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Full Version: What's next?
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Can you imagine a more exhilarating time to live in? Now by that I don't mean fun, more like mind boggling.
There have been some real catastrophes in history to be sure, both nature and man created, and they have come right along at a pretty regular rate...., but something is different now.
If we cared to go back, say ten years, we might look at 9/11 as a starting gun of a sort, a point of reference that many say changed the world. At least our world.
But lets take a look back to what came afterward.
How about the wars that event spawned?
Then we have the Sumatran earthquake and tsunami.
Of course we had Katrina, and there's been the usual famines across the Horn of Africa, what was it a few years ago Ethiopia?
But thru all these major events (And I've forgotten very many) there has at least been that moment between them where we paused, took a deep breath and said "What's next?"
Not anymore! Now they come riding upon the back of one another in layers, since the time of the earthquake in Haiti I can't even keep count much less in order!
Chile EQ, New Zealand EQ, Japan EQ tsunami, China EQ floods, Pakistan Floods, Australia fires and floods, and that's not even to mention Europe.
The folks around the globe haven't been sitting on their thumbs either have they?
We have what is called "The Arab Spring" and event so profound it is of a magnitude unlike anything since the time of the reformation, and is still going on.
Have we seen Riots in France, and Greece? Have we seen London wrapped in flames that have not been the like of since the Blitz?
Now we come to our own last few months;
Fire on fire on fire, and flood on flood on flood!
First Texas in the spring (My prospecting partner on the Klamath coughed every day from nearly getting caught in the Texas fires), then New Mexico had their worst fires in decades, now again Texas burns!
What of the floods down the Mississippi this spring and early summer?
The hurricane up the East coast floods all of it in record amounts with an Earthquake to boot, then comes another flooding tropical storm inundating it yet further.
So I ask ya "What's next? Can famine and pestilence be far behind?"
And that's just most of the stuff currently happening on the Earth.

If you lump into that mix all the celestial happenings, it's hard to wrap your mind around it sometimes.

You asked "Can famine and pestilence be far behind?"" and I would say this.

We are living in a world that we have designed that is very fragile. We have a Just in time resupply of everything we require.

All it will take is something major that may bring down our house of cards. Take your pick: massive earthquake, volcanic eruption, Yellowstone blowing its top, tsunami, financial meltdown, huge solar flare causing massive power outages, anything that will interrupt the flow of goods and services for days even weeks or months.

We've already seen that on a smaller scale in many of the catastrophes of which you speak.

Think very hard on this.

All of a sudden there is nothing. No electricity and everything that means (no communications, TV, Internet, gas pumps, ATMs, water pumps [there goes the toilet for rural folk], refrigerators, Microwave ovens, heat and on and on). Maybe all the damned computers in our cars and trucks will have been fried by an EMP from space or somewhere else.

People would freak out. Having been used to all the hi-tech toys and taught that Big Brother will protect you, many would simply sit around waiting for food, water, and/or rescue, and die.

This is the most hideous state of mind that has been taught to us by our Government.

We are the ones responsible for our own safety and survival. If/when something big happens (maybe soon), don’t wait for the feds. They’ll be too busy saving their own asses.

Take charge of your own survival and help each other. It’s actually a very good idea to try and prepare for a problem such as any interruption (hurricane, snow storm, etc) by having enough on hand for a few weeks to a month. At least with those supplies, you will have one less stress to live through as you attempt to adapt.

I have no doubt that you will be seeing more than you have ever imagined, much more.

IMO, given the technology possessed by  the Government, the problem for all of us will be to distinguish between what is real and what is contrived as we move through this time into the future..

speaking for the rural folks as I live a 100 miles in all 4 directions to the nearest stop lights
TP is not a problem or water
we even have the only clean coal plant in USA
since 1985
just steam
so I like our chances out here in the boonies.
What's your elevation?
5,840' to 12,000'
lots of 7,000' to 11,000' Mesas.
= distance between Hopi Land & Area 51
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