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Full Version: Gun fun in the country.
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My son and his buddies having fun with their "arsenal".  He's wearing a black shirt with something yellow on the front and no hat in case you're curious (and I know you are, FS).


Tho I do have a very few guns, the only ones I use are shotguns.
Yes, Cool, Toys ... not allowed at our place ... Wall
Quote: not allowed at our place

Nor here. UK must have some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the world, it's impossible to own a pistol now. Even antiques you can't get the ammunition for have to be deactivated. Shotguns and rifles are permitted but landowners charge so much for shooting rights it's often not worth it.
The result is the country is overrun with deer and the  only people with guns are the villains.
I think that what is put forward by the liberals as reasonable, often is anything but.
Our liberals here in the states have been after our constitutional right to bear arms for decades.

Every time a wacko goes on a shooting spree, there is a renewed call for gun restrictions.
Yes, people may kill others more quickly, and in greater numbers with a gun, but counting the millions who own guns, those who go out to act insanely are still the tiniest fraction.

The armed populace of the US has given pause to would be invaders in the past, and we can only guess how many would-be tyrants have stayed their hand with that knowledge as well.
And like clockwork, there was another killing spree at a mall in Oregon.  The sickness in our society isn't going to be cured by gun control. 

Perhaps these shooting are ramping up because TPTB know greater unrest is coming.  I do know that such shock and awe plays right into their plans.
Both of my nephews on the wife's side of the family are Clackamas county cops. One a K-9 cop, and the other is an investigator.
I'm sure both were at the scene in the Mall shooting.
Yeah, I don't envy their jobs at all.  My d-i-l's half sister visited over Thanksgiving, and her husband is a sargeant.  You know, you'd think he'd get a lot of respect but you'd be wrong.  They live in rural Louisiana but do have a near neighbor.  The neighbor has several dogs that they let run loose and have torn up things and taken things at the sister's home.  Her husband went over there to ask them about it, and she said they didn't say one word; just stared at him until he left.  Dunno Someone needs to burns their effin house down imho.  Whistle They're either deaf mutes or savages, and I'm betting on the latter. It's pretty bad when even a cop can't get your attention.  Whip
Very close to where I was raised near Three Rivers
sad too see so much anger at times taken on innocents
or passing that much hurt too someone else
since Cain and Able.
My answer today
was to go visit a old freind and say hi.
Prayers to the Family's.