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Full Version: I think I'll start my own fishing show
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Sometimes you just can't win for losing.

I don't fall in often, but it did happen once.

Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing
need help?
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" /> I love those! Who knew fishing was so hazardous.
If you'd just come down the valley a few miles last year, I could have put you in the boat for an audition.
Next time, eh?
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smoke.gif" alt="Smoke" title="smoke" />
That dog really wanted his moment of fame.
Rofl Rofl

That was really funny.
When he had that electric motor flying all over the place,
I was amazed that he didn't let out a curse word.
Almost seemed staged on that one.

I was on the Nooksack River shore fishing here when I hear this weird crash and bang
just upriver around the corner on the river bend, perhaps at the log jam.
Well, about 30 seconds later I see a boat upside down floating by in the river
accompanied by a loose tackle box, and no human.
Then I see this chest wader outfitted fisherman with a very high chest wader,
cutting across the shoreline where I am, all sopping spilling wet,
with his water filled and inflated Pillsbury Dough Boy chest waders {from being swamped},
waddling towards me from around the corner, and he is cursing.....

You see,
he doesn't stop to lay down and drain out all that water from his waders
He sloshes by like a cartoon, and that boat is making a getaway down the bend,
but it is a wide bend in slow current.
I watch this clown head back into the water, and walk across the river bottom
trying to intercept his boat as he gets deeper and deeper.
Finally the poor bastard is high titty deep and struggling hard
and I am taking off my shoes thinking I might have to go save him,
and at the last second he reaches out in a lunge and catches that boat
pulls himself up on it, and sprawls exhausted and then disappears down out of sight.

he was pretty off balanced throughout all those events. The electric motor coming off in his hands almost got away from him a few times-had a hold of it by the cord or something... lol what an unconscious dude. Is he lucky outwitting the fish?
As many things that happened to him over the years, most other guys would have cursed.
I understand though, I almost never say so much as damn. It's just partly how your raised.
I got a kick out of hearing him say "dadgummit". Hearing my dad say it when I was young, I say that all the time!
When I really get mad at somebody, and just have to let it out, instead of saying "Kiss my ass" that they soon forget, I'll tell 'em "They can just kiss mine....., up, down, and across both sides".
They always get the message, and sometimes, after a shocked look, some start chuckling.
Guess I shouldn't say this, but 90% of the few times I say it, the wife's the one who hears it, and she doesn't take it serious anymore.
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" /> @ Bill getting goosed. Is that the Black Swan that the econ bloggers talk about?
when you get the show up and runnin come on down to south louisiana for some salt water fishing. last summer the redfish were on a feeding frenzy and i laid my rod down for just a second to hand the net to my fishing buddy and wham, my rod went flying out of the boat. strangely enough it landed on top of his line which was taught with a fish on it. it was only 1 inch to far when i reached for it. i heard a splash and laughter when i surfaced. but managed to retrieve a $200 rod and reel with nice redfish still attached. the most amazing thin to me was how easy it was to swim while wearing steel toed boots. iv always heard they woud drag you doen, but in actuallity the were no burden at all.
Chest waders are a real killer in current. Even hip boots can be bad.
I think any boot would tire you rapidly if you had to swim a far distance.
In a way I envy the guys who have built a reputation enough to have a popular fishing show.
But, I think it would ruin the 'fun' aspect pretty quick if it was just another job without the all consuming love, and I'm not even sure that would last forever.
As it is now, I can take a few minutes and lay the rod aside to watch an otter, or eagle, eat a sandwich and watch a mule deer buck slip thru the trees. The sounds of the river are always soothing, and if I sit in one spot long enough instead of 'working the holes', I may see a big ole rainbow chasing a minnow just under the surface, that I might have passed by otherwise.
When I'm in the boat, I always have a partner, but I often fish the bank by myself.
I enjoy the quiet sometimes too!