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  Hello EA and Keith and other members,
Posted by: rhw007 - 04-01-2020, 11:36 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (3)

Hello EA and Keith and other members,

As someone with underlying conditions caring for my wife, she finally died March 18, 2020 at 10 PM.  This was in the middle of loosing by criminals from Publisher's Clearing House that I used credit cards AFTER I went to Police to guide me through this.  No answer until the last week in March, but by then someone else popped up and now wants a measly $500 this time to pay for fees and such.  They gave me $5,600 check from Bank of America to pay for these fees and such.  I got the paperwork to me showing I won at first 27.2 million; then moved to 35 million.

Stupid? Doh   Yes, likely as I already have two articles at Mycommonsesparty.com about the SCAM they are.  But I really believe I won 2nd Place in one of those games, number 1300 exactly as I kept asking that question and was turned away.  Even today I cannot get past first screen at PCH.  A phone call in late December there was Debrah Holland, who called me later in January; she told the operator to delete the phone call I made.  I believe the NSA didn't like that and on January 19, 2020 a letter email notifying me that I DID win.

The $5,600 check account BOA was deleted after a day our two after I had cashed the check for cash.

I also am treating diabetes with Phoenix Tears I made in January.  March 1 when I started doing our taxes I went file married filing separately, my C drive went into click mode.  I had time enough to get done the taxes enough to print it out for me...then the 8Core C drive crashed .  My laptop also went into a re-update Windows 7 and that has gone into a re-start, updating, re-start, screen stays black. Cry

I am using the rendering machine for now.

My wife spent 22 years of our 36 years of being married; I felt part her enter my soul on that March 8 Sunday visit when we hugged real tight.

I still have not received Death Certificate and her son had her cremated and buried next to her brother in Malone.

I am withdrawing a bit, I have only peeked here only a bit of time then gone.

There is Solace in Solitude.  I play guitar a bit more at night before bed and also keep on oxygen over night and also my portable one when downstairs; I may get a free big blue O2 in the next day or two ( I hope ) since I have NO children of my own I am leaving the house and land to him.

When I am feeling better and past this weekend and what any $$$$ I get on April 3, and my Medications on the 4th if they won't give me them on the 3rd I'll try to come back and review all what you folks have been talking about.

Bless all of YOU Angel 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

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  Lock-in movies
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 03-31-2020, 05:59 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (5)

Alrighty then,
My wife doesn't come here so I can talk freely.

I hate Hallmark! Was there ever a dose of pablum invented that is so tailor made to turn the mind to mush?
I thought their run of the mill romance shows were bad, but they have nothing at all on the 'Christmas Specials'. A Hallmark 'Christmas Special' is just one of their standard romance shows with Christmas props.

Many years ago there was a commercial on TV with a large Russian woman in military uniform as a master of ceremonies at a Soviet fashion show.
This woman would announce a fashion for 'Evening Wear'. Another large Russian woman wearing a very plain dress, and typical peasant headscarf but sporting a big heavy flashlight would step out on stage pointing the light in different directions as tho she were a guard looking for something to machine gun. Again the uniformed woman would announce "Swimwear", and the same woman wearing the exact same garb would come on to the runway holding a Beach ball.
And so it would go with each so-called fashion being exactly the same with different props for whatever occasion to highlight the lack of choice in Russian fashions available. It really was kinda funny.

Here's the point. I have always loved the old Christmas classics like 'Miracle On 34th Street', 'It's A Wonderful Life', and 'The Bishop's Wife'. The key that made those movies great was that all have a little taste of magic in them. And that is what Christmas is kinda all about. Those all had a little romance woven into the story lines as well, but two had Angels as a main part and of course one had Santa himself. Probably the best Santa in film ever!
Hey! Give me a good script, good actors, a good story line and a director who knows his craft, and you've got a winner. I'm afraid all those Hallmark fans are getting cheated, and I'm bitching about it 'cause I'm locked in with it...Groan!
BTW: I'm counting on EA to back me on this!

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Posted by: The Watcher - 03-25-2020, 10:07 AM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (16)

sat waiting to go to work, and have not seen one post here about Corona. What are your thoughts? Here we are almost completely closed down, my wife cannot work, as her workplace is not designated as needed. Deaths in Germany have been remarkably low compared to Countries such as Italy and Spain, however, who knows how it will play out. I read yesterday that scientists in Iceland have detected 40 different strains of  the virus, so, could this be the reason for the discrepancies in the death rate between different Countries?

Stay safe, and stay healthy folks. 


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  On the matter of MATTER Vs. ANTI-MATTER : A nihilist annihilates duality reality.
Posted by: EA - 03-08-2020, 12:13 AM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (13)

What if matter and anti-matter don't always  immediately self-destruct but instead they immediately mediate?

To differentiate the two.

Mind your matters.

Find shorn tatters...

The fabricated fabric of duality as causality of reality.


Can matter and anti-matter recombine as trine?

A hybrid state of physicality.

Instantly ancient.

This idea anew.

The big-bang/yin-yan dark opposed to light.

Never knew this clever clue was a third insight.

I just thought this subject up after a beer and a toke on a lark of a joke.
Eye Wander/I Wonder what the forum thinks would happen if matter and antimatter could co-exist?  Cry

A thought experiment.

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  We Be Bots
Posted by: bill - 03-04-2020, 03:54 AM - Forum: Anomalous Herald News - No Replies

thought you all might like this.....b


Robo Fecundus

By Bill Gallagher
1950 Words

     I walked with the robot out to the compost pile in the back yard and told it to catch flies until I said stop.  Thats one of the exercises in the very lengthy instruction book which comes with the robot, a reference to help familiarize you with the robots somewhat unbelievable abilities and strengths.  One thing the book makes clear: familiarization with this aspect of the New Technology, familiarization with this machine, is an ongoing process, and never really stops.  Its evolution.
     I watched the machine as it silently plucked flies out of the air, and I felt a chill run up my spine.  Its movements were a blur to my eyes, and it never missed.  It looked like it caught the flies by their wings.  Incredible.  The robot was releasing the flies alive, but could easily be instructed to exterminate the flies as it caught them, and it would do so with the utmost precision and efficiency. 
     With the New Technology it would be easy to create fly exterminating mechanisms on a mass scale, poisonless and for the home,  and that could be good, unless it eventually wiped out flies completely.
    I pondered that as I watched the machine. 
     A world without flies would be way worse of a stinking mess than this one already is, a world without flies would not be good.
     I then wondered, as old men sometimes do, what if I just up and croaked right here right now without telling the robot to stop?  Would it stay up all night, long after the flies had gone to roost, searching for fly movements in a futile attempt to satisfy its primary command, or would it revert after a time to secondaries?  I will look that up in the dumb things instruction book.  I guess my main concern if that scenario was to play out, how long would I have to lay there dead, collecting flies myself, before someone took notice and addressed the tawdry little situation?
     I shouldn't call the robot a dumb thing, it is only dumb now, governed by a very tightly reigned Asimovian logic, and with only a rudimentary reasoning capability during this learning phase.  Soon it will fulfill its real purpose and that machine will become Super Human.
     Soon, that robot will be me.


     It was the year 2028 when the New Technology really kicked in.  Almost right away experiments were begun to create and use New Tech Robots as vessels in which to transplant human brains, modern mans first success in immortality.  There is a microscopic symbiosis involved which is pure genetic engineering, another vector of the New Tech, and though the process is not 100% successful it is respectably close. 
     The symbiotic buggy is a miracle drug along the lines of SIGA Pharmaceuticals novel anti-infective for mucous membranes. It extends the life of the brain radically and makes it electronically compatible with the machine.  Meanwhile, the machines brain receptacle is engineered so it is almost biological itself.
     New Tech.
     The earlier machines, the first 1000, were kind of clunky, but my machine, number 31,367, is sleek and functional, weighing in at just over 300 kilograms.
     Its a Toyota.
     I personally find the humanoid look in bad taste, those days are done, I am a machine now (Or will soon be) so make it easy to clean and repair, then let me loose.  Some people want their robots as close to human looking as possible, and even dress themselves.  All that is beside the point, imho, but to each his own.
     I once read an excellent and very thought provoking book by Greg Bear called "Queen of Angels", and in that future people could pick things like skin color, and have other real weird modifications done to their flesh.  The New Technology has kind of put us on a different track than that, yet I see some similarities.  I chose gun metal blue for the finish on my robot, and even though the majority of the body is metallicized plastic, or ceramicized plastic, a large majority of everything is still metal, especially some of the pumps and motors, and there is nothing like metal tubing to carry fluid under pressure.
     The largest problems with robot bodies have been, as you might guess, psychological.  The problems are deeply rooted in the sexual urge, and there have even been a few brain deaths caused by a real inability to put aside the procreative instinct.  Those early deaths were extreme cases, candidates are screened much more thoroughly now, and the education prior to having ones brain transplanted into a robotic body encompasses what is known to date. 
     These psychological problems stemming from sexuality are fairly common among both sexes, but men seem more affected with troublesome baggage.  Men hate to give anything up, to concede anything, and to give up what they have known all their lives concerning themselves and the opposite sex, well, one must want immortality pretty bad, thats all I can say, because robots don't have peckers.  You get over it or die big boy.  So far all the brain transplants into robots have been from old people who were very close to death already.  I myself am getting there quickly, and that factor more than anything lessens the psychological problems caused by basic sexuality.
     One early robot had a major problem every time he spoke to an attractive woman; his brain emitted some weird chemical that his robot body misinterpreted wickedly, causing him to do perfect backward somersaults.  This was extremely dangerous if the robot was in a room full of people and things.  One time his back flip caused him to fall through the ceiling of the apartment below, and its only because he hit the unoccupied kitchen table that he did not keep going through several floors.  It took awhile but that little snag was finally ironed out for the robot, and hopefully for future models who might experience the same misinterpretation.
     It is always good to give robots lots of room,  don't get too close.
     The instruction book says to remember that the whole robot, the entirety other than the human brain, is really just a capsule environment FOR the brain, and the brain will be kept alive at all costs during the event of catastrophic shutdowns or any other reason. 
     Some people/robots find sleep periods useful, even though there is no body which needs replenishment, or any other real need for sleep.  Others complain of a persistent chill which no alteration of the mechanism can dispel.  The will to live is everything to a robot, and the gathering of new experiences and informations.  There are not any real comforts, or pleasures, except the intellectual type, and yes, a lot is very hard to get used to.  Pleasure centers in the brain can be stimulated but if you are after that kind of thing it is a lot easier to obtain wirelessly, versus having your brain plopped into a metal behometh whose expected life span is ten thousand years. 
     A brain transplant into a mechanical body has to be considered the ultimate trauma, so some missed associations and other confusion are to be expected.  It is only because of the New Technology that any of this is possible anyway.  People have come very far very fast.  Is it too far too fast?  Probably not, in fact, from the looks of things, we are just playing catch up.


     It was the year 2020 when DNA started being used extensively to back up large holdings of computer memory, because of its stability and its small size.  Four or five google data centers worth of very stable DNA micro memory could be stored in capsules the size of large vitamins. This was more than a boon.  This was evolution.
     Along with many other DNA related enlightenments it was also discovered that living DNA could easily be "Encumbered" with information DNA, that is, huge amounts of data could be stored/replicated/manipulated within living things themselves, in the background, one might say. 
     The first known discovery of ancient DNA encoding was made by an obscure student of biology, one Bernard Doucette, who had detected what seemed to be vestigial order in the DNA of some wood he was studying, and by a fluke he cracked the code (It was binary) and found himself in sole possession of some very very High Tech information.  Several of his fellow students were present in the lab that day and Bernard announced his discovery to them with the immortal words:
    "Holy fucking shit!"
     Thus began the treasure hunt of the century.  Any and all DNA was scanned for order and huge volumes of extensive and detailed information on how to build the robots and many other things came to light almost overnight.  The languages of these encodings differed greatly from ours, and were in many forms, but the order was easy to identify then decode.  They were made to be decoded, DNA was just  storage, and most importantly it was stable long term storage.  In all reality it was the new treasure, this New Technology. 
     The more ubiquitous a DNA sample, the greater chance of finding ancient technological data encoded in it.  We ourselves are virtual libraries, we are self assembling machines of biology, short term tools of evolution.  We create the next step, the immortal step, we make ourselves into better tools, and all the instructions are included in every package!


     Many people were ecstatic about the New Technology.  Many people were not.  The religious butt heads, with their inbred harangue over god money were not happy.  Thankfully they went away quickly, like fungus under strong light.  Changes are happening so fast that it is still difficult to say which way it will go -- more and more information is being discovered daily, and that can only be good.  Some positive trends include a greatly reduced birth rate and much less alpha behavior among the more intelligent males, as if they are already trying to come to grips with a future very different from the one they inhabit now.
     So who did it and where did they go?  Who put all that high tech information in our DNA and the DNA of almost everything else on this planet?  Some of that has been discovered, but not all of it, not near all of it.  It seems we are just the latest bunch to give it a try here on Planet Earth, and there have been many before.  In order to guard against what is called "Periodic Cataclysm" any and all who discovered DNA memory added to it, as we are also doing now.  Evidence of this mind set can also be seen in the fact that most of our best drugs from times before, if not all of them, have been, sometime during the past, incorporated into plants, with tons of redundancy, as guard against catastrophic loss.  Engineering is easy to  see if you look for it.
     The last four or five worldwide civilizations that crashed and burned here were us, or a form of us.  We also had extensive holdings on all the planets we can plainly see, anywhere we could maintain an atmosphere.  Those ruins are many times still visible, but hard to see if you do not know what two or three hundred thousand years of space decay looks like.  Maybe we will find things in those ruins which will better explain this ancient junkyard we all live in.  Once I get used to my robot body thats where I am headed.  I am going into space, at least for awhile.  Plenty of time, a new way of seeing.
     As to where the early people went, no one knows yet.
     All we can say is they went away.


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  Who were the builders of off World ruins found in this Solar system?
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 03-01-2020, 02:42 PM - Forum: Hidden Mission Review - Replies (13)

We've all discussed possible ruins seen on the Moon and Mars. What is the source of these ruins and artifacts?
Are they Alien? Were they indigenous beings that arose on Mars? Is what we believe we see the work of early man's (Antediluvian) exploration and colonization attempts?
When the presence of these mysteries are finally confirmed, how likely are you to believe Academia's explanation concerning them?

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Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 02-28-2020, 02:04 AM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (7)

Mine are coming out soon. Seeing clinic Tuesday. Left eye first. Following days or a week will be the right eye.
Anybody had it done?

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  Rise of the robots
Posted by: letosvet - 01-14-2020, 03:20 PM - Forum: Anomalous Herald News - Replies (7)

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots.  Holycowsmile


Researchers in the US have created the first living machines by assembling cells from African clawed frogs into tiny robots that move around under their own steam.
One of the most successful creations has two stumpy legs that propel it along on its “chest”. Another has a hole in the middle that researchers turned into a pouch so it could shimmy around with miniature payloads.
“These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth,” said Michael Levin, the director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. “They are living, programmable organisms.”

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  Merry Christmas to all my old friends at the Hidden Mission.
Posted by: Fsbirdhouse - 12-25-2019, 07:08 PM - Forum: Tell us about it... - Replies (6)

And those to come as well.
We've been here many years now, and discussed many things.
May we enjoy many more, and the answers we have been waiting for!

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  Electric Ashlars: stones clad in lightning.(a power source of sorts of course)
Posted by: EA - 12-24-2019, 12:05 AM - Forum: Anomalous Herald News - Replies (9)

Arrow Holy Skyrmions!!!

Quote:"This evidence is rare because lighting strikes are conducted along the top 'skin' of the Earth's surface.

Now we know how they charged their devices.

Geophysics revealed that not only was the stone originally part of a circle of standing stones, but also that there was a massive, star-shaped magnetic anomaly in the center—either the result of a single, large lighting strike or many smaller strikes on the same spot.

Quote:The force is strong with this one: Wireless phone charger makes your device levitate as it powers up
  • OvRcharge works using a base, the transmitter, and a charging case

  • Case contains electricity receiver and magnet to charge phone and hover

  • Firm says it can levitate objects up to 600g, and can make a tablet float
PUBLISHED: 11:15 EST, 1 August 2016 UPDATED: 12:10 EST, 1 August 2016
[Image: 36B5947E00000578-3715389-Canadian_innova...452545.jpg]

DECEMBER 23, 2019
Ancient secret of stone circles revealed
[Image: magnifyinggl.jpg]Credit: CC0 Public Domain
New evidence of a massive lightning strike at the center of a hidden stone circle in the Outer Hebrides may help shed light on why these monuments were created thousands of years ago.

The Calanais Virtual Reconstruction Project, a joint venture led by the University of St Andrews with the Urras nan Tursachan and the University of Bradford, with funding from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, has uncovered a potential link between ancient stone circles and the forces of nature.
While studying prehistoric Tursachan Chalanais, the main stone circle at Calanais on the Isle of Lewis, the project team surveyed nearby satellite sites to reveal evidence for lost circles buried beneath the peat.
One rarely-visited site surveyed, known as Site XI or Airigh na Beinne Bige, now consists of a single standing stone on an exposed hillside overlooking the great circle.
Geophysics revealed that not only was the stone originally part of a circle of standing stones, but also that there was a massive, star-shaped magnetic anomaly in the center—either the result of a single, large lighting strike or many smaller strikes on the same spot.
Project leader Dr. Richard Bates, of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews, said: "Such clear evidence for lightning strikes is extremely rare in the UK and the association with this stone circle is unlikely to be coincidental.
"Whether the lightning at Site XI focused on a tree or rock which is no longer there, or the monument itself attracted strikes, is uncertain.
"However, this remarkable evidence suggests that the forces of nature could have been intimately linked with everyday life and beliefs of the early farming communities on the island."

A virtual reconstruction of the lost stone circle of Na Dromannan, created by the computer science team at the University of St Andrews under Dr Alan Miller. Credit: University of St Andrews
The researchers were also able to virtually recreate another nearby circle, with the help of the Smart History team based in the University of St Andrews School of Computer Science, which had been lost with its stones either buried or lying flat.
Known as Na Dromannan, careful scanning of the stones allowed a full 3-D model to be built allowing the passage of the sun and moon around this circle to be tracked for the first time in four millennia.
Dr. Bates added: "For the first time in over 4000 years the stones can now be seen and 'virtually' walked around.

"Everyone will be able to visit this remote site and get a real sense of what it was like just after it had been constructed. We have only just scratched the surface of this landscape and already we can get a feel for what might be buried out there waiting for discovery."
The team hopes to return to Lewis next year to undertake further surveys both on land, and in the waters, around the Tursachan at Calanais, where the old landscape has been flooded by rising sea levels.
Dr. Chris Gaffney, of the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford, said: "Evidence for such strikes within archaeological surveys is very rare and our work at Site XI demonstrates that without detailed scientific survey we would never be able to identify such events."
Dr. Tim Raub, of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews, added: "This evidence is rare because lighting strikes are conducted along the top 'skin' of the Earth's surface. The clarity of the strike suggests we are looking at events before the peat enveloped the site, more than 3000 years ago."
Professor Vincent Gaffney of the School Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford, said: "The dramatic results of survey on Lewis demonstrate that we have to understand the landscapes that surrounds these ritual monuments and the role that nature and natural events, including lightning, played in creating the rituals and beliefs of people many thousands of years ago."
Dr. Alison Sheridan, Director of Urras nan Tursachan, the Calanais based charitable trust that partnered this research, said: "This is a thrilling discovery that helps us get inside the minds of the people who built the stone circles at and around Calanais. There is much still to find out about the so-called 'satellite' circles of Neolithic Calanais and this provides an important first step. The modelling of Na Dromannan also helps us investigate whether this circle was astronomically aligned."

Explore further
'Secret square' discovered beneath world-famous Avebury stone circle

[b]More information:[/b] C. Richard. Bates et al. Geophysical Investigation of the Neolithic Calanais Landscape, Remote Sensing (2019). DOI: 10.3390/rs11242975
Provided by University of St Andrews



Ancient sculptors made magnetic figures from rocks struck by lightning
Guatemalan ‘potbelly’ sculptures suggest people knew about magnetism more than 2,000 years ago

[Image: 041719_bb_magneticsculpture_feat_rev.jpg]

[b]MAGNETIC ANCESTOR[/b]  Ancient massive carvings from Guatemala such as this round figure include magnetized areas possibly intended to show the continuing power of deceased ancestors.


Share this: By Bruce Bower
APRIL 22, 2019 AT 8:00 AM

People living at least 2,000 years ago near the Pacific Coast of what’s now Guatemala crafted massive human sculptures with magnetized foreheads, cheeks and navels. New research provides the first detailed look at how these sculpted body parts were intentionally placed within magnetic fields on large rocks.
Lightning strikes probably magnetized sections of boulders that were later carved into stylized, rotund figures — known as potbellies — at the Guatemalan site of Monte Alto, say Harvard University geoscientist Roger Fu and his colleagues. Artisans may have held naturally magnetized mineral chunks near iron-rich, basalt boulders to find areas in the rock where magnetic forces pushed back, the scientists say in the June [i]Journal of Archaeological Science[/i]. Predesignated parts of potbelly figures — which can stand more than 2 meters tall and weigh 10,000 kilograms or more — were then carved at those spots.
[Image: cta-module-sm@2x.jpg]
Sign Up For the Latest from [i]Science News[/i]
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[Image: 041719_bb_magneticsculpture_inline1_370.jpg][b]HEADS UP[/b] Colossal stone heads from an ancient Guatemalan site contain magnetic fields on the right temple and cheek, spots that apparently held special significance for makers of the sculptures.R. FUPotbellies represented dead but still revered ancestors of high-ranking families, suspects art historian Julia Guernsey of the University of Texas at Austin.  Sculptures that repelled magnetized objects would have been seen as demonstrating the presence and authority of deceased ancestors in rapidly expanding societies ( [i]SN: 6/1/13, p. 12[/i] ), she suggests. Fu’s results also indicate that Mesoamericans attributed special powers to certain body parts, such as the face and midsection, Guernsey adds.
The researchers studied 11 potbelly sculptures, six heads and five bodies, now displayed in a Guatemalan town. At least 127 such sculptures have been found at sites in Mesoamerica, an ancient cultural region that runs from central Mexico through much of Central America.
Handheld sensors confirmed a 1997 report that magnetic signals occurred over the right temple and cheek of three colossal heads from Monte Alto. Sensors also detected magnetism near the navels of four body sculptures. A portable, high-resolution magnetic sensor then precisely mapped magnetic fields on two head and two body sculptures.

Questions or comments on this article? E-mail us at feedback@sciencenews.org
R.R. Fu [i]et al[/i]. Knowledge of magnetism in ancient Mesoamerica: precision measurements of the potbelly sculptures from Monte Alto, Guatemala[i]Journal of Archaeological Science[/i]. Vol. 106, June 2019, p. 29. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2019.03.001.

  1. [Image: 071619_mt_magnets_feat.jpg]
    Permanent liquid magnets have now been created in the lab
    By Maria TemmingJuly 18, 2019

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