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Full Version: Chilean mine disaster...Was it what we think?
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I love a good story!
Shades of H.P. lovecraft

At the 'caverns' of Madness!
Thank you.  A fun story. It makes me wonder if cavern-dwelling reptiles could have survived the last great extinction and continued to evolve.  Consider how much we don't know about the number of genera and species that could have arisen in 250 million years and there has been another 65 million years since the big one.

"How many types of dinosaurs are known?

Approximately 700 species have been named. However, a recent scientific review suggests that only about half of these are based on fairly complete specimens that can be shown to be unique and separate species. These species are placed in about 300 valid dinosaur genera (Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, etc.), although about 540 have been named. Recent estimates suggest that about 700 to 900 more dinosaur genera may remain to be discovered.

Most dinosaur genera presently contain only one species (for example, Deinonychus) but some have more (for example, Iguanodon). Even if all of the roughly 700 published species are valid, their number is still less than one-tenth the number of currently known living bird species, less than one-fifth the number of currently known mammal species, and less than one-third the number of currently known spider species. "
Good scenario for a movie. Very good !
I can recall a memetically similar story from several years ago, where some Peruvian soldiers were killed while trying to extract a family of chupacabras from a mountain cave. NASA was supposed to have sent a team in a large USAF cargo plane to retrieve the creatures, and the local airport was closed to regular flights while it was there.
This story does beg a few questions :- it sounds like there was quite a body count, so how did the authorities obfuscate all the deaths? How did the trapped miners manage to stay calm down there , surrounded by predatory reptoids? How can anything be living in Atacama desert caves when it's so dry there are not even bacteria?
Then again there are reports of subterranean creatures :- UK ministry of Defence workers are supposed to have encountered more conventional, and non-hostile, lizards when excavating a government post nuclear war command centre called RAF Corsham.  There are all the stories of the very small peoples who occupied various territories around the world when the homo sapiens moved into the area, and moved into caves or even underground as they took over.
Then there are the Mannegishi, who allegedly are encountered in NE America and eastern Canada, who were/are very alien - like in appearance.
Hmm2 again !
Speaking of H. P. Lovecraft.
Just ran across this little tid-bit

'At the Mountains of Madness' scared the absolute Bejeebers out of me when I was a kid, mostly because H. P. Lovecraft made you think you always knew more, saw more, heard more than he was really telling you in print.
A master of tantalizing the imagination.
If these fellows can hold back their inclination to blast us with too many special effects, "Tantalize" the imagination, so-to-speak, this could be one of the all time great classics.
Lovecraft is my favorite author.
When I first signed up at THM one of the attractions was a thread about Lovecraft (and cats, I think???).
There's a new silent B&W rendition of The Color Out of Space out there...somewhere......(no link now)......

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This story is made up bullshit. I watched these guys come up out of the shaft one by one. They were celebrating being rescued and chanting the Chilean soccer team chant. If this story were true no hole to get them out would have ever been drilled.
Of course it is...just a story!
The very kind that's fun to spread around campfires.
Especially the ones you build in the mouth of a cave!
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(04-19-2011, 01:40 AM)Keith link Wrote:[Image: zje2hs.png]
Resembles my ex-wife in the last days of our marriage