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Full Version: Where's our host?
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Has anybody heard from Keith lately?
He seems to seldom visit THMF these days.

There seems to be a general lack of interest in the things the newest rover on Mars is doing compared to what we saw when Spirit and Opportunity first arrived there those years ago.

Don't see other forums with much more to offer than the crew here is investigating, but maybe I just haven't stumbled upon one yet.

I know! We need to find that rib cage I've been waiting to have the rovers discover.
That should fire things up nicely!
Hopefully he was not affected by Frankenstorm.
Well, there is a decided lack of people coming to post stuff. I see many guests, but of people actually posting stuff, there are only a few.
yeah, been real busy. I still read about every day.
Keith is working in his underground bunker (He is a preper)  Rofl
nice work ..

[Image: bunker-underground.jpg]


apprehensively awaiting the end of time
Speaking about the end of time, I hope we're not approaching that at THMF, are we?
Keith, you will give us a couple of months heads up if you ever decide we've run our course here, and you decide to shut down, won't you?
I'm hoping we go on here for years yet.