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Full Version: Animal mind and consciousness in global cosmic evolution
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A lot has been made of us as humans evolving psychicly
here in this countdown to 2012.

I personally believe this is happening.
It doesn't matter whether or not 2012 is a specific date or referential framework
of our capacity to become telepathic and communicate that way
as the evolution of our species minds,
it is happening, and we can see it develop in a lot of the children today,
some of which are referred to as Chrystal children.

In the 60s modern western society reintegrated into what many of the ancient societies
had done for centuries with the usage of psychedelic drugs like LSD, peyote, and mushroom dimethyltryptamines.

Not only did that open the minds of western society as a whole,
it was immediately incorporated
into the TV and movie media with visionary film applications of imagery
stimulated by imagination from those drugs.
Often, the film makers and cartoon drawers of Hollywood came from our high schools and colleges
after the usage of MJ and LSD and such,
and the first psychedelic imagery came out in posters
of Jeffeson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix.

[Image: jimi-hendrix.jpg]

[Image: 1154909869_c1771e53c6.jpg]

yea, that's right
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Media had to produce similar "hallucinatory" effects via the TV tube and the sci fi movies,
in order to compete with the trips people were taking in the astral cosmos via these stimulating drugs.

Imagine when we were in high school ca 1970 and if we saw the movie Avatar.
Or had the images of fractal expansion at our fingertips on computers.
Or if that happened in 1930, before the onset of WWII.

At Esalen Soviet military visitors were fed LSD and such,
and not long after the Soviet Union crashed.

So the PTB forged the new media to fill in the blanks so to say for the masses
that were primed to induce drug effects "seen" on these drugs, ...that media as a replacement.
What the PTB could not and did not want was
the factor of consciousness to evolve on the fast track which is what happens with LSD
and shrooms and such,
so the media evolution was geared to be a controlled consciousness evolution for the masses.

Drug laws became draconian, and are still that way,
and most of America and the rest of the world still has never seen or understands a fractal.

Slowly but surely everybody across the globe sees pieces of the "psychedelic revolution"
in every aspect of media ...especially games...sci fi and magic fantasy movies.

The PTB could not afford to have the "psychedelic" or the "psychic" revolutions
tsunami through the global masses,
because everybody would just quit supporting the global
military defense energy industrial corporate whoredoms and banking comnglomerates
that control the world.

Slowly but surely this is happening anyways...
but it has been polluted by the mass media controlled consciousness evolution networks.

In 50-200 years people will be able to taste the realities of telepathic communication.

We all do it now, some of us can really do it well,
whilst the masses suffer in global economic mind slavery.

Point being is that as we are fed propaganda and disinformation all colored with the media
interpretations of these psychedelic visions, conscious evolution is being controlled and guided
tio maintain the industrial proletarian realities that promulgate the military industrial complexes
of various nations.

Psychedelic visions....?
Take one look at the trance flash beginning of Sunday or Monday Night Football.
Here Ms. Sunday Night is in her flash-back-a-lac psychedelic cage.

[Image: DSC09674a.jpg]

Now everybody goes to fantasy movies of incredible journeys eons beyond Peter Pan,
all happening in 40 years or less.

Our most horrible nightmares and most beautiful fantasies can be replicated by Hollywood media now.
In the middle of all that presentation is the filtered in propagandas and subtle mind control.

As humans consciously evolve,
so does the life force of the planet,
and IMO so are the animals we live with.

Though they suffer the degradations of being "dancing bears", performing Killer Whales,
and circus or zoo show toys,
they too are learning and consciously evolving.

I am sure that everybody here will agree that there are tons of cats and dogs
a hell of a lot smarter and packed with more love and conscious empathy
than most humans.

The animal kingdom though perpetually being wiped to extinction by mankind,
and polluted by man's toxic chemicals and toxic mind presences,
still for the most part is not influenced by media manipulation.

You can't bore your dog to death and make him slump like a mindless slug into a couch
to watch Fox News and the Wall Street goons like Ben Bernanke fuck us all in ass,
by the inundatuion of toxic foods and medicines, and media propagandas
and develop preconditioned opinions about world events.

You can't make a whale, or a dolphin watch Spielberg war movies,
or watch Mission Impossible, or experience nightmare stars Freddie and Jason do Oprah,
but the global industries can pollute the oceans with toxics
and make them sick, and curtail their psychic evolutions as well.

Whales have larger brains than we do,
and have their own communication capacity we do not fully understand.

My point is that if we as humans are in a phsysical/psychic consciousness evolution,
so are the more evolved animals, especially mammals, but do not underestimate birds
like Crows and Osprey, and Owls.

I have seen smarter insects than some humans.

God bless all the Earth's animals, may they do better than we as humans have exhibited.

Many of the animals may not survive the next 50 years.
They have suffered far worse than any manmade human catastrophe
that mankind has beset upon himself.

They deserve the chance to evolve as well. ... -drowning/
Beluga Whale Saves Free Diver from Drowning

Quote:The Beluga Mila was said to have helped Yun
by grabbing on to her leg with it’s mouth before organizers
even noticed the problem
and they watched in amazement how using her sensitive dolphin like nose
the whale guided the helpless diver safely to the surface.

Love Consciousness in the Beluga Mila
[Image: Beluga-Whale-Saves-Diver-2.jpg]

The Human greed and sickness
[Image: whaling_harpoon_canon_and_harponer.jpg]

[Image: DolphinStop.jpg]

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