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Full Version: Secret American Space Agency Gives NASA Two Spy Telescopes More Powerful Than th
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What do you know about the National Reconnaissance Office? Did you know that the shadowy space agency has two spy telescopes more powerful than the Hubble that they're simply not using anymore? And did you know that it gifted them to NASA for studying the secrets of the universe? Yep, that's exactly what happened.

The NRO-1 and NRO-2 telescopes are currently sitting dismantled in an upstate New York warehouse, waiting to be retrieved. According to the Washington Post, the mirrors of the telescopes measure 7.9-feet in diameter, just like the Hubble. But unlike the creaky telescope currently in orbit, the NRO hardware has a secondary mirror enabling 100 times the resolving power.

This, predictably, has scientists and researchers very enthusiastic. According to the NY Times, many believe this will rejuvenate the American space program, hoping the added power of the telescope will allow for the study of dark energy as it relates to the expansion of the universe.

    Astronomers have lobbied for a space mission to investigate dark energy ever since observations of the exploding stars known as supernovae indicated that the expansion of the universe was speeding up, the discovery that won Dr. Reiss and two other American astronomers the Nobel Prize. The fate of the universe, as well as the nature of physics, scientists say, depends on the nature of this dark energy.

But there's a lot of work that needs to be done before that can happen. There's currently no program—no money, no engineers, no facilities—in place to get these instruments up into orbit. The telescopes even lack the cameras, spectrometers, and navigational tools necessary for operation.

In fact, little is known about what the telescopes were used for previously, or why they're currently sitting dismantled in a government building. The NRO, though a public space agency, deals almost exclusively with spy satellites and other space-related gear pertaining to intelligence gathering. According to NASA, the satellites likely won't be operational until 2020 at the earliest.

But when these things are ready, oh boy. We'll have reasons to be excited. [Washington Post, NY Times]

"the shadowy space agency has two spy telescopes more powerful than the Hubble that they're simply not using anymore"

So we have at least two possible situations here.

1 - The NRO rcvd funds to build these telescopes and never fielded them (ie placed them in orbit).


2 - They were placed in orbit, used until something better was developed, and then were REMOVED from orbit, dismantled and placed in a warehouse in "upstate New York".

If the second option is valid, the question is: How did they get them down? Was it during a classified STS mission?

Or do we have other means of space travel not known by the public which retrieved them? Dunno

There are various YouTube videos showing stills from the STS 88 Shuttle mission showing what seem to be shuttle-type craft. Maybe something like one of those was used.

I have just had a quick surf about your National Reconnaissance Office :- W exactly TF would that be doing with deep space lenses FFFFFF 'ing F's S!!!
What kind of scopes are they using now if those are obsolete?  Something that will read this as I type it?
With all the backdoors Microsoft have given the NSA etc, they can probably read anything we type at will.
These two have "100 times the resolving power" of Hubble (if I read the article correctly).

Much more power than is needed for use pointed at the Earth. Not to worry. The NRO has sats capable of seeing just about any detail on the surface of the Earth without the use of these telescopes.

Circa 1980 (32 years ago), as a newly appointed Warrant Officer in the Army, I was required to attend a security briefing concerning Russian military capabilities.

At that briefing, sat images were used to illustrate various equipment and facilities that the Russians had.

One could easily pick out buildings, military formations, vehicles etc. The buzz at the briefing was that these images were quite old compared to what was then available. As a matter of fact, we had the capability to be able to read the time on someone's watch on the streets of Moscow (assuming it was in full view).

So the question remains. Like Bigfoot, what the hell were they looking at in deep space? And what was it that was so important to National Security to spend millions of dollars on this technology, hoist it into orbit in total secrecy, and what was it they were monitoring.

The Moon? Mars?  Something else?


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The question is what tech do they have that we dont know about? The only major secret thing to become known was the SR-71 Blackbird and that was 20 years ago. They have had $trillions to work with since then and I know they have some advanced stuff.
I once saw a report about actual shields to block missles and stuff from hitting a tank. They even had a video showing a missle explode right before hitting the target and you could see the bubble of force surrounding that spot on the tank(it was a close up, you couldnt see the entire thing). I have looked around for it, but have concluded with "good luck finding that". I am sure that they have perfected it more by now as I saw it probably 10 or more years ago.
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(06-10-2012, 06:27 AM)The Watcher Wrote: [ -> ]With all the backdoors Microsoft have given the NSA etc, they can probably read anything we type at will.