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Full Version: Keith, please verify received donation
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Don't know if it went thru to you?
After I sent, red box came up saying to add in total amount sent?
Does it just do this always?
will look and see, haven't checked the kitty since last website bill time, lol
I had a problem too, it wouldn't take my money, and really, my money was good, just printed it that morning. haha.  Seriously though, it wouldn't take my credit card.
Well fiddle dee dee,
I'd like to do more than lip service support.
What to do, what to do?
Just send me your account number and I'll take care of all the details, no muss no fuss for you.  Deni
Hey! That $10 I tried to send was two weeks allowance, and one week of that was an advance.
You'd be just as disappointed in my account as I am.

Can't give you any numbers right now anyway.
Wife's got the card back.
My allowance is a full 10% higher than yours so perhaps that is why I live the good life and yours isn't quite as wonderful.  I'll make you a deal though.  I'll negotiate with your wife for a raise in your allowance for a 30% cut of the raise.  I don't do that for just anyone.  Here's a tip, in the future, when your wife wants the card back, always tell her it is in your other pants and you'll get it for her later, no matter which pants you are wearing.  Don't say this if you both are in the bedroom and are looking at both pants.  One way to solve that problem is to let her find the receipt for the massage parlor and then you both won't be in the same room very often at all.  Just remember to think of me as an inexpensive resource with your best interests at heart.
You aren't by any chance a politician are you?
Ummm... yes and no, why do you ask?  (my best Romneyesque response)

I've been a lot of things.  Some people think I'm things that I can't tell my mother.  Sigh.  I try so hard to help. Dunno
I think we've all been thru stituations where we felt it best to turn mother's picture to the wall.
(03-28-2012, 04:40 PM)Fsbirdhouse link Wrote:Well fiddle dee dee,
I'd like to do more than lip service support.
What to do, what to do?

I KNOW that $100 went to the account ... last month ... actually February ... I almost forgot today was Aprils' Fools day ... days can get confused with no daily paper and only tv I watch are things I pre-record.

I know I've not been HERE much because of many factors, all beyond control and I find myself trying to hang on to wild ride into 2013 ...

But as a hint to our swell  Grouphug  :hailadmin: Grouphug  an email confirmation saying thanks would allow people who actually do finish the process and it takes your money an email saying Thank You for your support might help with financing through the donate button. 

My 2 pennies ...  Whistle

Bob... Reefer