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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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[Image: tisvhK7.jpg]
-- fractal generated Mars glaciated landscape! -- 
[Image: hxrt0ps.jpg]
[Image: S9G12up.jpg]

maybe should have left color alone,
but I like it.
At 400%
from top center down is great resolution viewing.

[Image: cWWogbt.jpg]

[Image: LCRPT8n.jpg]
[Image: iofF0NU.jpg]
[Image: 29064501_1738692229525646_13229283319564...e=5B282B47]
[Image: h8i9slP.jpg]
[Image: EanmiPO.jpg]
[Image: U4c5MpU.jpg]
[Image: VyzrSJo.jpg]
I hand rub that big jade every day ... at least a little bit.
It would look better rotated 90 degrees to the left,
so that it sits upright.
Amazing that you were able to lift the rock off the original image,
and install it into that image.
That silver blue finish on the rock has faded a bit,
but the occasional hand rubbing keeps it with adhering color.
I also have a process for red skinned jades.
those red ones are called "vulcan" jades,
a nonsense term made up by Big Sur marketing of jades,
but the name stuck.
As soon as  can find a camera that I like, 
then I can show the red jade that I have in particular.
It would do well in a fractalized image.
So would some bots ... Hmm2
I rotated it to fit in with its drosted background rendition.

Red jade would definitely work.

The main problem was dealing with the specular reflection
washing out detail in the ~5Kx2 image.

The rock's setting was removed by adding transparency
and manually using an erasing brush.
As a layer, it was then opened over the background.
Here's a Red Jade Boulder from

[Image: Vo3IMcF.jpg]
Jade Divers --- those are Big Sur guys, 
I tested some of Alan's material a few years ago to include some Vonson Blue.
I have some red ones,
and I am waiting to photo a dynamic one.
I will look for a red one that may have good form.
[Image: XWwEy4I.jpg]
[Image: 6dU9QZ1.jpg]
[Image: njdVeEO.jpg]
Two posts back,
too much geometry confines the free flow of the fractals,
but this one is pretty cool anyways.
It was quite the journey of slice and splice to get this one.

[Image: jR8Bv8j.jpg]


good resolution,
and it also looks great rotated 36 degrees -- a little more definition to 3D.



had to try them both,
which perspective is better ?

[Image: yVxd2P9.jpg]

your last one

[Image: igJ8gdX.jpg]

Here's the base image I used...

[Image: UKvZrlU.jpg] get that image took 18 of the X shapes around the perimeter.


Here's another construction sequence...

Starting with a Tricorn Involution...

[Image: BIh3D1Q.png]

Join 3 of them like this...

[Image: MUvUcup.png]

Connect these like tinkertoys...

[Image: aIdtldj.jpg]

Further uses..

[Image: HC1HERx.jpg]

[Image: oltRYus.jpg]

I thought the last one was unidentified tic-tacs
as seen by the nootropically enhanced Navy Pilots.
when you say,
"construction sequence ... and ... connect like tinker toys"
are you manuualy moving the pieces, and sections via a mouse,
or commanding a program to assemble sequences?

The white background is a good way to show assembly patterns.
I forgot to try it.

[Image: bvQyNyr.jpg]

or just this

[Image: WVgpRdp.jpg]

"when you say,
"construction sequence ... and ... connect like tinker toys"
are you manuualy moving the pieces, and sections via a mouse,
or commanding a program to assemble sequences?"

The first triune assembly was by making 3 duplicates of the original Tricorn.
Each copy then became a separate layer which could be manually moved.
This assembly could then also be copied, rotated, flipped H or V and further connected.
Thus large structures can be rapidly produced.

[Image: LwVqirM.jpg]

[Image: 5mS0vxa.jpg]
This is the base image for the image above^...

[Image: SYI1uRQ.png]
[Image: vHDTEsz.jpg]
[Image: 2W4qN8R.jpg]
That is exceptional.
You can interchange a variety of backgrounds as well, I assume.
... problem.

That background was made of ~10 colored fog layers of various opacities and turbulences.
These layers can be raised/lowered relative to others
with effects on details, etc. since each layer contains transparency.

 [Image: mOty4Qi.jpg]
[Image: oXWaFLV.jpg]
[Image: nUxiasb.jpg]
[Image: V7Eyj2T.jpg]
This is the first from a 64 bit program...Mandelbulb3D,
though nowhere near any kind of usability...

[Image: nhALciK.jpg]