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Ta Dah - Fsbirdhouse - 12-26-2018

I'm back.  Sorry!

RE: Ta Dah - EA - 12-26-2018

X-mas time's ye'ultimate Yule...
Just in time for Ultima Thule!

Happy New Orbit. Hi

RE: Ta Dah - Kalter Rauch - 12-27-2018


We live in the sunlit uplands of what we "know" as reality...

Damned ...but there is a Dark Side !!!

RE: Ta Dah - Vianova - 12-27-2018


I was wondering what happened to you.
Welcome back.


RE: Ta Dah - rhw007 - 12-28-2018

You okay now? Went on Hospital stay for some repair, or just went someplace as a hideaway?

Welcome back though.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

RE: Ta Dah - Fsbirdhouse - 12-29-2018

I miss my friends here.
Been on Facebook too much lately as knees and fingers too stiff to get out and hunt ducks, and my favorite spots to hunt froze up the first week of Nov, which never happens, I needed someone to unload on. FB is just full of political targets. Wife says I've been uncharacteristically caustic on FB. I think shes right, but it's been a really tough year, and my patience level does not tolerate fools gladly.
I'm hoping for at least some confirmation of my thoughts on both the Moon and Mars to distract me. Even right here on earth... in the form of a discovery of the source artifacts from which the Golden Flyers were copied. I am now convinced they do still exist, even after lightly entertaining a few other theories. I should invest in a bottle of aged Cognac to celebrate their discovery when (Not if) that happy event occurs.

RE: Ta Dah - rhw007 - 12-29-2018

Well since my website and any article I put there is BANNED by SnotRotZionist=NaziNoseburger I don't go there much anymore.  I tried sending a link from Veterans, which is also BANNED by NaziNoseBuger along with #Giggle+ I had to send it through MeWE which is similar to Facebook and better with NO CENSORSHIP, you can swear all ya want and NOT be afraid of "banishment".

Hope you feel better, howling at the Moon is only a call for company...and if you're  the LAST of your kind, its a waste of breath.  Though sometimes it does feel nice just to scream Iconahhh1

Kieth's Facebook page for Lunar Anomalies and his Gigapan connection is growing.

And in a day or two we get to see that Bugger in Kuiper Belt that we wasted orbiting Pluto to go see.  And THAT is also just another FLY BYE BYE Hi 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

RE: Ta Dah - EA - 12-30-2018


or ta-dah


  1. (used as a jovial interjection in making an announcement, taking a bow, etc.).

Reefer Jovial like a Jovian Great Red Spot.

You may not always be able,  fsb to hunt fowl but if you are able to haunt the foul fb's 
the place to sight your blind from the third eye of your mind.    reticle is as riducle was



  1. a series of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of an optical device, such as a telescope or microscope, or on the screen of an oscilloscope, used as a measuring scale or an aid in locating objects.

[Image: 3-plutoexplore.jpg]

RE:dux unlimited.

This is only the ' second' fly-bye.

The bird third is the word

Quote:Wednesday, December 26th, 2018, 02:21 pm
X-mas time's ye'ultimate Yule...
Just in time for Ultima Thule!
[Image: Santa+is+giving+a+jovial+wave+while+deli...globe..jpg]
Happy New Orbit. [Image: hi.gif]

[Image: 105565801-1541789275803oumuamua.530x298....1541789334]


I miss my friends here. 

We can compare local yokel dux from the so-called colloquial interstellar fine-feather focal flux.

Quote:Although our galaxy survived, it has never been the same. The collision scrambled the orbits of stars in its disk, making it much puffier, and sent alien stars flying all around the Milky Way, thus building much of its halo.


Oh yeah? Doh


Nevermind FB and remind US.

The FBI Ninja  can't say they didn't miss a good meal...

Those sorry sun's-a-glitches.

RE: Ta Dah - Fsbirdhouse - 12-31-2018

Now I've heard conflicting reports about which state is now the fastest growing, but Idaho seems to rank at number one or two just now, and I fear a lot of California burn insurance money will be headed our way this Spring, even over here on my side the state where Winters can be harsh. Hate to see it as they will ruin the flavor of the place.
I'm done crying about it for now. I just went out and took a peek at the garage. Guess I know what I'm going to be doing this Spring. Something else to cry about. How did it ever get so messed up?

RE: Ta Dah - EA - 01-01-2019

A new year and two major events!

Quote:Frontier of planetary science
Ultima Thule is named for a mythical, far-northern island in medieval literature and cartography, according to NASA.
Project scientist Hal Weaver of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory said humans didn't even know the Kuiper Belt—a vast ring of relics from the formation days of the solar system—existed until the 1990s.
"This is the frontier of planetary science," said Weaver.
"We finally have reached the outskirts of the solar system, these things that have been there since the beginning and have hardly changed—we think. We will find out."
Another NASA spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, also set a new record on Monday by entering orbit around the asteroid Bennu, the smallest cosmic object—about 1,600 feet (500 meters) in diameter—ever circled by a spacecraft.
NASA said the orbit some 70 million miles (110 million kilometers) away marks "a leap for humankind" because no spacecraft has ever "circled so close to such a small space object—one with barely enough gravity to keep a vehicle in a stable orbit."
The twin planetary feats coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first time humans ever explored another world, when US astronauts orbited the Moon aboard Apollo 8 in December, 1968.
"As you celebrate New Year's Day, cast an eye upward and think for a moment about the amazing things our country and our species can do when we set our minds to it," Stern wrote in the New York Times on Monday.

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