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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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[Image: 6yI31MV.jpg]

DE Combinate BenesiPine2(SphereHeightVoid+NewMengerSmt+AmazingBox+Menger1)
[Image: hYVNv23.jpg]

[Image: vFEC9OR.png]

DE Combinate NewMenger(CylinderHeightMap+TorusHeightMap+Menger1)Julia
I spent the whole last week prepping my next door house,
for the new renter.
It just never ends.

Your first one at the top of the page,
DE Combinate BenesiPine2(SphereHeightVoid+NewMengerSmt+AmazingBox+Menger1)

It just cannot be made better.
You kind of hit the top with that one.
I would have to dramatically reduce image size and try to create something from there,
but that usually results in loss of resolution,
but I might try it.

The third or last image is wild with those Widmanstatten type patterns all around the perimeter.


 Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019, 07:44 am
it just cannot be 
When I think of a way to describe what is seen without being tedious...
recall when I was using ChaosPro,
there was a way of rendering an involution or inside view, and that it was very difficult?
I've found out how to do it with M3D.
The details revealed a host of problems dealing with noise factors.

DE Combinate General(Toroid Heightmap+Apollonian3D)Julia

[Image: ohYD0kD.jpg] the center largest Juliabulb object contains a Toroid Height Map,
one of which is a bigger version of one of the 9 closest rings.
It has been cut open to see the interior.
The slice depth can be set.
Two from your image at the top of the page.
I tried a newer addition of sharpening the image.
We shall see if it helped or not.

[Image: Td7myiY.jpg]

[Image: tRle4d7.jpg]



The first one is a bit over sharpened ... the second is better at 400%.

Damned those are disturbingly cyborgian of the heightmap formulas 
within a Menger Sponge spawns a shoggoth oozing through the passageways.

DECombinate SphereHeightmapVoid(AmazingIFS+Menger1)Julia

[Image: taNz1vE.jpg]
These next 5 images are DE Combinates 
of various types of formulas...Torus Heightmap, Menger, Hopf,
Riemann, Aexion, etc...

[Image: Dx7PFg5.png]

[Image: ELc4dHd.jpg]

[Image: mRxcRBi.jpg]

[Image: 9LmO0K2.jpg]

[Image: VuMW5r4.jpg]
DE Combinate AexionC(Heightmap2+Menger1)Julia

[Image: aK6sCqv.jpg]

[Image: mA9XwIn.png]
Start with this one, just an expanded grid.
Let me know if it is too bright or over sharpened.

[Image: qNqmtRh.jpg]


I hope to continue tonight ... this replacement computer completely failed last night.
No monitor, no keyboard ...
This morning it somehow fired up.
So if I disappear for a few days, you know I am setting up a new computer.


holy smokes ... from computer foo doo to truck snafu ...

ready to roll this morning to the jade creeks and truck is dying with missing cylinders.

mechanic is just a block away ... mice <--- Scream
have started eating through the wiring harness to the fuel injection Damned

so I am stranded till next week.

At least the computer fired up.



No question, two nights ago when this computer failed:
no monitor ... no keyboard ...
at just before midnight,
when it failed,
that is the exact same time the rat Nibble ate through my wiring to the fuel injectors.
Exact same time.
To the millisecond.
I was so stressed near midnight when the computer failed,
and then trying to fix it for another hour, and then I couldn't sleep.

The truck failed the next morning,
and barely made it to the mechanic who said -- 
Monday is the soonest repair date.


The computer inexplicably fired up that morning and now works.
The mechanic called with a cancellation 30 minutes after getting the truck home,
and fixed it a half an hour.

from disaster to sunny day

To keep rats nesting inside the engine area,
the mechanic told me ... use Bounce or Snuggies scented dryer sheets.
man they are toxic,
but that rat did not sleep in the engine area last night,
and he has his last meal of wiring.

Mechanic says rats and mice eat wiring because formaldehyde in the wires,
attracts them and so they chew right through them.
Fucking rat also chewed through a vacuum hose. 

So, all is well for now, what a mind fuck though.
And on that note, I did a couple of regrids while I had a chance.

[Image: 118ez49.jpg]

[Image: vYtWkvI.jpg]

Ninja ___ Hmm2 A quantum entanglement field/beam intersected your CPU and truck
at the same time, the entanglement of computer and truck being carried out by informing
both machines to malfunction...and the rats were simply caught in the immediate area, their brains responding robotically.

Next 2 images are from DE Combinate AexionC(Heightmap+New Menger)Julia...…

[Image: rw4RTHl.jpg]

 [Image: WxvPUMA.jpg]
One of yours a few back, I changed the color scheme a lot.
it's also nice to look at rotated 30 degrees, or rotate your vision frame of reference 30 degrees.

[Image: lOPazzo.jpg]
My Rorschach analysis of your latest sees a raging bulldog.

DE Combinate AexionC(Torus HeightmapVoid+Heightmap2)Julia
 [Image: pngGpG9.png]
2 variations using the same formula.
The 2nd image added a Schwartz formula to the (TorusHeightmapVoid+Heightmap) hybrid,
and then decombinated as before with AexionC. 
I was just expecting to see something within the snaking channels
and instead saw strange vines!

[Image: 5pYV5Cv.png]

[Image: YFVPW0x.jpg]
[Image: n7dvfCb.jpg]
This one is from your last image.
Two things were highly altered in this grid reprocessing.
Your background was significantly rearranged.
In your original image the central disc is too dark compared to the background surrounding it.
I managed to extract the full central disc,
and place it onto another template, 
enhance and brighten it to the colors and brightness of the original back ground,
then successfully reinsert it back into the original image, 
prior to the pentagonal gridding process.
This often entails significant repairs, but this one followed through easy and fast.

[Image: ZkfJRBp.jpg]


Bizarre with that pentagonal transformation
of the circular feature.

DE Combinate AexionC(TorusHeightmap+Heightmap+Schwartz+Menger1)Julia

  [Image: aw8E0Ti.jpg]
This is zoomed out from my last...

[Image: hDaJlt6.jpg]
[Image: 31vjv7j.jpg]


that last one ... 
in higher magnification you can almost see it oscillate with motion changing the interior form.

From your last one. 
I didn't have room to create a nice perimeter design.

[Image: Z6HU8OD.jpg]

"...that last one ... 
in higher magnification you can almost see it oscillate with motion changing the interior form."

The central grid pattern was made with the Schwartz formula
which includes rotation parameters for all x,y,z axes
therefore making it possible to turn that part of the image
independently of other formulas.
Turning the Schwartz 45 deg. greatly improved the visual impact.

Speaking of impact,
I'm using a new Logitech keyboard with LED lighting
which I set to all dark red Koolaid .

Same formulas...

[Image: 1heBHeF.jpg]

DE Combinate Heightmap2(MengerSMT+Aex Octo)Julia

[Image: 6viSycC.jpg]
DE Combinate JsKleinMod(TorusHMVoid+Heightmap2+Schwartz)Julia

[Image: 86G1wK4.jpg]
DE Combinate AexionC(SphereHeightmap+NewMenger2)Julia

[Image: giobnqV.jpg]
DE Combinate General(SphereHeightmap+Apollo3D)Julia

[Image: BtZIO4h.jpg]
DE Combinate AexionC(SphereHeightmap+NewMenger2+Amazing)

[Image: kMvjsli.jpg]
DE Combinate AexionC(Heightmap+CylinderHeightmap+Menger1)Julia

[Image: XwJMEAO.jpg]
Some of your latest ones are works of art.
Difficult to compliment with a reconstructed image.
I tried a few tonite to little  avail,
and this was the only one that was OK.
Plus I'm dead tired from days of jade hunting in leaking waders.
If I didn't have thermal socks I wouldn't make it through the day, 
or maybe even just an hour.
But I did well.

[Image: dVit0TE.jpg]

low resolution?
I used too small of an image size.
Hmm2 Are aliens controlling human brains
to render crop circle patterns in other ways?
Alien2  Ancient astronaut theorists say "Yes!"

DE Combinate AexionC+CylinderHeightmap+Amazing+NewMenger)Julia

[Image: Qvrb5FC.jpg]

DE Combinate Ikenagabulb(Heightmap+NewMenger+Schwartz)Julia

[Image: GEnw20b.jpg]
DE Combinate Heightmap(Ikenagabulb+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: eNujon8.jpg]
DE Combinate Riemann2(Heightmap+NewMenger+Schwartz)Julia

[Image: Wt5HSVj.jpg]