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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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DE Combinate Heightmap(Riemann2+AexionC+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: ULJM9Q8.jpg]

(Note...The 45deg tilt of the Aexion part
could not have been corrected without
badly distorting the Riemann appearance)

I wanted to bring this one up from the bottom of the last page.
It is exceptional.
Your images linked at imgur have great magnification with their magnification program.

[Image: Wt5HSVj.jpg]
"Your images linked at imgur have great magnification with their magnification program."

Since my images are 2Kx2K they are too large for the Imgur edit program...AFAIK...…

DE Combinate Heightmap(Riemann2+MengerKochV2+ReciprocalYZ)

[Image: s8TN9ji.jpg]
DE Combinate Heightmap2(Riemann2+MengerKochV2+ReciprocalYZ)

The first part of the hybrid, Heightmap2, 
has a feature the programmer notes call an "infinity bubble",
and it shows better in the 2nd image
which is a zoom into the center of the 1st image,
and uses a heightmap with the sinuous forms.

Everything is tilted ~45  degrees...

[Image: RYeVynw.png]

[Image: hmotkTl.jpg]
Here is a wild recombination grid,
I almost got the whole thing into the space.
From the image that I brought up from the bottom of the last page.
Try 400%

[Image: 3rF7h83.jpg]

At high power there are details that would look great zoomed into...
if only M3D would be capable...…

Same formula as my last...this next is looking 90 degrees downward.
(Note...the blue color showed only after applying a "white balance" to the image,
and all else looked the same.)

[Image: cr67LXg.jpg]
DE Combinate Aex-Octo(Heightmap+Schwartz)Julia

[Image: vq1c47G.jpg]
I did a lot of work on this one.
then noticed a disaster in some splicing that somehow failed.


So I had to envelope the perimeter as seen to hide the flawed parts.

Should be great resolution.

[Image: LvnGHyB.jpg]


Also looks great rotated 30 degrees, 
or so that the central hex sits on it's side,
rather than on a point.

Or tilt head 30 degrees of vision.

[Image: thumbsup.png][Image: biggrin.png]

DE Combinate HeightMap(Aex-Octo+Menger-Koch)Julia

[Image: Qzgqi9R.png]

DE Combinate Sphere HeightMap(Aex-Octo+Menger-KochV2)Julia

[Image: 9M3taPI.jpg]
DE Combinate Schwartz(Aex-Octo+AexTorus+AexionC+Aexion1)Julia

[Image: GS84toy.jpg]
The 1st image I did a few weeks ago...

DE Combinate BenesiPine2(SphereHeightMapVoid+MengerSMT+Amazing+Menger1)Julia

[Image: 6yI31MV.jpg]

This is a rework with a different Menger formula...

DE Combinate BenesiPine2(SphereHeightMapVoid+NewMenbger2+Amazing+Menger1)

[Image: dI3l2uy.jpg]

[Image: vxnmrdK.jpg]


[Image: YYv1chE.jpg]

I liked everything in the results of this attempt,
except the central bright yellow geometric figure.
I didn't have time to insert a completely different central area,
which can be done on this one.
Nonetheless I tried a nine sided object and tried to make the full form bulge like a bubble.
The image quality should provide quality magnifications.

[Image: xXCagK9.jpg]
Damned  I just got through reading about "Synthetic DNA" that uses more than 4 bases......

DE Combinate SphereHeightMapVoid(AexionC+Ruckerbulb+MengerSMT)Julia

[Image: 8W2n4pL.jpg]

A programmer's note for the combinate smoothing parameter
says that scientific notation can be used, eg. "3e-5".
So far I've thought a setting of ~.1 was sufficient but the above example would be .00003 !

This image was rendered with that parameter at .00001 ...
DE Combinate SphereHeightMapVoid(AexionC+Ruckerbulb+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: nJJ8eqo.jpg]
DE Combinate SphereHeightMapVoid(MengerKochV2+AexionC)Julia 

[Image: 2rK9dzZ.jpg]
This last one of yours is spectacular. Hope to try it in the coming days.
I am out a lot on jade hikes during the day,
leaving soon.
Here is a pan over to the left side blue area...

[Image: hQA3qiz.jpg]
Another pan and further insanitization...

[Image: OtcWKAd.jpg]

From 3 images back,
this should magnify very well.

[Image: wj2bXYu.jpg]
Hmm2 ...might there be a market for real fractal wallpaper
printed to be tileable?

I redid my last image with the GIMP Dream Smoothing filter...

 [Image: vTZN3j2.jpg]

Somehow I used a 4000 x 4000 grid ... so it all got smunched.
Originally meant to be an enneagon, now truncated into something else ...
This should magnify very well 

[Image: URsMJUC.jpg]

have you seen this?

they have a good video of their product on FB

I saved that fractal link.
How long does it take to make videos like that?

I got a new version of GIMP,
so these next are for testing......

[Image: JPEWPRb.jpg]

[Image: vpXgx96.jpg]

[Image: TIaKxS2.jpg]

[Image: opnbG4W.jpg]
[Image: 1Der255.jpg]

[Image: 3bPl0mO.jpg]
[Image: LYIyhmd.jpg]
[Image: j1NmpaX.jpg]
More than anything, 
the blue curvilinear background texture in this image,
is what is facilitated into something novel,
from your original background.
The central motifs are interesting, but it all should be good resolution.

[Image: 9RK6UBE.jpg]
I thought about this one ... maybe not that good of a result,
but after all the work,
I decided to post it anyways.
One can certainly over do the grid manipulations ... Best viewed from top center down.

[Image: T6ipMs7.jpg]
DE Combinate Heightmap(Aex-octo+Makin-NSR+Menger4)
(Next day this looks too dark)

[Image: sE6XC9z.jpg]
Reworked one from a week ago
to reduce noise in details and make them sinuous,
and improve color.

DE Combinate SphereHeightmapVoid(AexionC+Ruckerbulb+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: yprz0A7.jpg]
DE Combinate SphereHeightmapVoid(MengerKochV2+General+Menger4+AexionC)Julia

[Image: K2bM754.jpg]
I like that a lot.
Exclusive high society alien art jewelry and time travel synchronizer.
DE Combinate Heightmap(Ides+Aex-octo+MengerKochV2+Sphereinv)Julia

[Image: UoO5WEm.jpg]