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Full Version: Sounds like just what I need, going to check it out now
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Wednesday Feb 6, 2008

You could watch PBS until you were senile enough to actually participate in a pledge
drive, and you still wouldn't have a comprehensive grasp of the whole of human

Screw it: cling to little nuggets of pat wisdom, at

ROT's a storehouse of 3500+ proverbs/truisms/oft-dubious tips from 151 categories,
all compiled from 1) Rules of Thumb, the book, 2) user submissions, and 3) Urban
Legend star Pacey from Dawson's Creek.

Rules are vetted by users, who assign each
advicelet a 1-to-10 thumb rating, letting a quick glance determine if a
suggestion's beneficial, or just something some farmer came up with. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt="Lol" title="lol" />

The advice ranges from wiseass (Don't buy a car with a horsepower greater than your IQ), to
better-be-true (If an assailant is actually touching you with a handgun, you can
knock it out of line before he or she can fire it), to absolutely crucial
(Rectangular servings of strawberry shortcake sell better than round servings).

To further support/undermine a rule's usability, each gets a string of user
comments, though some are less than useful, i.e.,I love sour apples!
-- the doddering James M's rejoinder to a Granny Smith apple-picking tip, and the
phrase he uses every time he calls a phone operator to lock up his commemorative
Read up at
this is so appropriate to my self:
315 Gambling
It is time to quit playing poker when you get so sleepy that you can't remember your hole card and you have to keep checking it.
Bill Spivey, San Francisco, California
Scream <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/scream.gif" alt="Scream" title="scream" />

love it!!!
yeah this is cool thinking material site... pondering... like this one-

12 Architecture thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb
A city street is most visually appealing if its width is the height of the buildings along it.
David and Penny Russell, Dilltown, Pennsylvania

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Odone Bisaglia - 2008-01-29
Best photo of Rossi Street ... 2%A0street

Odone Bisaglia - 2008-01-29
Rossi street in Saint Petersburg is Exactly 25 meters high, 25 meters wide, and 250 meters long.You can seet a part of it on the link below

Robert Johannemann - 2008-01-27
The logic seems to fail when you consider that 5th Avenue in NYC would need to be over 1/4 mi. wide!The Empire State Bldg. on 5th & 34th St. is over 1100 ft. tall. Now that makes for a really wide street!

Travis Seitler - 2008-01-09
I dunno... something tells me that the distance from the street to the buildings (sidewalk, yard) would throw off this measurement.

Nathan Odle - 2008-01-08
This rule falls apart under the condition of high-rise buildings.