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Full Version: Hank Williams III sez "Steal this Album!"
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I'm a tellin ya'll, this here Hank Williams III feller is 'bout the epitome of outlaw Hellbilly music.
I been follering his career fer durn near a coon's age now. This the very son of Bocephus and grandson of Hank.

I feel an affinity fer this here good ole boy.
Seeings how I felt his grandaddy's presence thru his music and the fact that Hank was found mysteriously dead in my ole home town of Oak Hill West by god Virginny long ago,  I think it's just right to share with ya'll what it is been goin on with him.
This feller rocks ole BDR to his mud boggin deer huntin wimmin chasin gun totin moonshine swiggin smoke rollin core.

Seems Hank III jest had a ma-jor dissgreement wif'n his record label, 'n fired they ass
So's like most record labels, they make all snake-like 'n gather up a goozle of his best stuff and release it a'fore his contract expired a-hopin to cash in on what ole Hank has always give away fer free.

In kind 'ole Hank decided to give us, his people, that thar record fer free.

get it, damn good stuff, and I hope ya'll ain't expectin tear in yer beer country, 'cause this ain't the one.

[Image: tumblr_limy34LyYs1qa0pdbo1_500.jpg]

[Image: Hank+Williams+III+hank+3.jpg]

[Image: HankWilliamsIII.jpg]

Hank Williams III - Wild & Free
and since sumone mention Hank
my favorite
A Country Boy Can Survive

a good gee-tar.
Hank covers about the whole spectrum, he's equally at home playing his grand-dads tunes, his daddy's, or his own.

He loves to rock, and is like the brother I never knew.

Did you know that he's also pissed they removed Hank Sr from the grand ole opry hall of fame and seeks to have him reinstated.
This one's just... great.

Hank III doing Paycheck's  "The only Hell My Mama Ever Raised" in his Grandpa's style.

Chilling. beautiful


They WHAT!!!
That's pure BS
Hank Sr deserves better!!
God I miss my WV/Appalachia.

One day I might just lay my bones there
(04-23-2011, 03:21 PM)Wook link Wrote:They WHAT!!!
That's pure BS
Hank Sr deserves better!!

Yep, they did that before he died and never let him back in post-mortem.
I don't reckon Hank III will ever make it there himself, 'cause he can't stand them pretentious bastards
This is a song just for them.


"I'm here to put the Dick in Dixie, and the Cunt in Country"

Crazed Country Rebel


I think about my Look Out Mtn. days often
[Image: m-2075.jpg]
but then I found Colorado
[Image: MVC-007S.JPG]
and the Home
I walked away from
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQX5qTfzZSd-b_t_I0Ohge...4j8veTMPFQ]
yeah, that's purty, but there ain't nuthin like this right cheer

[Image: new-river-gorge-from-grandview2.jpg]

2nd oldest River in the world. The indian name is lost, but is thought to have meant 'river of death' according to local legend

[Image: New_River_Gorge_Bridge_Overlook.jpg]

where the "trees"
[Image: 1.1236030240.the-big-kahuna-douglas-fir-tree.jpg]
The thing I like about the High desert
is that it does Not remind of the Jungle.
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLWwSyLcmh8iEvyjZRzPC...k-XUGwvwog]
oh, don't get me wrong, I love the high country and the desert southwest as well, but man, something about that old 'New' River
Drunk again


(04-23-2011, 05:46 PM)Keith link Wrote:oh, don't get me wrong, I love the high country and the desert southwest as well, but man, something about that old 'New' River
I know
I was a funing
I did visit the Battle of Chickamauga site
a moving experience.
I have too Wook, Chickamauga Nat'l battlefield is a haunting place.
Chattanooga is very similar to the New River Gorge.
Both are very jungle-ish though, lush I'd call it.

Wonder if Hank III will ever redo this one?

My all-time fave

Hank- Lost Highway


Pistol Packin MF'er


Ole Hank III has a website and forum.
I was raised on Hank and Hank Jr.
Hell I got all their records.
And as for Hank the III’s music... he is one Bad Ass Grandson –

it’s a... "family tradition"!


Zip Monster