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Full Version: 3D MANDLEBROT
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I will have to look at this one later in the evening and see if it is bright enough.
This should have good resolution at high magnification,
and nice 3D effects. 
Thinking that I am losing resolution and brightness when transferring the image between computers.

[Image: XmfPbdy.jpg]
[Image: vSwdIxw.jpg]

Usually background symmetry looks too forced/should.
I've been trying a Gimp "Symmetrize" filter...
also "Gaussian Smoothing" is interesting vs "Diffusion Smoothing.
[Image: AGfWrvy.jpg]
Alternate (Tricorn+CosinePow2+CosinePow8+BenesiT1+BT2)Julia

[Image: Qtp1gqF.jpg]

I have been getting some of my jade rocks cut open,
so I reconstructed some of the slabs into geometries.
Very experimental here, as I don't use this medium too often.

First image is a reverse color image
[Image: qlbQwu6.jpg]

2nd image is a slab that was green and blue with thin blue chatoyant cats eye veins.
Those thin veins appear in the green section that surrounds the central blue hexagonal area.

[Image: 95wYSfS.jpg]

3rd image is a nice blue jade into an octagonal geometry.
The background is grass.

[Image: hZLNroh.jpg]
The jade cuts reveal infinite resolution when seen at max zoom.
Gargoyle symmetries abound.
Do you have any other samples with polished surfaces?

DE Combinate Tricorn(ScalingPlus+CosinePow8+BenesiT1+BT2)Julia

[Image: QJrXeyF.jpg]
Nephrite jade upscaled from 600x400 to 1800x1200
resulting in some loss of detail...showing possibilities.

Gimp filters include Magic Details, Symmetrize, Tone and Texture Enhance, Channel Processing.

[Image: WKNRo5D.jpg]
That is really cool. Turned out pretty good resolution actually.
Reminds me of flip - mirror in a Martian landscape.

Quote:Do you have any other samples with polished surfaces?

Those jades used for the images were cut on a huge saw with a good lapidary blade,
then had a little mineral oil put of the flat surface,
then wiped clean with a cloth and then hand and finger rubbed a bit.
The blade put the polish on them.
I have lots of cut rocks showing the interiors.
grossular, diopside, vesuvianite, and jade mostly.

This guy has a jade cutting operation, and this monster is the saw we used.
The blade and housing moves on rails back and forth, sideways and up and down.
here it is cutting a 70 pound piece of grossular garnet

[Image: 7yPuZY9.jpg]

Here is one we cut the same day.
This is a 65 pound diopside nephrite jade mix.
Rare quality here to get these swirly patterns so profusely condensed together.
I should do a reconstructed grid of this one as well,
but you are welcome to use it if you would like.
I found this at the absolute end of the last longest rock bar,
sitting down deep in a hole with it's nose sticking out.

[Image: MntDGnW.jpg]


Quote:This is a 65 pound diopside nephrite jade mix.

Rare quality here to get these swirly patterns so profusely condensed together.

No scaling necessary...

[Image: 66mqF7f.jpg]
[Image: 25a1NZ5.png]

[Image: 3lKJ5wp.png]

[Image: EG377Si.jpg]
[Image: 0bxMoG5.jpg]
Image#1...DE Combinate Ducks(MakinNSR+ScalingPlus+CosinePow8)Julia
Image#2...DE Combinate Ducks(Ikenagabulb+ScalingPlus+CosinePow8)Julia

[Image: cF5SjmY.jpg]

[Image: ot93U4s.jpg]
[Image: 9LGUmAs.jpg]

[Image: cwl2Fip.jpg]

[Image: c1SZVLS.jpg]

[Image: X4hny0Z.jpg]
Some beautiful selections in the last two posts.
I will try some soon in a reconstructed grid.
In the last post selection of 4 images, the one that is full of bubble forms,
at low magnification it looks awesomely great.
But at high magnification the edges of all the bubbles show serrated edges.
Flaw noted...can be corrected......

This next started with ChaosPro Tricorn...

[Image: CFx3HcV.jpg]

I love that type of fractal of yours.
I did this one already but hope to do the recent one soon as well.

Background had low resolution to begin with, couldn't improve that in this image below.
My first try on this was too small of a pentagon.
By splitting the scene in a flip mirror the image size increases by 65%.
Somewhat of a repetitive motif geometry of mine, but all I could do tonight.
Perimeter work on this one took a long time.

[Image: xud09IV.jpg]
[Image: TU5z5Ep.jpg]
DE Combinate WeirdCube(AexionC+CosinePow8+BenesiT1+BT2)Julia

[Image: VYG00GA.jpg]

[Image: 7Z5eV15.jpg]

and amazing that you got the serrated edges out of this one in your earlier repair.

[Image: 4dp8dU4.jpg]

Since you pointed out the edge flaw,
I looked at a few other images
and now I see it occurs in several cases... Cry

This is based on a previous image
subjected to Gimp Conformal Maps and Symmetrize filters...

 [Image: 265XUmO.jpg]

[Image: yvcYkDn.jpg]
[Image: zW8CF8q.jpg]

[Image: VE3zuUD.jpg]

[Image: lcdgr30.jpg]
[Image: jPwt7NT.jpg]
I was swamped with traveling for 8 of 11 days.
140 mile round trip each day,
and on my feet all day on the rock bars looking for jade.
Often up at 4:30 to 6 am, and out by 10 PM.
Two of the days off were for recovery ... house vegetable in recovery, getting too old.
So I should be able to be here a little more often now.
I tried one of your recent ones.
They could use better resolution.
I can compensate for that to a point.
This one last night took over two hours and failed.
I tried to transfer it to a 7000 by 7000 pixel grid, but the program failed.
Through a series of tricks, I was able to resurrect the image to this result.
best i could do

and now I am locked out of imgur ... I don;t know why that happens,
hope to edit and resign back in to post the image

what a pain in the ass ... Imgur simply resets everything and you have to install a new password

[Image: uy8qybF.jpg]


I did not do any perimeter work on this form,
because I wanted the design to fit the  space, which was 6500 by 6500 to start.

[Image: uPvZsep.jpg]

I also had to reenter pw today in both imgur and thm...
could it be due to DST reset?
The last time for both was when Trump took care of "the problem".

I've been experimenting with the Gimp "Conformal Maps" filter.
It has a custom formula with a default expression in a dialog box
that makes it possible to try different variables and can use "i" which stands for imagionary values in complex numbers.

Here's some recent work
when I wasn't binge watching The Silent Service...

[Image: v2ALtXb.png]

[Image: LrgJZur.jpg]

[Image: UQHyR8e.jpg]

[Image: 9yT7m0S.jpg]

[Image: YI4YXPz.jpg]

[Image: R5Ov2yX.jpg]
[Image: og8kZqo.jpg?1]

[Image: 0XjcytG.png]

[Image: e6Tlt0s.jpg]

[Image: GXyrLQ4.png]

[Image: csgySQS.jpg]

[Image: sGVRe8A.png]
Now that is shaving it close!
I got the whole image to exactly within a hair of a 6000 x 6000 pixel grid.

I lost some color somewhere in playing with color.
I seem to lose resolution from the other computer to this one via flash drive,
or this computer sucks.

I could not obscure the serrated edges on some of the perimeter design on this one.

edit -- image updated a bit for more clarity and color

[Image: 2iHvAFK.jpg]

Gimp is showing it can take over 3.5 GB RAM while some filters are being used,
so more memory probably will prevent crashing.
Serrated/scalloped edges are a downside of "conformal maps" unfortunately.

[Image: 2knPCg8.jpg]
These were made with a Gimp plasma filter plasma filter,
the first with a top layer turned into a sphere to make better use of the usual conformal center mashup,
and the second image with a top layer turned into a Gimp 3D"weird shape" transformed by conformal formula log(z)-i,
a better way of generating symmetry...

[Image: n5pIxVZ.jpg]

[Image: X8JNZcT.jpg]
[Image: toYBMtA.jpg]

[Image: pOkdJ0T.jpg]

[Image: H2o02GO.jpg]
The 3rd image back may have been 
influenced by these members of
The Church of Starry Wisdom...
operating on a subliminal level......

[Image: LhBouiv.jpg]


 [Image: qJvrOEL.jpg]

[Image: fQBcCUC.jpg]
While trying to fix specular lights
I found a new Gimp filter, "Illuminate 2D Shapes".
It's too involved to give an adequate descrption as yet
but this is combined with another light/shadow/bumpmap filter.
Compare the bluish feature at top with other large scale areas......

[Image: wZZGaV2.jpg]
I started off the first image by failing on an enneagon,
and it had to the truncated into the first odd image,
due to image size, and gave up.
I did better on the second image,
and was happy with the third image,
which was one of yours from several posts back. 

[Image: 7wbVxtA.jpg]

[Image: hJQZCfR.jpg]

[Image: SRxtR4i.jpg]