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Full Version: Fighting Man
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Kick ass vid.
Ludicrous provides the soundtrack to Rock.

last muhfuh that messed with me (actually he pushed my wife and cursed her like a dog) got a whole lot of what you're about to see, stupid bastard didn't see me coming across the parking lot witnessing what he was doing.
Hit a woman, especially the love of my life or daughters and you'll have to kill me or take a good ole BDR asswhoopin.

I love a good scrap, something primal about it, even when you get whooped
Especially when against some big bully goober head that automatically takes my size and demeanor for weakness thinking their bulk is their strength.
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If you can't fight like this, there's help.
There's a Dojo in almost every town, the life you save may be yours, the ass you kick off might benefit from the lesson in humility.

Aikido, Muy Thai, jujitsu are what I'm degreed in- and Qi Gong to keep it all balanced.

any Martial Artists here?
Weapons masters?

Let's talk.

One advantage I have is that I'm extremely fast.
I can run like hell.

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Just kidding, but I avoid physical conflict as much as possible because I like my teeth and nose.
My problem in the few occasions in my life is that I snap,
and the adrenaline might kill somebody too.

In those fight scenes there is a lot of leg kick attack and counter attacks.
Leg kick is what I have been practicing.
I can snap kick straight up to any jaw in a flash, as fast as a punch certainly.
To side kick effectively though I have to take a quick side step to replant one foot
then snap out at an odd angle.
I noticed fast repeated kicking in the video where they were displaying defense strategy.
The shots to the side of the knee were interesting.
I guess if you are going to engage in a fight you had better be ready for kicks to vital areas.

On the basketball courts it was never like that,
but there were plenty of quick fights.

Back in high school all us guys were at a movie, and we were young, boisterous with long hair...
Well this GI decides to basically call one of our group a fag and a fairy and blew him a kiss
on the way out the theater.
Well this guy Mikey, a senior in our group of kids was not much bigger than me at the time,
but he was ...bad...and he knew street fight like an art.
This GI was beefy,
and Mikey took that fucker and threw him over his shoulder to the ground
then jumped into his face so fast bloodied his nose ...broke his glasses..
.... and of course all the GIs jumped in to break it up,
but it took 3 of them to restrain Mikey.

Mikey was bad.
Mikey was also mean.
The Black and White scenes in a dojo are Steven Seagall in his younger years, forget his films, he really is someone you do not want to mess with.