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Full Version: 23% Polled Do Not Feel Like Govt Represents Them
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After yet another week spent listening to the common man and woman's atrocious stories of hideous attacks they've encountered with the systems in this really slapped me upside the head with WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? who died and left them God over us? Judges, legal, court, hospital... all full of the scurviest pathologicals-enriching themselves in rigged games full of marks aka the American taxpayer. JEEZUS HAS IT ALWAYS BEEN THIS BLATANTLY CORRUPT?

I worked doing political surveys over the phone-talking to people all over this country. It was fun knowing that the masses aren't as stupid or as greedily callous as those who 'lead'. LEAD? when was the last time we had a leader? A topdog who gave us all creative inspiration to achieve great things? Personally and THEN thusly as a society?

All set up to steal us blind. I was on this site about 'psycho ex wives' the other night-researching the prevalence of psychopaths working the systems full of fellow psychopaths to their utter BANKRUPTCY-loss of all assets, children, legal bills of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! that boinked on a big red light for me. They allow the psychopaths to run havoc in court because THEY ALL MAKE BIG MONEY OFF OF IT-off the normals backs-off the childrens backs.

And I don't know what it is called when you HAVE to have a lawyer to even engage in these hideous battles called 'Civil lawsuits' and there are no ramifications for the thieves, liars, gamers regardless of how detrimental their bullshit bottom line goes. YOU will pay-they WILL profit. Though at jury duty herd call one time I did realize the PROSPECTIVE JURORS WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO WEREN'T PROFITING BY BEING THERE. Involved in someone elses dirty business. By force.

Just like in the corrupt medical system-costs for jack shit are so high-legal costs have totally run amok and these deceivers have NO oversight-they fuck you over-they KILL you or your loved one-that smarmy judge makes their judgments that gets you annihilated financially-puts you in deadly situations, ruins YOUR life to the degree where many would and do RATHER DIE THAN DEAL.

And with the only recourse available because all their crooked bases are covered is to SUE THEM... sue the crooked doctors in the crooked courts using crooked lawyers who have sould you out from the moment you've handed over the $3,5, 10,000 retainers they can go through like water and without any work done on your behalf at all.

whew! that was a good one! SHINE THE LIGHT SWEET CREATOR OF ALL...

hairs standing up on my neck-tingles up and down my spine... shine the light!