jpg]



travel around through it at 400% -- pretty cool with good resolution

I looked at that octagon at skulls!

This next is best seen with a Hillary Medusa mindset...

[Image: PguFKZi.png]
Queen Of The Swamp

[Image: gXZOw4j.png]
[Image: rusXdOI.png]
[Image: 0sCHnyy.jpg]